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Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels talk about experiencing the circulation of love that is always there, and I'll share some really practical examples. They're on a mission this year to help us de-tangle from the world's vibe and empower ourselves by keeping our connection with the Source primary.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As long as you live in a human body your heart is beating as it attempts to send oxygen-rich blood to every one of the trillions of cells in your body. Likewise, your nervous system is firing, sending signals along neurons to harmonize and maintain the dynamic balance of the body. You have, within your own physical vehicle, an entire universe, with a multitude of systems sending signals, flow, nourishment, and removing toxins.

Likewise, the heart of God is always beating, and we say this metaphorically because the Divine is the energy behind all creation, and "God's heartbeat" is really the constant expression of love from the Source, pulsing ever-outward and circulating – seen or unseen – within and between all of creation. You, like each cell in the body, receive a never-ceasing flow of love, and a never-ceasing flow of signals guiding you along your desired path.

Last week we talked about the signals that you call your guidance. This week we'll talk about circulation. Love – like the blood in the human body – is always flowing to you from the Source. It is the very life within you. It is the power that creates and animates the human body and the power that makes your physical heartbeat and your physical lungs breathe.

The heart pumps without any judgment about any of the trillions of cells. Likewise, the Source sends waves of love pulsing within you, to you, and through you without any judgment whatsoever. You do not have to earn this love. Never are you unworthy of this love. You do not have to do a thing to receive this love. It is God's circulation. It is unceasing. It is always there for you to either feel, experience, enjoy, and use to create your dreams... or you can pinch it off. In truth, you can't ever pinch off God's love, but you can pinch off your experience of it.

A simple rule of thumb is this: When you feel good, you feel God.

When you don't feel so good, to varying degrees you have cut off only your experience of this love. The circulation of love is always there but in a higher dimension that is harder to feel when you are in a lower vibration.

How to return to the experience of love? You have heard us say this many times this year... One thought at a time, choose a better feeling thought. As you feel better, you feel God's circulation of love. You know these moments, dear ones. When you've been in love with anyone or anything you are truly in an experience of this circulation of love. When you've admired a sunset or felt appreciation for the water in your shower you've felt this circulation of love. When you have a kind thought about yourself or another you've felt this circulation of love. Whenever you've felt any love, you've felt God's love. When you feel good, you feel God.

Don't beat yourselves up when you don't feel good, and you don't feel God. Just remind yourself, "Love is here for me now. I just have to open a little bit more to feel it." Then think one better feeling thought at a time until you begin to feel this love. It feels like a feeling of lightness. It feels like a feeling of coziness, security, pleasure, joy, and in its most blissful, unimpeded form, ecstatic appreciation and enthusiasm for all of life, or those pure moments of unimpeded inspiration and flow.

It doesn't make you a bad person when you aren't in this space. We simply want you to allow, open, and know the joy of the Creator's love for you! In this love, you cannot feel lonely. In this love, you feel secure. In this love, you can more easily "forgive thine enemy" if you have any because you realize that it simply feels better to stay in love! Truly dear ones, in the experience of the Creator's love answers, come, insight appears, inspiration is normal, and miracles happen with great frequency.

So strive, when you are not feeling good, and not feeling God, to remind yourself. "Love is here for me now. I just have to allow it, open to it, and reach for it, one better feeling thought at a time."

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone!

I made myself a promise this year to watch my thoughts like a hawk, and shift to better feeling ones the minute I noticed anything less. It has become like a game for me. "Ooh caught myself in a lower vibe! Stop. Shift!" I breathe into my heart, and think better feeling thoughts until I spin up into joy once again.

I got ungrounded, left body mid-step in February, and came back crashing on the tile. Ouch. Pain. "What the?" "Wait! Stop. Shift! This is the best thing in the world! I'm getting my prayer to re-align my body answered. Awesome. I'm not even going to hurt much." Divine love poured in swirling through me, and even though I got slowed down, I didn't hurt much at all given the magnitude of the injury.

The same week, someone I care about received a difficult diagnosis. I started to feel sad and powerless. "Wait a sec, Ann! Stop. Shift! This is their chance to deeply heal. This is my chance to help facilitate more miracles. I can do this. They can do it!" Divine love flooded through me. They're doing their part. I'm doing mine. They are healing!

The same week a dear friend moved suddenly, in a sad space, without giving me any time to say goodbye. "Wait. Stop. Shift!" I breathed into my heart, gave thanks for the laughter and times we'd shared, and intended to have more in the future. Divine love and appreciation poured into me. I felt joy for my friend's, and my, evolution.

A glass I love dropped to the floor, spilling the proverbial milk all over the kitchen. Darn it. "Wait, Ann! Stop. Shift. I watch the pretty white liquid crawling over and coating the tile, and admire the sparkly broken glass in the sun. I give thanks for "Dixie" my Dyson vacuum who really sucks :) Soon I'm online ordering a replacement glass. No biggie. I feel empowered. I celebrate the minor victory. Divine love pours into me. Nothing like a mystical experience rather than crying over spilled milk!

As a result of keeping my vibe high or at least returning to a higher vibe, I'm living in a flow that just carries me with ease. I've been working overtime, doing the newsletters and social media posts, learning technical skills, suddenly creating art, spending more time with family and friends, gardening, cooking, crafting, answering thousands of emails, and the list goes on, but it all seems to happen one happy moment at a time.

This is the power of 5D living vs. 3D. Get the energy right, rest when tired, move when inspired, and let things flow.

I'm learning to use my mind as a tuning tool, rather than allowing it to be the boss of me! I used to think thoughts just happened. Now I'm learning to choose them consciously for the vibration they provide. I'm concerned less about what I'm thinking about and more about how it makes me feel.

Love is in circulation always. It might not feel like love when you hear bad news, break something, have someone aim their pain at you, watch the news, lose a job, don't get the house you bid on, or one of a million other things we might call disappointing, but love is still there. We find it by tuning into it. We tune into it by using the power of our mind to focus on something – be it a thing or a thought, that feels better. It sounds so simple, but we're all learning to change old habits so we can better feel this circulation of love.

The energies ARE strong now. Our soul is calling us with all the things that have been stored up inside. We're feeling our dreams and our desires. We're feeling the inklings of dreams as yet un-clarified, pushing up from within. And we're also feeling the fact that we can't create them as easily the old 3D way – "by the sweat of our brow" as the saying goes. We have to create by "high vibing" – by getting our energy into a space that matches our dreams.

This is why so many are feeling the urge to sit, rest, relax, and dream rather than do. Effort without the right energy is a real chore these days. Inspired effort, however, is a flowing joy when you're in a higher vibe.

So if you feel like you want to get going but don't feel like doing anything, get going instead energetically, by gradually shifting your energy to match your desires, one better thought at a time.

Here are a few pointers to help you stay in an experience of the circulation of love

1. Remind yourself constantly, "I am Loved"

This may sound silly but we need reminders. Put up signs on the fridge and the mirror, or in your purse or wallet to remind yourself, "I am loved." Repeat to yourself often, "I am loved. I am loved. I am so loved. The universe loves me. The Source loves me. The angels love me. I am loved!" Put it in your own words. Talk to yourself and tell yourself truth.

Then when you see evidence, tell yourself again, "See! I am loved." If you see a beautiful sky, remind yourself, "I am loved." If you taste good food, remind yourself, "I am loved." If you appreciate anything in your home, tell yourself, "I am loved." If someone does something kind for you, say to yourself, "I am loved."

Then when something not so enjoyable happens you will be in the habit of reminding yourself, "I am loved," and return to feeling the circulation of Divine love.

2. Stop. Shift. Breathe Love

I have been doing this one for decades, but especially this year. When you catch yourself feeling bad, or having negative thoughts, say, "Stop! Shift! Imagine breathing into your heart and think of anyone or anything you love. Do it for 30 seconds to a minute.

Research by the HeartMath Institute now shows that this type of breathing creates heart coherence, and then the heart triggers the vagus nerve which gets the brain waves in coherence, thus telling the body, to rest, digest, and work in harmony – scientifically and spiritually! If you want to take their free video class, you can here.

3. Listen to your body. Listen to your Heart

When you're tired, rest. When you feel like moving do so. When you feel an urge to stretch, do it. If you can't visualize it. Dogs, cats, birds, and kids are great at this! Love must be kept in circulation in our physical bodies as well as our souls for us to feel good.

Likewise, if you have an inspiration to do something then do it soon as you are able. If you have the inspiration to dream about something, make time to dream. Listen to your own feelings in a given moment for your own guidance and then you'll be in Divine flow, feeling the circulation of love. It really is that simple.

4. Stop focusing on others and tend to your own flow

Whether or not you experience the circulation of Divine love has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. Love is flowing directly to you at all times. It is nice when we feel it from others, but no matter what anyone is or isn't doing has nothing at all to do with your relationship with the Source. So for an optimal experience of Divine love, tend to your own vibration, one better feeling thought at a time, rather than focusing on what the world or anyone else is or isn't doing.

Love is always there for us, flowing within us, to us, through us. We can find it easily in a high vibe, and when we're not there, we can work back into a space of feeling it once again. With practice, it gets easier. Don't wait for the world to give you love to feel good. Find the higher vibe, and let the love in easily. Then you'll be in charge of when you feel good, and when feel God.

Love you all!



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