Are You As Selfish As Your Cat?

Are you aware that whatever you are giving your attention to, is really focusing You? You are Source. You are Nonphysical Energy. You are mostly Vibration, but as you are expressing through these physical bodies, it's easy to forget who you really are, because, as you stand in your bodies, living the results, or manifestations, of all of that focus, you tend to get wrapped up in the end product of the Vibration, rather than being aware of your being, in the moment of your offering the Vibration.

So, physical human life sometimes is not as sweet and delicious as it could be, when you, instead of being aware of your in-the-moment vibration, and therefore your in-the-moment Connection to the Source, and therefore your in-the-moment creation of your experience, you sometimes spend more time evaluating what has been created, than you do being in the moment of creation.

As you stand in your now and you look out into world events, or even those events that are up close to you, and you see unwanted things, there is this tendency to let whatever it is that you are seeing be more important than it ever needs to be--because everything is changing constantly in response to the Vibration that you are emitting.

It would be sort of like setting your radio dial on one station and then complaining about what you're hearing, when there are so many other choices that you could tune into. It's like sometimes you have it stuck on one station which you really don't like very much, but then, you just keep commenting to one another how unpleasant that one station is.

Anything that's happening in your experience, whether it's a physical condition, even one of a diagnosed illness that is dramatic and scary, or, financial trouble... even if it is looming very large and very big, or, a relationship, unsteadiness or discomfort, even if it is strong, we want you to realize that those things are only happening to you because you're stuck on a station that you could change so easily if you just would look at it in that way. Select what you give your attention to.

We want to assist you in feeling, more, your powerful, in-this-moment, opportunity to select what you give your attention to, in order to adjust your own vibration. And when you select what you are giving your attention to, in order to adjust your own vibration, then, you affect either your allowance or your disallowance, either your allowance or your resistance, either your good-feeling or your bad-feeling--either your positive emotions or your negative emotions. It's all the same thing!

You are able to adjust your Connection with your Source, which is everything. When you are fully allowing your Connection with your Source, you are radiant; you are clear-minded; you are joyful; you feel good in the moment; you're usually smiling; your heart is swelling; you feel appreciation; you feel love; you feel fantastic; you are in love with life. It's like that first day of vacation feeling all the time. In other words, it's that feeling of awakening and feeling free, and knowing that all is well, and feeling adventurous and eager about the way your life unfolds. That's what Connection to your Source feels like.

And we say, folks, you've just got to start focusing, because you cannot control the conditions of your environment. And you cannot feel good when you look at conditions that do not please you. And the reason you don't feel good when you look at conditions that don't please you, is because you are choosing to look at something that your Source does not join you in.

Jerry and Esther were saying goodbye to LC, (Lovable Cat) and Esther said, "Goodbye, LC, we're going to be gone a really long time." And LC looked at Esther and said, "I don't care." And Esther said, "But LC, you are going to miss my sweet face. I'm not going to be petting you every day. I'm not going to be looking out for you. I'm going to be gone a really long time." And LC said, "So long. Goodbye. I'll be fine. In fact, I won't even think about you while you're gone." And something within Esther, while she adores this little cat, really would feel better if LC would miss her a little, because, isn't suffering in the absence of someone you love, proof of love? But, we're really wanting to help you to feel the absurdity of that, even though it's rampant in your society.

We’re wanting you to want so much for your own personal joy, that you can be as selfish as your cat. Your cat, who may focus upon you in the moment, or may not, but we promise you,your cat will do what is best for it. We're wanting you to want so much for your own personal joy, that you can be as selfish as your cat. Your cat, who may focus upon you in the moment, or may not, but we promise you, your cat will do whatever is best for it. And where humans got the idea that their own individual, personal suffering was in any way good for anybody else, defies all Laws of all Universes that we have ever encountered.

Feeling good is good, and is your indication of your full Connection with who You are. So, we're wanting to help you to remember, to reorient you, to, almost to shock you into, the awareness that every Consciousness, which includes your full human form, and even the cells in your body--every Consciousness is, and must continue to be, selfishly oriented. Because, unless you are reaching for what is individually best for self, you cannot stay connected to Source. And the Whole, that is Well-Being based, cannot continue to be.

Your freedom will truly come to you when you learn to exercise the power of your own focus. And we have never met anyone who could exercise the power of their own focus, who didn't first decide, "I really, really, really want to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Everything other than that is irrelevant. I am going to focus upon that which feels good." As you begin to let feeling good be your dominant quest, everything in your environment begins to take shape to that--because your environment is coming in response to your thoughts.

Do you get that? Your environment comes in response to your thoughts. So often, humans play it the other way around. Their thoughts come in response to their environment. That's why you're quite often wanting to control your environment. You say, "Let's get the bad stuff out, and the good stuff in. Let's vote it out. Let's bomb it out. Let's boycott it out. Let's penalize it out. Let's find some ways of punishing enough that the bad stuff stays away." You can't punish enough that the bad stuff stays away. You're wanting to adjust your vibration, so that you become a Vibrational Match to that which you, personally, have identified as that which is good.

Whenever you look out into your world and see things that are wanted, we know how good that feels. And we can understand how you would want to promote those good things. And then when you look out into your world and you see things not wanted, we can understand how you would not want to promote those bad things. But what we are saying to you here is--the promotion, every bit of it, happens by your attention to it.

There are those who say, "If we do not give our attention to unwanted things, then the unwanted things will overtake us." And we say, when you give your attention to unwanted things--more unwanted things will come.

The basis of your life is freedom; you are so free, you can choose to direct your thought anywhere. Joy is your quest; feeling good is what matters most; and, of course, your expansion, or growth, is the natural result of your being focused.

So, as we are moving forward here, realizing that all things are possible, what's the best utilization of this time together?

We're going to look for Paths of Most Allowance; we may call it the Path of Least Resistance, because, whether it is the Path of Most Allowance or the Path of Least Resistance, it's the same thing. It's the path that allows; it's the thought path, the words, the imagery, the picture, the memory, the projection of thought, the processes, the tools, the tricks.

Esther was telling Jerry that one of the strongest feelings of highs that she has ever felt was when she was pulling the monster bus into the RV resort in Chula Vista, and she had that feeling of anticipation of getting onto their parking space, and taking their walks on the bay, and feeling the ocean air in their lungs, and watching the sunsets. In other words, there was that moment: she pulled through the gate, and pulled the big parking air brakes that go "pssssst!" when she does it, and it was sort of like announcing to the world, "Here we are." And it was a high that was almost indescribable.

So then, as Esther was trying to regurgitate that feeling, she discovered that when she thinks only about the monster bus being parked there, that although she gets a little hit from it, it wasn't very much. But, she discovered that if she would start at about the time when they reached El Paso, and think in terms of the delicious meal that they had at La Posta in Mesilla, and then drive across the desert and notice the sunset, and then park at that place that is such a beautiful place out in the Arizona desert and take her walk, and then get back on the freeway and drive through the open freeways with hardly any traffic, and then setting the cruise control on about 87, and feeling the power of the monster bus as it sailed across the desert. And then stopping at a rest stop and having a picnic with Jerry, and then anticipating where they were going. And then, when pulling into Chula Vista, oh boy, did she ever get there!

In other words, just by wanting to milk some joyful experience for the purpose of feeling good now, Esther has discovered that that is one that she can use over, and over, and over, and over again. Very often, she goes back to their Center in Texas where a stream has been man-made, but it looks very, very real. In fact, people who see it don't know that it has not always been there. And Esther sits on a bridge, that is made of a big rock, with her feet not quite dangling in the water, but close to it. And as she sits there, Lovable Cat comes up from a rock ledge and decides to jump over to another rock, and literally flies through the air over her head in order to get there. And when Esther remembers that moment in time, she connects to Source Energy in a very powerful way. And then, Lovable Cat runs up the tree and stops long enough to say, "Did you see that?" And then runs down the tree and stops long enough to say, "Did you see that?" And runs up the tree, and stops long enough to say, "Did you see that?" in order to demonstrate her powerful joy in the moment. And Esther cannot focus upon that without using that as the moment in time to connect to Source Energy.

All of you have these moments in time. Maybe it was a day you met someone you loved, and you knew it, for the first time. Maybe it was the first thing that they said to you that made you know that you really loved them. Maybe it was the first time you slept together. Maybe it was the first time you ate out together. Maybe it was the first time you drove somewhere together. But all of you have those moments in time, that, every time you reflect on them, they take you to that high, good place.

And our question to you is, why not let as many moments of your day, as possible, be in thinking about those things that take you to that high, good place? Because that's the only thing that you need to do to open your valve to allow the Universe to deliver to you, right now, all of the things that you've been asking for.

You don't have to explain anything to anyone. You don't have to justify anything, and in fact, you cannot. The best use of your time is to find a moment that is pleasing, and milk it for everything that it is worth. And then, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would add them together; we would pretend as if all the happy things happened at the same time; we'd add to it; we'd make it up; we would float it into the future. In other words, we would just get on rampages of joyous mushing and mashing of the deliciousness of our life experience. Today's potential for joy is beyond anything anyone has ever lived.

We would never stop talking about how good it is! We would never stop talking about how good it is, because it is so very good. We have watched all of the humans who have lived all of the lives, and we have never seen anything with the potential of what you are standing on now. The potential for joy in this time/space reality is beyond anything that anyone has ever lived. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would be using every excuse that we could possibly find to connect to the Source Energy. And in doing so, every fleeting little dream that we ever had would float into our experience like butterflies and say, "Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. Remember me? You dreamed me when you were 12. Remember me? You dreamed me when you were 18. Remember me? You asked for me yesterday. Remember me? Remember me? Remember me?"

Because every one of them remembers you. Every desire that you have ever held has been encoded with your Vibration, and has been making its way to you. And you don't have to get them all at once. You wouldn't want to get them all at once. They are strung out in a perfect array to give you a never-ending unfolding of perfection. You don't eat all of your meals at the same time--you wouldn't want to. You want them to come and to be satisfying as they come. And so it is with orgasms, and so it is with empires, and so it is with compliments, and so it is...

In other words, this is a life-giving experience. This is not only your life--this is Life living through you. You are the livers of all of this, you see.

Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio on Saturday, January 25th, 2003