Be the Love of Your Own Life

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels challenge us to treat ourselves as if we were the love of our own lives. They've done this with me throughout the years and even thought it can feel silly, it begins to create deep vibrational shifts in both you and your life. Read onward and be inspired to be kinder, more loving, more tolerant, and more accepting of your sweet self! After all, you deserve your own love! Then watch the world respond differently to your very beautiful self-loving vibration.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that you are with the love of your life, whether you are or not. It might be a partner, a child, a beloved pet, or anyone – real or imagined – that you can bring to mind in this instant. Imagine now how you would treat this individual. How would you greet them every morning? What would you love to do for them? How would you encourage them? How would you soothe them when they were feeling down?

Can you treat yourselves this way?

For just a day imagine you are the love of your life. Get up and greet yourself as you would greet one you love. Talk to yourself all day as you would talk to the one you love. Soothe yourself when you are upset or down like you would soothe a dear one or a beloved child. Be kind to yourself. Do the little things for yourself that you would want to do for another.

Rather than focusing on what others would do for you, focus on what you would do for others, and then challenge yourself to do that for yourself. Every day, challenge yourself to do just one thing that you would easily and joyfully do for another. It can be a compliment. It can be setting a nice plate out for your breakfast. It can be treating yourself to a little pampering as if you were going on a date and wanted to be at your best. It can be sitting down with a warm blanket wrapped around you while you cry and telling yourself, "It's OK honey. God loves you. It's going to be OK."

If you could treat yourselves for even an hour like the love of your life then you – dear beloved Divine soul –  would be making a vibrational statement to the universe that says, "I am worthy of love! I am worthy of being treated kindly! I am worthy of respect, nurturing, pampering, soothing, and uplifting! I am worthy because I exist."

Your words might say this now. You might say vehemently, "OF course I'm worthy!" and indeed we agree! You are. But do you believe it? Can you treat yourself this way? Can you bask in the beauty of a compliment with total delight? Can you do something for your own joy without having to share it with another? Of course, we love when you share your joy with others, but for some of you, this exercise would be just the thing to expand the envelope of your own vibration of worthiness.

We want for you all that you want for you. We are always sending you love. We are always guiding you along the easiest and most joyful path. We are always vibrationally beckoning you towards that which you seek. In a vibration of loving self and treating yourself kindly, you will hear us more clearly, you will believe you are worthy of the opportunities that come your way, and you won't waste your time on those that treat you unkindly. You'll feel too good to drain your own by getting upset.

With just a few days of treating yourself like the love of your life, you'd start to feel worthy of more love. You wouldn't have to chase it, demand it, or earn it. You'd be treating yourself the way you want to be treated and you'd get a kinder echo back from the world. You don't need to defend your right to receive love. You don't need to demand it. You don't need to earn it. You simply need to start loving yourselves a bit more consistently – without guilt, without criteria, without any reason whatsoever except for one... You exist. Therefore you are worthy of love... starting with your own.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Over a year ago I planned to teach Magical Self Love today. It just felt right. I had no idea why. Now I do. Right now on earth self-love is the way to avoid getting sucked into the muck. Honoring that light within and tending to it like you guard the spark of a candle on a stormy day is important. We are in a vibrational energy flow that is unprecedented. How we vibrate is reflected back to us very quickly.

The angels have had me do this exercise above – treating myself like the love of my life – often throughout the years. Sometimes it seems random when they suggest it. "How would you eat dinner if you were the love of your life?" they'd ask when I was rushing around. So I make a nice meal, light a candle, and put on some beautiful music. Or I'll fix a tray and sit in front of something inspiring. Or on a few rare occasions when I just feel like it, I'll eat dessert first, then popcorn, then dinner, because If I were the love of my life I would never judge my own choices :)

Sometimes the angels will say, "How would you speak to yourself if you were the love of your life." Immediately I soften and talk to myself more kindly. Sometimes they say, as I debate back and forth if I am going to get something I want, "Would you get it for yourself if you were the love of your life?" That clarifies the decision usually. When I feel down they'll say, "How would you comfort yourself if you were the love of your life?" I'd get all snuggly under one of my warm throws and let the angels hug me. What a great question this has been throughout the years.

Treating myself as worthy of my own love has changed my life. I know how to find joy when someone is nasty. I don't get lonely and long for someone to take care of me as I did when I was younger because I take good care of myself. If someone disappoints me I know I won't disappoint myself. If someone is unloving I know God loves me. I'm not in this space all the time, but more and more each year I treat myself as I would want others to treat me. It also makes it so much easier to treat others the way I'd want to be treated. Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." I often used to think, "Poor neighbors!" Now I do better :)

So, while it may seem kind of silly to spend extra time caring for yourself if you'd do it for another why not start with you? While it may seem like a "waste" of time to make yourself a good meal, you'd do it for another, wouldn't you? Why is it a waste of time for yourself but not someone else? While it may seem goofy to talk sweetly to yourself and comfort yourself, you'd do it for a friend. We weren't all raised to feel comfortable caring for ourselves in such a magnificent fashion, but there's no time like the present to start.

I know now that when I treat myself well, I treat the Divine within me well. When I honor my body, I am honoring the temple of my soul. When I soothe myself, I'm soothing an innocent child within. When I do things I enjoy I am allowing God to have a rollicking good time through this body and mind. It isn't selfish at all. It is the most important thing you can do this life to treat yourself as worthy of love. It indicates agreement with God that you were made in the image and likeness of love, and therefore, because you exist, you are worthy of it.

Try this week to treat yourself like the love of your life and see how it feels. See also how life flows in a much kinder, easier way.

Here are a few pointers on how to treat yourself like the love of your life:

1. Speak sweetly to yourself

Try to be kind to yourself! Catch yourself being harsh or critical towards yourself in even the smallest way and then tell yourself three things you love about yourself, large or small. If you can't think of any, tell yourself three things you wish someone else would tell you.

2. Honor your own feelings

If you had a lover you'd want them to care about the way you feel. Try making sure you care about the way you feel. Cheer yourself up when you feel down by counting your blessings. When you can't untangle your mind, tuck yourself in bed and sleep, or hit the reset button by taking a nap. Trust your gut and do what your heart tells you. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

3. Plan a date for yourself

Where have you wanted to go? What have you wanted to explore? Is there a movie you want to see? A dinner you want to cook? Challenge yourself to do something really fun and uplifting for yourself. Pay attention to the details as you plan it. Make it special.

Things I've done before include taking Online cooking classes with groups or going out to dinner with myself and a good book (it's a great way to meet nice new people - everyone thinks it's cool when you're not afraid to do things alone.) Drive somewhere you want or go on a trip when you can. I once took myself to Hawaii and had a blast once I gave myself permission to enjoy it all to myself!

I love doing things with loved ones of course, but the angels have worked with me over the years to go far past my comfort zone and learn to provide myself all I need emotionally. Then I can enjoy the love and support of others but lean on God as my primary comfort. I can enjoy the laughter, the hugs, the companionship life offers, but also I can be the source of my own joy. It is great freedom to enjoy others but also know that no matter who comes or goes, you are the love of your life and that you will always be there for you. Then and only then can you truly and unconditionally love the others in your life.

After all when you are loving to yourself you are allowing the Divine to be loving to itself as it experiences life through the windows of your mind, body, and soul.

Treating yourself as a loved one may feel awkward if you're not used to it. You may run up against a lot of inner resistance, or you may feel like this is the way life should have been all along! In any case, treating yourself the way you'd want others to treat you is a beautiful way to become vibrationally magnetic for that and so much more.

Have a beautiful week of being kind, sweet, and loving to yourself:)



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