Faith Is a Vibration of Creation

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about true faith in terms of vibration and creation, and how our faith in a brighter world is heading us toward that future. I'll share some stories about how quickly faith creates, and tips to help you embrace the faith that does move mountains. I've included some wonderfully inspiring stories too that will help you have faith in the goodness of humanity!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have a phrase upon your earth that we love: "Faith is believing in things unseen." Most would agree with that definition. Few, however, truly understand the depth of its meaning or importance in creating your world.

Faith is believing in things unseen, so much so, that you live, breathe, and speak as if they were coming. True faith causes you to emit a vibration that matches your desire so thoroughly that you draw it unto you.

When you have true faith, you don't muddy your energy field with doubt, fear, scarcity consciousness, or a need to know how/when/where.

True faith is believing with your whole heart, mind, and soul in God, good, and the desired outcome. True faith allows you to enjoy the present while eagerly anticipating the desired future, as much as a child would eagerly await their holiday presents.

True faith is actually a choice to participate in creation.

The only challenge is that you can't fake faith. You can't say, "Oh yes I believe, but I'm worried." Your words say you believe. Your vibration says you doubt. You can't say, "I have faith I'll meet a delightful partner" while thinking or talking frequently about relationships in your past that didn't work. Your words say one thing. Your focus/vibration/emanation says another. If you had true faith, you'd look forward to your future with delicious anticipation rather than spoiling your delight (and your vibration!) by looking backward. You would be vibrating to your desires, looking forward to them, and therefore drawing them to you.

We know it is difficult for many of you to have faith in things you have no evidence for. You have been trained to believe only what you can prove or see, and this mindset does not support the creation of anything new. In fact, it would have you going in circles – focusing predominantly on the things you can see or prove, and therefore getting only more of the same. Without faith, science would not advance. Without faith, new inventions would not be possible. You'd still be living without electricity if faith had not been present in the minds of those committed to this possibility. Without faith, people give up on their seemingly impossible dreams.

Your world would be a sad and dull place without those who have faith because they have a desire and a will so strong that it compels them to believe in what they cannot yet see.

Without faith, your world would already be at war in a much larger way. Enough of you, however, continue to believe in the goodness of humanity and the power of prayer and positive focus. Enough of you have faith that solutions, even if they seem impossible now, can be negotiated. Enough of you have had enough faith in the future to create massive shifts even in the last few months. Your faith is moving mountains.

Remind yourself often, "Faith is believing in things unseen." You must allow yourself to look forward to what is coming so you can receive guidance to it. You must set aside temporary impatience and trust in the perfect timing. You must find the abundance, the love, and the good in the present moment so you don't fear lack, loneliness, and pain in the future. True faith is born of strong desire and strong will. True faith is not passive. True faith is a belief so strong it changes the way you perceive and live your life.

Dear ones it is your collective faith in a brighter future that is creating that future right now. Many of you are starting to enjoy your lives once again. Many of you are surrendering to peace in the present by resting, napping, or watching the clouds. Many of you are listening to your hearts – changing jobs, or cutting back, for example. So many of you are living and walking in faith for a better world, and this faith is inspiring and guiding you to create it.

There are times when what you see in front of you now, will test your faith in the future. When you hear stories or see photos of death and destruction, do your best to believe in life arising once again from the ashes. Imagine beautiful buildings being created from the rubble, and future parks in place of today's destruction, where children and animals are free and safe to play. Focus on the dear souls healing hearts, bodies, and minds, offering so much love and compassion. Believe in this unseen future, dear ones, for every single one of you that does so, empowers it.

Your faith in a better and brighter world will be made manifest. You can't avoid seeing the present, but you can believe in something more. If you are inspired to look at what is going on in the world, then do. You are being guided. Some of you will be guided to ignore the chaos and simply be a vibrational beacon of peace. Some of you are guided to watch and take action – perhaps praying, or donating money to charity. Some of you are guided to watch so as to look for the love emerging. Each of you is guided differently but all of you are guided to have faith – faith in love, faith in the spark of light within all human hearts, faith that your prayers DO matter, and faith that as you believe in things unseen, you help to create them in your life and in your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

If you're familiar with Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetic you know he and his guides made up a system of healing. It is now helping people all over the world. He freely admits that as a young naturopath and chiropractor he was an over-achiever, and discovered early in his career that any system he believed in 100% worked. The minute he doubted a system, it stopped working. His work demonstrates often that this kind of faith produces physical, tangible results.

Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book "The Placebo Effect" talks about the well-documented phenomena in medicine that occurs when someone heals because they believe they are receiving a cure – whether or not they really are. A significant percentage of people who take sugar pills heal even if they know they are taking a placebo! Many people who received false surgeries experienced healing as well. it might seem phenomenal but there is a lot of science pointing to biological explanations for these results.

I read a lot about the workings of the brain in high school. Our every thought causes neural networks to form in the brain. Like train tracks wiring along a path, we create habitual thought patterns that affect everything from our emotional response to our biological state of being. In many cases, the brain's wiring does not distinguish between "reality" due to sensory input and "reality" due to belief and imagination. If you're interested, you can read a science article about this here.

Our brains are wired to respond to faith - in terms of believing in things unseen.

Yogananda also describes a humorous story about this kind of faith. As a young boy, he seemed to have special abilities. His sister came to him once with a bad throat infection. "Drink some milk and you're healed," he told her. He had 100% faith in God's healing ability and she had faith in him. She drank the milk and the pain went away! Later, after he left, she doubted the healing and went to check her throat in the mirror. She saw a big raw patch at the back and suddenly her faith was gone! The scratchiness and sickness immediately returned! When her brother came back, he got upset, "What did you do? I healed you!" She told him she doubted the healing and looked in the mirror. He gently chastised her for not having faith, healed her again, and told her strongly not to look for problems anymore!

I've had this kind of faith many times. I wish to create it more and more every day. It is not the kind of faith born of having any evidence that what you want is possible. It is more like a firm decision, or a resolve, that you don't waver from having. When I got a big bad breast lump several years ago I made a decision (humorously) that if Jesus could resurrect a body in three days, I could get rid of a lump that fast. I knew it would take rock-solid, no-nonsense, no-doubt, no-drama faith on my part, so that's what I decided to embrace. I resolved that in three days I'd be doing the happy dance celebrating my miracle. I imagined what that would feel like. I did not allow my mind to think of any other outcome. I knew I was creating with my faith.

I had the impulse to journal and "get things off my chest" and as I did so the energy began to flow. I had the thought to imagine bright, vibrant orange light running through me and envision the lump shrinking in my mind's eye. I began to burn like fire and sweated through every layer on my bed that night. In the morning it was 90% gone and totally gone in three days. I did do my happy dance!

I've had the same kind of faith/resolve that covid and I were not going to do the dance. As a result, even though I was directly exposed in a small enclosed room for hours, I didn't get it. This kind of faith is more like a conviction, a choice, and a resolve to believe in your desire. It is not a faith that comes because someone hands you evidence.

Even though I usually have strong faith, I'm human. it can waver at times. Earlier this week I read a story about some of the war's horrors and promptly felt nauseated. I felt terribly sad. I started to have doubts about whether or not humanity would ever stop the insanity. I started to wonder how long the world leaders could refrain from reacting. I started to feel despair. The parasitic thoughts were like flies on you know what... My mind had started doing a deep dive down a dark rabbit hole, but after to years of practice, I caught myself and shifted immediately.

I made a decision to have faith again in the bright future I can see intuitively. I made a decision to see even the most horrific acts of war through the eyes of God. I went out to the yard and simply said, "God how do you see all this?" Immediately I saw the beautiful sky, felt the cool grass, and was serenaded by beautiful birdsong. I was pulled right back into the beauty of the present moment. In my mind's eye, I started seeing all the love emerging in the world. I saw the souls who had been killed bathing in Divine love in the heavens. I saw the world reaching out with compassion to those who were left behind. In seconds, I saw the beauty that my faith was now allowing me to see once again.

Without thinking, I started praying from my heart of hearts for the salvation of the lost souls who were abdicating their own humanity, as they allowed themselves to be possessed by fear and anger. I prayed for the healing of those enduring the atrocities. I prayed for the wisdom of the world leaders, and for the light of love to rise up in all human hearts. I felt God and good, and love flowing through my entire being. I felt the connection to all of life. I felt the future my faith was embracing.

Deciding to have faith – to believe in the good things that are not yet seen –  is crucial for my own mental well-being, the people I serve, and for the sake of the world. I know better than to feed the darkness with fear and doubt. I'd rather starve it with my love. As Abraham-HIcks, a popular channel likes to say, "One soul in connection with love is more powerful than millions who are not." One soul believing in love, immersed in love, having faith in love, makes a big difference. You do. I do. We collectively, with our faith, are moving mountains as the angels say.

We can't turn our hearts away from compassion for the people going through pain and suffering, but we can use our power of free will choice to have faith in the goodness of humanity, the bright future, and as the angels said last week, the love emerging even from beneath the horrors of war.

Most of the time I do have this faith – not because it is handed to me easily but because I choose to create that future for myself and our world.

Here are a few tips to help you find the faith that moves mountains...

1. Eagerly anticipate the desired outcome

Don't think about your desired outcome and say "if" it happens. Live, speak, and act as if it will. Years ago I wanted a big computer monitor since I often have several programs going at once. I imagined it, looked into the various models, and had faith the price would be right at the right time. One weekend I had the urge to reconfigure a shelf on my desk to accommodate the new monitor so I did. I knew it was coming. It went on sale the day after.

In my thirties, after a string of unloving relationships I wanted a good one, as well as help with my back. I started happily, playfully singing to myself, "My back is straight, I'm feeling great, I have a date!" I looked forward to feeling great and having the fun of a date. My back got aligned and within a week a man I'd met once and admired asked me out. We dated for three wonderful years before he moved, and did tremendous loving growth together. That's the power of true faith. I knew these things would come because I chose to believe in them and I didn't indulge myself in any thoughts to the contrary.

Anticipating the desired outcome and living "as if it is coming, is a sign of real faith – whether or not we are believing for something positive in our personal lives or for the world at large.

2. Look for examples that boost your faith

These days I look for evidence of humanity working together in love. I search for positive stories about good people helping one another, like this man and his wife in Vancouver, who are converting their resort into a safe haven for refugees, and this story about a video game developer that raised $144 million in two weeks for relief efforts! The article also highlights a company that offers digital content with a pay-what-you-want model that raised $200 million for charities.

You can boost your faith by looking for stories of people who have created what you want. Look for peace after war. For example, places, where civil war battles were fought, are now verdant pastures or museums that thousands of tourists visit and learn from. Japanese and American visitors cry together at the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii, resolving to create peace and move towards a more loving world.

If you want more personal inspiration you can go read stories of people who have created something similar you can visit this site and type in your topic!

When you find faith difficult, look for examples that inspire you.

3. Enlist Faithful Friends

If you have people in your life who will celebrate your success, tell them what you're creating and ask them to have "faith in things unseen" with you! It helps to have others believing in you and makes it easier for you to believe in yourself once again when you waiver.

Our faith is making a difference now. Keep it up. I have absolute faith in the power of our combined bright, shining lights!

Have a beautiful week :)


N.i.kk.3V3 12th April 2022 4:56 am

A decision to have faith in the goodness of humanity is a good one. :thumbs:

Only 'remember' the excitment that comes after a victory or however you want to name it, and the unpredictability of other fellow humans as well. :-* :-*

Age of Aquarious if it is (already) comes with unpredictability by default.. lo


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