Intentions That Manifest

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels talk about creating desires that you believe you can have, so you can tune in and have them! I'll share stories and some tips as to how to keep your manifesting vibe on :)

Have a blessed week!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a few minutes after you read our words. What do you want your life to look like as you move forward? Who do you want to be? What do you want to have? How do you want to live your days? What would that feel like? Explore those questions for a few minutes.

Some of you know with great clarity what you want. Some of you know in great detail, and others of you know only the feelings you wish to experience. Both are fine. Each one of you will have varying degrees of detail in mind about your dreams, and that's ok. If you look in your heart, you can identify what it is you know you want. You want to be happy. You want to feel secure. You want certain things and situations. You want to feel and behave in a certain way. You want to live your days in grace. Take time and, if you like, make a list of what you want... as many things, conditions, and/or situations that you can think of. These can be as general or as specific as you like.

As you review your list make sure each desire inspires you and makes you feel good when you think about it. Try to avoid wording things in the negative. For example, if you wrote, "I want to be out of debt" that is still a focus on debt, and for most of you, will diminish your vibration. How about, "I want to live a life with more than enough?" Which thought, which statement, makes you feel better, more alive, and more inspired. Try this one. "I don't want to be alone!" vs. "I want a joyous co-creative partnership where we fit like hand and glove and help each other expand and grow with kindness and joy." Which thought feels better? Which focus feels more like love?

As you go through your list, read each statement to yourself. Shut your eyes and breathe and repeat it to yourself. Be honest about how you feel. When you say, "I want a joyous partnership" is there a sad or sarcastic feeling of "yeah right" in your vibration? If so modify the intention until you feel inspired by the feel of it, even if you have to say, "I intend to feel more hopeful about a partnership. I intend to see examples of great relationships." Those thoughts might feel less daunting, and therefore more inspiring for now. You can always modify your intentions and expand them, but you must either find intentions that inspire high vibrational feelings or find other ways to find high vibrational feelings, because always and forevermore it is your vibration that dictates what you attract or allow.

You truly know this. You know that when you feel good, and you're in a high vibration wonderful things seem to flow easily into your life. When you feel bad, or trip up and fall into a lower vibration, you get in the way of the goodness that wants to flow into your life.

We are not suggesting that you avoid your feelings. Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to work through a negative feeling before you can raise your vibe. Sometimes you have to wallow a bit in it before you can move beyond it. Sometimes you have to take it out on someone else to see that doesn't work before you can reclaim your inner power. It is alright! These things are part of the human experience and you learn from them.

However, when you design your intentions for the life you wish to live, make sure that you can feel good about them, otherwise, it would be wise to make your intentions a little more believable and good-feeling. Then bit by bit, you can expand your desires as you learn to feel more and more hopeful and good about them.

Your angels want you to have every good thing that you want. We know how to guide you to the very essence of all things you want in perfect grace. You may not get the "form" you desire because sometimes you want something that isn't really what you think it is! Sometimes you want a job or a house that doesn't match the vibration of the one you truly desire. In these cases, we guide you to a perfect vibrational match.

When you are in a high vibration you can perceive your guidance. When you're in a lower vibration you'll match up with people in the world who are in a similar state. When there is a vibrational mismatch, conditions will shift and you'll be guided elsewhere.

Your vibration alone allows or blocks all you desire. Make a list of desires and make sure you can feel really good about each one. If not, back off a little bit and create them a little bit at a time until your successful mini-manifestations prove to you that God does care, and we in the heavens will always work, in every way we can, to guide you on the path to your dreams.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The angels were trying to explain why being in a high vibe was a great way to repel lower vibes to a client one day. They showed me a humorous vision of a game I used to play at parties in my young twenties. We'd toss balloons into the ceiling fan and see if we could make them "go for a ride." Well of course when the fan was on low, that was possible, but when the fan was running high it would bounce those lower-speed balloons all over the room and we'd all end up laughing like three-year-olds!

That's how a high vibe repels negative vibrations. If you're vibrating in love or a joyful space, negative vibes bounce right off you. If someone is unkind you don't take it personally and you feel compassion for their pain. If you're vibrating in love or a good space of self-worth, you can have a little mishap or re-direct in life and you take it in stride. When you're in a lower vibe, however, the littlest thing can set you off and drive you downward. Like that ceiling fan, we either vibrate so high that the lower vibes don't get in or like a slow fan we let the lower vibes cling to it and "go for a ride!"

In truth, energy isn't so much about letting a "thing" into our field, but more about what we choose to tune into. You can tune into all that is wonderful about a person, or you can tune into what you perceive is wrong with them. One focus makes you feel good. One focus makes you feel bad. This is why people who were once madly in love with each other can turn to hate. They shift their focus, most likely due to the other person's behavior or their perception of it. The other person never "makes us" feel a certain way. We're in charge of our vibration and our feelings. It is just easier to feel good when people behave as we wish! Nonetheless, we either tune ourselves into a higher vibe, or we let the vibrations of the world grab our attention and tune into them – whatever they may be.

That's why some intentions and dreams manifest easily and others seem never to come. The ones that manifest easily are ones we can feel good about, or at least, we can feel good in our lives while creating them. We get in a high vibe space and they just seem to appear out of nowhere. The ones that never seem to come are the ones we believe in part-time and then doubt when they don't show up fast enough or how we think they should. We get in what I call "Spin cycle" – positive vibe/negative vibe, positive vibe/negative vibe. It's like driving your car around an endless roundabout. Doesn't work.

I've been playing tuning games lately to strengthen my ability to focus. For example, when I lose things, instead of frantically searching, I sit still, shut my eyes and imagine that delicious feeling of finding something and saying, "Oooh there you are!!" Without exception, I suddenly have an inspiration to look somewhere and find the missing object.

When I need something, I sit and imagine what it will feel like to find it or have it. I imagine doing the happy dance. I imagine the relief or joy. Last week my vacuum, which was slowly sucking less and less, just stopped. I knew I could bring it in for repairs, but instead, I sat and imagined the feeling of deep, joyful satisfaction I'd have if I could fix it easily at home without running around. Mid-fantasy I was inspired to go to the computer and search for a certain phrase on youtube. Immediately a video popped up with step-by-step instructions for dissecting and repairing my vacuum. Now I can add "vacuum repair" to my resume! Best of all "Dixie," my Dyson, now really sucks again! I did do the happy dance :)

When I make more serious intentions, such as to remain loving when someone isn't kind, I sit and imagine that glorious peaceful feeling of seeing everyone through God's eyes. Having practiced that for some time, it shows up easily. When I feel like running errands without worrying about mutating viruses, I first shut my eyes and imagine myself glowing with light, zapping any lower vibes. It has worked well through all this craziness. When I have a big bill, I do the same thing, I imagine that feeling of intense gratitude that happens when things are settled up.

There have been times when an intention I had was "too big" for me to believe it in the moment I made it. I can't think of anything like that right now because I've stretched my ability to believe over the years, but in the past, there were things I had no idea how to create, and therefore didn't really believe they'd come about. So I backed off a bit. Instead of intending online education the year I really wanted it (because I didn't have a clue at the time how it would work, and didn't believe it could be cost-effective at the time), I intended it would happen within a decade. I let it go, gave it to God, and of course, it happened in a perfect way when I wasn't even thinking about it.

So when you don't really believe in your dreams, back off a bit and find a step towards them that is believable. I once had a client who was so beat down she didn't believe she could ever be feel good, let alone be happy. I could understand why. She had experienced a really tough life. So the angels gave her a little homework and asked her to see if she could find just one thing a day to appreciate. Just one little thing. Some very, very simple pleasure to appreciate. That was it. She believed that was do-able. She called me the next day. She had gone outside and was watching the clouds. She had the thought, "I love the clouds. This is a simple pleasure." Peace came over her. For the first time in absolute ages, she felt better. She had stopped aiming for the "Big fix" that she couldn't believe in and instead allowed herself to intend something that she could.

When you truly tune into the vibration of something you want, you'll feel it as if it is here already. You'll feel like you have the partner you want even if no one is in your life yet. You'll feel abundant even before your bank account reflects it. You'll feel confident about something you have no clue how to accomplish. It will seem odd that whatever you want isn't actually in your life when you look around because it IS in existence already in your inner. When you feel that way, you know, 100% that what you want will manifest in perfect timing.

You don't have to constantly focus on what you want. One good strong, delicious fantasy will get the universe rolling and then you can go about your days enjoying life, knowing that energy, not effort, is what brings all you want straight to you!

Here are a few pointers on how to become more powerful in your ability to manifest what you want.

1. Practice with small things/situations/conditions

Pick something small that you'd like – something that inspires only good feelings. Usually, these are things or conditions that would just be nice, but something you're not desperately attached to. My first manifestation was a fountain pen. I wanted one but they were expensive, and if I didn't get one, it was not going to be a big deal. So I focused on a fantasy of using a lovely green fountain pen and feeling like an old-fashioned fancy writer, then let it go. The next day in Walmart, of all things, I found one, totally affordable knock-off of the green fountain pen I had imagined. It worked like a dream. I still have it.

So pick something you'd like but don't care too much about and imagine what it would feel like to have it and be delighted with your manifestation, then let it go. Don't look for it. Just wait and see how it shows up.

2. If your intentions inspire pain instead of joy, back off a bit...

I have talked to a lot of people over the years who insist they focus on the house, relationship, or job that they want and that's partly true, but more often they focus on the fact that it isn't there. They think of their dream and depending on the day get either inspired or deeply frustrated. That's when you know you're in a vibrational "spin cycle' waving back and forth between good vibe/bad vibe and it is best to distract yourself with something more joyful for a while or back off the "big" manifestation to something that makes you feel better and seems more believable.

For example, say you want to pay off debt. You can manifest a miracle. I know one amazing woman who manifested paying off more than $90K student loans (that she'd had for years) in one year. Guidance flew into her mind and life as soon as she started to believe it was possible and raise her vibe. It was what we call "miraculous," but miracles are how the universe works when we're not in its way! So if you can't yet believe in your "big" miracles intend smaller ones that you can. Maybe you can believe your debt will be paid off in five years, or a certain amount can be paid off in one. Play with "backing off" a bit until you find an intention that feels inspiring, believable, and one that doesn't trigger a low vibe in you.

Alternately if you can totally distract yourself from the "big" miracle you want and instead focus on other things that keep your vibe high, that works too.

This is a finer point about manifesting - you don't have to remain focused on what you want. You just have to find a way to be a vibrational match. Maybe you're bummed about not having a romantic relationship in your life. Then you can either back off a bit or distract yourself with joy and appreciation about all your other good relationships and then when you're not trying "the one" you want will just show up!

The trick is to be in a vibration that matches the outcome. You'll know you are if you feel the way you want to feel when you get the thing or situation you want to get.

3. Be happy now

Never put off your joy if you can help it. Never wait to be happy till you get something or some condition. Never wait to be happy until things look perfect. Look for excuses to be happy wherever you're at.

When I fell earlier in the year and injured my knee, I thanked God I didn't bang my head. When my vacuum broke, I decided to embrace the adventure of a repair as I would have done when younger. When the outer world doesn't look as I wish, I do what I can to make my world happy.

Do your best to find joy or something to appreciate even when things aren't perfect yet. Practice that and you can be happy most of the time – not always because life hands it to you, but because you've learned to tune into happy thoughts and feelings.

Life is responding very quickly to our energy these days. Play around with your vibration. Practice tuning into things that are easy to feel good about or things that you're not too attached to. The more you see how this works, by watching it work in your life, the more you'll believe in your God-given inner power to create life however you want it to be!

Have a blessed & beautiful week!


Ozge 27th July 2021 1:15 am

Dear Ann & Angels,
This article made me feel very good this morning, thank you for sharing.
I have been reading & practicing about manifestation, and I personally experienced most of the situations you mentioned above. I tried several methods, some were not useful, and some worked perfectly. And some worked when I was not aware that I was doing the right thing. I understood -by living it first-hand- that the magic is in the vibration. I intend to use these joyful tactics daily and make life more beautiful every passing day for myself and everyone & everything else.


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