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My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you move through life realize that there will always be things "to do" and so instead of stressing and straining about all you think you must achieve, try dear ones, to drop into the moment at hand and give your complete focus to the task you are doing now. If you can remain present and focused on one thing you are doing at a time you will be more productive, more able to move through life with grace, more able to hear your guidance, and more able to accomplish all you truly have to do.

When you are doing one thing and thinking about all the others that must be achieved, you distract yourself from the moment. You do not think as clearly, nor are you present and open to new ideas from your guides and angels. And while it is a very human condition to have the brain working diligently to multi-task, it is a spiritual discipline and truly an act of living meditation to focus on what you are doing now.

Try this week to be as present as possible to the task at hand. Even if you switch from one task to the next, be present with the one you are doing now. Try to think only about what you are doing now. If you are in love with a person dear friends, they are your sole focus of attention. Can you be in love with life? Can you be in love with NOW? Can you be in love with the clerk in front of you, the person talking with you, the animal needing you? If you can dear friends, then you have not only mastered the art of presence, but also the art of living in human form!

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi All,

This angel message was a total set up for me! As I sat to write it, I had dog towels in the wash, beans cooking on the stove, and dogs whining for more attention. I woke up with a huge to do list and asked the angels to channel the newsletter quickly. "Focus!" they told me. So I did. As I was channeling their message the dog came up and started whining and demanding attention. My attention wandered. "Focus," the angels gently coached me. So I brought my attention back to the newsletter and in thirty seconds their words poured out onto the page.

I sat to write my section and the stove timer beeped, indicating the beans were done. "Ok, guys, you want me to do one thing at a time here but if I don't get the beans they will burn," I said. "Advice?" Get up and focus on the beans. Return and focus on the newsletter they said. It sounded easy but I realized usually my mind would be going off in the track of "Oh no! I'll never get this done." So beans became my sole focus, and then the newsletter took precedence once again.

The dryer dinged. "Is it necessary to get up and handle that now, in this moment?" the angels asked me. "No," I replied. Ok, then, focus on your newsletter. I'm still typing! I hear the dog whining in the background demanding a morning back rub. "Focus Ann," the angels say and so I tune him out and stay present with all of you reading this.

It IS a challenge to keep our attention only on the task at hand and even greater mastery to switch tasks and focus on what we are doing, knowing full well there are a gazillion other things tugging at our attention. And yet it IS possible. It takes practice and a good sense of humor.

I'll never forget a time when I was NOT present with the task at hand! I was answering emails and thinking of so many other things I had to do. I had eggs coming to a boil on the stove. The timer went off and I got up to go take the eggs off the stove. I forget what it was but something else distracted me and so I didn't focus on the task at hand and went back to answering emails. It wasn't until a half hour later when I heard what sounded like a bomb going off in the kitchen that I realized the water had boiled down and the eggs had hit the bottom of the dry pan and were exploding!! Cleaning REALLY hard boiled eggs off the ceiling convinced me that it wasn't wise to let my mind get distracted from the task at hand! Every time I start to stray from the present now I think of those exploding eggs!!

I can get SO much accomplished when I am present. Time seems to stretch and I get more done. Even when I switch tasks, if I focus on what I am doing, it goes more quickly. That means I have to ignore interruptions, putting what I want to accomplish first. It isn't easy. We are used to jumping to the world's demands and putting our own priorities last. However, if you can allow yourself to focus on what you feel is important in your own day, then miraculously and unselfishly you have more time to TRULY be present with others.

See if you can spend more time this week really present to whatever you are doing now. It is time for me to finish the newsletter, then focus on folding the towels:) I'm going to give both my full attention, one task at a time!

Love and hugs,



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