Gratitude is a Powerful Force of Creation

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As so many of you celebrate your holiday of Thanksgiving, we in the heavens give thanks for each and every one of you. We celebrate your existence. We cheer you onward. We gently guide you towards a more loving, more abundant, and more joyous existence. We comfort you, strengthen you, and help refresh your spirit while you sleep.

Dear ones, we are ever grateful for each and every one of you because we know, here in the heavens, that we are all connected and sourced from One love. In our deepest essence, you and we are One. The love you feel, we feel as well.

We give thanks not only for the good that is happening in your lives now but also for the good you intend to have in your future. We give thanks for your perfect health, whether you are experiencing it or not. We give thanks for your abundance whether or not you are currently feeling the lack. We give thanks for your loving, harmonious relationships whether they have arrived at your current reality or not.

As we focus with gratitude upon that which you desire, we support it coming into being. As you focus with gratitude on that which you desire, you too support it coming into your future. So give thanks for that which you have not yet received because it exists right here and now in potential. Why not turn your focus upon it with love.

"Dear Divine Source, thank you so much for my abundant loving life. I know I am experiencing loneliness and lack right now but I know you have so much more in store for me! "

"Dear Divine Source, thank you for my dream home! I know I live in a very small place right now but all things are possible with you and I eagerly await the unfolding and miracles."

"Dear Divine Source, thank you for my perfect health and well-being which I know is emerging even now beneath the illusions of illness."

"Dear Divine Source, thank you for my glorious life for I know as I focus upon it, it shall come into being."

There is nothing more powerfully creative than focusing with love and gratitude on that which you desire, giving thanks, knowing it is on the way.

Dear ones we give thanks for you, and for the perfectly beautiful lives that each and every one of your souls is dreaming for you in the depths of your heart.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I built my entire business as an intuitive on gratitude. Years ago when I started doing readings in a local bookstore, I was scared. I had given up an engineering salary and made $6 a day after taxes and the bookstore fee if that much. I didn't know how to "build a business." That is when the angels taught me the power of gratitude.

They advised me to do a quick meditation every morning – to simply sit in gratitude for the fact that I could do something I loved and then when I felt full of light to imagine this light beaming out from me in all directions. I was then instructed to telepathically make one simple statement, "If my work can serve you and you'll honor the exchange, please find me."

People started walking into the bookstore. "I don't know why I'm here. I was driving by and felt like someone could help me." I did. The angels instructed me to give thanks after each reading. "Thank you, God, for the chance to help this soul. I'm ready to serve another." They advised me to give thanks after paying each bill. "Thank you, God, for the money to pay this bill. Thank you for the refill." I started giving thanks for everything in my life and everything to come... and it came.

The two slowest days of the week at the bookstore turned into the busiest days. One-person classes gave way to classes for twelve, then twenty, then more... When the bookstore closed three years later I had a thriving home practice.

To this day, I give thanks for everything present and future. The angels taught me that as long as I can give thanks, I can naturally tap into the abundance of love available in the universe.

Here are a few pointers to practice abundant gratitude:

1. Give thanks for yourself

My mom took classes from a Jesuit priest who encouraged her to go to the mirror each morning and simply say, "Thank you for making me the beautiful soul that I am." Self-appreciation is not conceit. It is an acknowledgement of the Creator's love that lives within you.

Every morning thank the Divine for making you the beautiful soul that you are. Every night give thanks for at least 3-5 things about yourself whether they are characteristics, features, or loving thoughts, words, or deeds.

2. Give thanks for what you are creating

Giving thanks for your desired future is a powerful way of bringing into the presence. It builds up a field of belief around you that becomes magnetic to what you desire.

When you can truly appreciate your future as if it is here now, you are well on the way to having it appear.

3. Give thanks for things you normally take for granted

Life is a miracle! Give thanks for the sun shining upon you, the rain that nourishes the land, the folks that grew your coffee, for the locks on your car door that someone took hundreds of hours to design, running water, your beating hear... You get the idea!

Everywhere you look there are loving creations and we take so many for granted every day.

Extra credit - Give thanks for something that was painful or challenging

This one is not easy, but when you can authentically give thanks for the love and lessons even in your toughest challenges, you have completely transformed them and have made huge progress in mastering your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! I am thankful for each one of you!

Love you all!



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