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Hi All,

Today the angels talk about how we sift through a multitude of frequencies with every breath and demonstrate how we can turn a tough day around. I'll share how I use vibration to help me find answers to life's little and more significant concerns. Tips follow, as always!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe deeply. Exhale. The vibrations of all creation just flowed through you in that single breath. The energies of all you love and all you hate just flowed into you. Your intelligent body, connected to the Source, attempted to take in all of the frequencies that support its health, happiness, and well-being. Your mind selected and filtered the frequencies that match the vibration of your thoughts and the emotional charge around them.

You are in charge of what you take in and what you release. Your feelings tell you in a given moment precisely what vibrations you are resonating with and which ones you are not.

Suppose you are angry. You go about your day dwelling on frustrations. As you breathe, you resonate with all the frustrated people on earth. You resonate with things that will frustrate you. God and your angels emit only love, help, joy, kindness, and beautiful frequencies, but in your upset space, you selectively filter out the kinder energies and tune yourself into the not-so-pleasant ones ones. You turn on the TV and see an ad that upsets you. You get stuck behind people in traffic. Memories arise. Fears and feelings of helplessness arise. At some point, you may realize that you're spinning into a very unpleasant and chaotic state of being and, there, a chaotic experience of life.

Perhaps you have a moment of awareness. You want to feel better and don't want to feel like things are spinning out of control. You take a deep, slow breath and relax into it. As you breathe, even if only for a moment, you are a vibrational match to love. You chose to honor your desire to feel better. That is self-love. You decided to stop yourself from spinning into chaos. That is self-love. You chose to focus on something simple that you knew would help you calm down. That is self-love.

In that moment of self-love, you began to resonate with love. In that vibration, you are resonating with all that is good, beautiful, healthy, and happy. You are allowing the cells of your body, which are always calling for love to receive a healthy vibration. In this breath, you are unblocked, experiencing a greater connection to the Source, and beginning to turn towards a kinder reality. It is that simple.

Suppose you proceed with your day more relaxed, with a more objective perspective. You start to choose better-feeling thoughts. "That's more like it," you tell yourself. "There are things to be happy about. There are things to appreciate. I can acknowledge myself in this moment!" Now you are creating more positive momentum, and, like a snowball rolling, your day begins to improve until you feel loved and peaceful once again. It really is this simple.

Dear ones, if you truly understood the vibrational nature of your reality, choosing better-feeling thoughts would become your single highest priority.

As you feel yourself moving closer and closer to feeling love, you come closer to feeling the Source within. As you choose better-feeling thoughts, your system sifts through the soup of frequencies in each breath and resonates more clearly with those of love. As you appreciate a sunset and have a moment of appreciation, in that breath you are resonating with all who appreciate, all who feel life's abundance, and all that is beautiful and there to appreciate. In that vibration, you draw more abundance to you, more beauty, more peace, and so much more love. All of this occurs in that one breathe during a moment of appreciation.

Some of you don't feel you can manifest, but you can. You may think you've tried, but you may not realize that you oscillate between high and low frequencies so frequently. You don't always stay tuned into a loving reality consistently enough to have your magnet draw the loving person, thing, or situation that you wish to you.

For example, suppose you want a lover. One moment you focus on the delicious thought of one. You are moving towards your lover. One moment you focus with appreciation on your sandwich. In that moment of loving your sandwich, you are attracting a lover. Another moment you are feeling pretty good about an accomplishment. You are moving towards your lover in that vibration of love. However, you get to the end of the day and get frustrated. "Where's my lover? They'll never come." Now you're not in a vibration of love. Temporarily the magnet is off. You get to the weekend, "I'm lonely. I'm miserable. I'm bored. I'm tired or doing things on my own. Those thoughts may all be true, but they don't feel like love. You've temporarily switched your magnet off. Most of you go through life like this - on again, off again, on again, off again. Hence, it can take a while to attract what you want.

However, here's the good news. You don't have to focus on what you want at all. You just have to focus on anything that feels better. Love is love whether you are loving the thought of the future you want to create or loving your sandwich. Love is love whether you are loving feelings of being on vacation in your future or enjoying your chair. Love is love whether you are thinking of the partner you wish for with delightful anticipation or enjoying a moment listening to a beautiful bird singing outside your window. Love is love whether you are focusing on having a lot of money in your future and how fun that would be, enjoying a penny you found on the sidewalk, or opening the door for a stranger.

Maybe you can't think positively about the lover that isn't here yet, but you can still attune yourself to love! You can enjoy the day, the weather, your couch, your sandwich, and all the other good people, things, and animals in your life. In that fairly consistent vibration of love, you'll still attract your lover.

Maybe you can't think positively about the future of your world at the moment, but you can enjoy your tea, your coffee, the good people in your life, the folks that think positively and do good. As you maintain a fairly consistent vibration of love, you are helping to create the better world you want to see.

You can avoid focusing on a highly charged topic and focus on anything that feels like love, and in that vibration of love, you'll begin to attract so much more of what you would love to see.

Love is love, dear ones, and no matter how you find it, focus on it, and most importantly, choose it, it is the highest, most beautiful, most magnetic vibration on the planet. Even if you are grieving, you can focus on the love and attract a connection with your dear one beyond your wildest dreams. Love is love.

Choose better-feeling thoughts –thoughts that feel more loving – as often as possible. In so doing, you allow yourself to experience a beautiful, happy, healthy, abundant life no matter what the rest of the world is doing. You can, one breath at a time, keep your magnet for love on and live a life that reflects that love right back to you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I do very little these days without making sure my vibration is in a good space. The energies respond to our vibes quickly and powerfully these days.

On the good side, I no sooner think of something with love, and more shows up. I was at a thrift store picking up something I needed last weekend when I started chatting with a very kind young man. We were comparing "finds." He told me about a sweatshirt he had recently found that ended up being quite the bargain. I told him about a gorgeous ombre-blue vintage sequin dress I purchased years ago for $12. After a few more minutes, I headed for the checkout line, but something tugged me toward the dress aisle. There on the rack, drawing my attention to it as if a magnet was one, was a gorgeous $12 sequin dress that will be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! I laughed. All that sequin dress love was a magnet to the match in-store! It can be this easy.

So when my smoke alarm battery died, and not a single new one would silence it, even after running out to buy new batteries before breakfast, I knew I had to get my vibe right! The chirping was annoyingly loud with or without batteries, and I had no clue how to silence it. I didn't think ripping it off the wall would work! My first client was in twenty minutes! Time for a quick vibrational adjustment! I went out back, shut the door, and stood in the grass. I breathed deeply and appreciated the silence. I enjoyed a bird who began to sing. Feeling better, I appreciated the fact that every time I didn't know how to solve a problem, Spirit did. The idea of looking up the manufacturer and calling their customer service popped in my head.

Standing on the top rung of a twelve-foot ladder with a flashlight and phone, I reported the unit's model number to the kind customer service rep, who told me that the unit was over ten years old and, most likely, dead. She advised me how to disable it until I could get a new one. With ten minutes to spare before my first client, I thanked her, grabbed a quick breakfast, ordered a new smoke alarm, and was off to a great day.

This is a silly and small example. Nonetheless, it illustrates the principle of "energy first, inspired action only" to solve your problems.

I am writing this newsletter two days before the elections. I am focusing all my energy on peace, harmony, and kindness and expect that as long as I keep myself there, that will be my life experience no matter what transpires.

The political ads before this election seriously challenged me to stay in a high vibe. I muted them when possible, but they were stuffed in my mailbox, hanging from my door knob, playing before every YouTube tutorial I watched, and bombarding me in numerous other ways. Finally, I sat down and prayed. "God help me see this from your point of view!" I wanted to see this name-calling, mud-slinging, and the unloving wave of ads through the eyes of love. In a deep trance, I drifted back up and behind my body.

I saw the archetypes of these souls before they incarnated. Some wanted to impact the world positively. Others were exploring true vs. false power. Some knew they'd stir up the mass consciousness and help to end the apathy. Some knew they'd have a good chance of making a difference. Others wanted to feel significant and loved by thousands. Even the nastiest, most mud-slinging, name-calling, unkind individuals are just souls playing out their life plan, growth, and evolution while doing it in public.

Most will never know when you or I have a low vibe day. When these folks do, they have it in front of the world. I felt the Divine compassion for the difficult lessons they chose and the need to pray for the light of love to rise within all. As Jesus said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's but give to God what is God's." We can vote with our conscience for those who support our principles and ideals, but far more impactful and beneficial to vote with our vibration for love, harmony, and peace for all.

So whether or not you're happy with election results here in the US (which I don't know as I channel this ahead of time) or satisfied with life in general, remember vibrational law. No matter what is happening around us, we get to choose how we tune and, therefore, how much help, joy, love, abundance, peace, and harmony we attract. Like all of us, I've attracted things all over the spectrum over the years. More and more, I'm attracting peace, harmony, and love and am committed to returning to that vibration even when I temporarily stray.

Here are a few tips to help you choose love to get positive momentum going in your life...

1. Enjoy a Positive Power Minute

Take a breather a few times a day. Set a timer for one minute. As quickly as you can think of things, people, and situations you love or appreciate. Make them up. Focus on things you'd love to see. Anything goes as long as the thoughts make you feel better. Abraham-Hicks, a popular channel, often says that focusing on a good vibe for just 17 seconds can get positive momentum rolling. I like doing it for a minute because I feel great afterward, and my day goes smoothly.

2. Focus on something you love on and off for a whole day

Pick something simple, perhaps a color your like, a song you enjoy, a person or animal whose qualities you adore. Take time throughout the day to appreciate this thing or being. Watch what happens – you'll see more and more of it!

One day, I chose the idea of collaboration – random people helping each other shine. I turned on a YouTube video and saw one creator in collaboration with another that benefits thousands of crafters. I saw someone at a store helping a stranger. I got stressed at one point, got the urge to go out back, and saw a grasshopper asking me for help getting out of the pool. I felt good helping, and he felt better too! I had an afternoon client who works to foster and facilitate team cooperation. I saw another client I hadn't seen in a while doing very well with her new book. Plastered all over my day were examples of a beautiful collaboration.

Another day I focused on creativity. I had clients tell me all about their new creative pursuits. Instead of political ads, I noticed many more ads from craft stores and websites that day! I had inspired ideas about my own projects. The day flowed easily.

I once knew a woman who joked that she won every time she bought a scratchers ticket. She was so enthusiastic about her joke that she won $10, bought another one, and won $100. You can't make this stuff up!

So play with your attention to something and see how the world reacts :)

3. Flip your fears

When you fear something, take a moment. Breathe a few times, as deeply as possible, to calm your biology, then ask yourself, "What do I want to see instead?" Remind yourself that the universe has answers when you don't. Remind yourself there are unlimited resources in the mind of the Divine. Remind yourself there is help, healing, and grace available at all times, and all you have to do is love yourself enough to breathe and receive. See if you can feel a little better using these methods.

It is a wild vibrational soup these days. I feel whatever I tune into quickly. I know many of you do too. Even when I falter, I once again choose to tune into a vibe that feels like love. I find something to appreciate. I focus on beautiful, harmonious nature. I think about the caring people I know. I enjoy thinking about how loved we are and how Spirit constantly works on our behalf.

Since we have a choice, why not tune into these loving vibes as often as possible? A few souls attuned to love can shift the entire human vibration toward a far better future. In the worlds of the Divine, "Let there be light" and let there be love – starting in our hearts, one thought at a time.

Have a blessed week :)



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