Keep What Serves You And Release The Rest

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Happy Easter and a Happy Passover and Happy Springtime, dear friends. It is a season of renewal, a season of rebirth and change, a season of choosing what will live on in your lives and what must be released.

Life and death are eternally connected to one another. When the soul is born into the human race, it temporarily dies unto it's larger nature. When the soul is released through death on earth, it is reborn into the greater truth of it's being. As you release old notions of who you thought you were, you allow greater notions of self to be birthed within you. As you clear the clutter in your closets and release what does not serve you, you make room for that which does.

Dear ones, what needs to die or be released in your life, so that your soul can find greater freedom and new life? It is a belief that you are less than worthy of all God's love and support? It is clutter in your closets? Is it an old and unforgiving attitude towards someone in your past? Is it a sadness in your hearts that you would like the angels to help you release as you sit and breathe and receive?

Search your homes, your souls, you minds for that which no longer serves you. Question your habits and practices, and ask, "Which of these delight me now? Which of these truly serve me?" Simple adjustments can add great life to your life. Do you want to answer the phone when you are eating your meals, or can you turn the ringer off? Do you really want to check your emails several times a day or would a few scheduled times serve you better? Does the food you are eating make you feel alive? Do you like the texture and smell of you soap? Are you really going to wear that pair of shoes in the back of your closet or perhaps could someone else use them more? Does it really serve you to stay upset with someone in your past after they are long gone?

Examine your lives, your habits, your beliefs, you stuff, with the eyes of your soul. Keep what delights you and serves you. Keep what uplifts and inspires you. And slowly dear ones, release that which does not. For old habits, old stuff, and old beliefs may seem comfortable and may provide a certain sense of security, but in many cases they limit your freedom and prevent you from experiencing life more fully.

In dying to that which does not serve your spirit, you free yourself from bondage, and you resurrect yourselves into a new and greater light in your lives.

Happy Easter Dear ones. Happy Passover. Happy Freedom and Resurrection. It is truly the springtime of your souls each and every time you choose to release that which does not serve you and to breathe new life into your lives.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living. Ann's passion and purpose is teaching others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, as well as helping people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

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