Birthing Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There exists within each of you, a beacon of truth. Like the Star of Bethlehem guiding the wise men to the manger, this truth guides you to give birth to the Divine light within you. Birth is the moment at which something which (or in physical childbirth, someone who) has been growing within you chooses to reveal itself to the world.

Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, "How is the love within me wanting to be birthed into this world?" Trust the very first answer you receive.

Does love want to reach out and help a friend? Call a loved one? Express itself through quietly decorating your home? Through having gatherings and cooking wonderful food? Through writing cards, sharing presents, feeding the poor, expressing your creativity, learning a new skill, playing with your children... or your animals? Does love want to express itself by having you take better care of yourself, rest, go get yourself a cup of coffee, or tea? Does love tell you to end a relationship, or beginning a new one?

Trust what you feel, hear, see, or know, no matter how large or small the answer might seem, for although worldly actions appear to have scale, love is the same energy, no matter how humbly or grandly it is expressed.

There are so many ways, dear ones, so many billion, trillion, gazillion ways that love wishes to be birthed into this world. Each one has value.

Ask this question frequently throughout your days, and the light of your truth will guide you to give birth to that very beautiful, precious, and unique love that is always growing and expanding within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I was born almost directly between the two most opposite signs on the Zodiac. I barely squeaked into Aries. I'm inwardly sensitive, psychic, artistic, and emotional, while being outwardly strong, capable, intellectual, and no-nonsense. I like to joke that I'm "Bi-soul-ar!"

This frequently has me stuck in an almost humorous mental tug-of-war between opposites. I want to be with others, and I want to take off alone in nature. I want a cozy collection of decor in my house and yet I want it to be clean and orderly. I want to take charge and yet sometimes I wish someone else would... and so it goes. This used to drive me crazy!

Now however, when this inner conflict starts to grip me, I turn to the guiding light within, and ask, "God, Love, what do you want for me now? How do you want to be birthed within me?" I trust the first thought or feeling I get. Even if I can't figure out why I get a certain answer, it always makes sense later!

Last weekend, the folks that film my show were in Phoenix live streaming an amazing conference by the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. They invited me to attend the conference during the weekend since I didn't have clients. It sounded fun. However, I desperately wanted to get out and going hiking... at the same time!

When I focused on my heart and asked "God/Love what do you want for me? Love how do you want to be birthed within me today," the answer was clear. "Go to the conference." I surrendered, trusted, and went.

It didn't take long to figure out why I was there. I connected with so many people, many of whom had died and come back to tell about it. Their energy was so loving I felt among family. I ran into the conference organizers with whom I also connected very deeply and to my surprise they invited me to speak at an upcoming event. I certainly didn't dream up that idea when I was stuck in indecision! God did.

This is how I live my life. I ask Love to guide me and I trust. Sometimes my guidance is obvious... I just feel like doing something. At other times I'm conflicted between too many good choices and I simply have to ask. In all cases, when I listen to my heart and my guidance, life flows in a magical, synchronistic, and beautiful way.

So this holiday season when we have so many choices, and so many things to do, take time to drop into your heart, and ask what love wants for you!

Here are a few tips to practice this week...

1. When you feel like doing something naturally, do it. When you don't, don't :)

That sounds so simple and obvious, and yet how many times do we want to rest and push through it? How many times do we have a sudden inspiration and feel like we have to finish a chore before we take action?

Try to listen to your natural impulses and inspiration and act on them.

2. When you feel overwhelmed, or indecisive, stop. Take a deep breath. Imagine focusing on your heart. Ask, "God/Love what do you want for me now? How do you want to be birthed within me?"

Just trust the first thought, feeling, image, or knowing you get. Guidance comes quickly and subtly and without any strong feeling attached.

3. Trust

Your guidance may or may not make sense. You may want to figure out a present for someone and be guided to rest instead. Maybe you'll wake up with an idea. Maybe you'll find one later. Maybe you'll be delayed and run into someone you need to meet! You may have plans but suddenly feel like changing. You may think you "should" do something but love dictates something else. The Creator has reasons we can't even see... Trust.

I love you all. Let love lead you this holiday season and you'll be filled with heavenly peace :)

Love you all!





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