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Hi All,

Today the angels talk about the easiest way to elevate your vibe, and why it is so important now. I'll share a sweet story of how our good thoughts ripple and how I maintain my vibe.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath. Take time to appreciate something you overlook every day. Perhaps the grass is soft under your feet. Go out and feel it. Perhaps there is a warm sunbeam that falls on your patio at a certain time of day. Experience the pleasure of it upon your skin. As you run the water from your faucet feel its coolness or warmth flow over your hands. Take time to smell your morning beverage and appreciate it. Listen to the sizzle of food in the pan before dinner and enjoy the tiny flecks of oil jumping about. Tune into the hum of the bees on a warm day and feel their collective vibration. Take the time to appreciate the sensory delights of your physical world.

An act as small as this – one simple moment of appreciation – immediately elevates your vibration above the problems in your life and begins to open you to all you desire. If you were to practice this regularly – simply appreciating all your senses in the moment – then all you wanted would flow to you because the universe reads your energy. It doesn't care what inspires your high vibe or your low vibe. It only reads the energy you are emitting in a given moment, and the higher your vibe, the more you are drawn to that which is loving, good, kind, easy, and gentle. The higher your vibe, the greater the state of flow in which you will exist.

You don't have to meditate or engage in any spiritual discipline to keep your vibration high, although all of these things certainly work and have great value. When done on a regular basis, they condition you to stay in a higher vibration. However, by simply enjoying your day and taking delight in your senses, by appreciating life in front of you right here and now, you create a bit of a "temporary" state of meditation where the brain is calm and the feelings of goodness, love, and appreciation, are engaged.

This is particularly important to each of you at this time upon your earth. There are certainly many vibrations vying for your attention. There are the vibrations of atrocity – violence, war, anger, and so forth, that are very compelling, and somewhat addictive once you become hooked into them. However, there are always the vibrations of true Life, love, kindness, generosity, beauty, goodness, and simplicity awaiting your attention. Dear ones, for the sake of your own spirit and for the gift you can offer the world, do your best to avoid getting drawn into the anger, the despair, and the sadness that is so strong at this time upon your earth. Do your best to focus on all there is to appreciate, no matter how small.

In doing so you become those who help to keep the balance on your planet. You become "keepers of the peace," "keepers of love," "keepers of appreciation." In these beautiful vibes it is easier to pray with compassion than to engage in hate. In these kinder vibes, you will be more open to your guidance. It is alright to live and love your own lives, even as others are going through hell because only in your love can you be of true service.

In your love, you are guided to do what you can, vibrationally or physically. In your love, you elevate humanity – one soul at a time, above the vibration of conflict and violence. In your love, you become a drop in the pond that ripples outward. In your joy and appreciation, you become positively "Infectious" to those in need of love. You unwittingly appreciate the produce in your market and someone sees you in rapt appreciation. "Look at this beautiful apple," you say, and suddenly, for a moment, this other person is drawn out of whatever was concerning them and into a beautiful present moment. You are not trying to change anyone or anything. You are sharing from your love, your joy, your kindness, and dear ones those vibrations are far more contagious than any virus or any vibrational strand of hate.

Your love is needed at this time. Your joy is needed. Your appreciation is needed. As you engage in these frequencies you feel wonderful and you become the bearers of hope, inspiration, light, truth, and above all love upon your earth. You benefit first, even as you radiate outwards, changing souls and lives, one person, one moment at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a newsletter that I had started envisioning flowers springing up in war-torn areas, and around the world as a sign of hope. Imagine my surprise when the angels guided me to a news article a few days ago that talked about a 27-year-old student from Florida who suddenly flew to Ukraine, got artificial flowers donated from Poland, and built a Wall of Flowers memorial with photos of those who had lost their lives. This was just one man, doing something extraordinary for just one town, but the story rippled around the world. These weren't wildflowers, they were flowers of hope. A vibrational pebble in the pond keeps rippling outward.

The young man who built the wall said it sprang from a similar project he did last year when the building in his home state collapsed and killed so many people. He felt a need to do something and in his great love for humanity, this idea was born. He has had a profoundly loving effect now on two towns, and hundreds of people who have suffered loss and grief. Amazing, yes? All because he felt inspired and motivated. I can guarantee that no matter what grief launched the desire, it was his love and passion to uplift others that motivated the project. Love ripples outward.

Last week I was enjoying a visit with family for the first time in two and a half years. We were going to meet in 2020 but the pandemic got in the way as it did for so many of us. What a joy it was to be together again! We once tested each other thoroughly, and at times drove each other crazy, but we have all grown so far that there is nothing but love. I was in heaven enjoying life's simple pleasures with them. We sat in the backyard and admired the birds. Hummingbirds came to visit. Woodpeckers showed off. Cool breezes blew on our skin, and my garden decided to grow like crazy. We walked in the desert on a day that was uncharacteristically cool. The creosote bushes perfumed the air and the wind carried a hint of baked dirt mixed in with the subtle fragrance of flowering trees. We went to parks and met lovely souls, and the entire visit unfolded without big plans as if by magic. Love truly does engage us in a glorious flow.

It felt so good to just "be" for a week. Our "meditations" were a silent joy in savoring our meals. Our "spiritual discipline" consisted of walks in the mornings. Our "contributions" were kindness and laughter which inspired so many who saw us. The ripple in the pond goes outward and I'll never know who it touches, but it starts with your own heart and goes from there.

I am, by nature, an appreciative person. I love the grass under my feet, the bell pepper that grew an inch yesterday, the roses blooming, the lavender, the fresh parsley that is soaking in my sink, and the potatoes that I hadn't dug up since last fall awaiting their life purpose in a delicious potato salad. I love the beautiful conversation with family and the quiet of silence as well. I love the feel of the keys under my fingers, and the respite that I feel when away from the computer. These things are small but they keep me up.

I was contemplating the last two years. With the angels, I've counseled and supported thousands. While people raged and cried about the pain of being alone without family, I understood and gently tried to help them feel the company of spirit. When people cried and raged about how hard it is to manage life without anyone to take care of things for them, the angels and I gently tried to help them feel their own competence and the vast help that is always available. While people raged about democrats, republicans, and everything in between – shots, not shots, etc., and every possible conspiracy theory known to man, the angels simply and gently encouraged the love beneath their concerns to come to the surface. It has been an education in loving amidst the chaos, avoiding any victim mentality inside of myself, and choosing to maintain my vibration at all costs.

Life's simple pleasures truly do elevate the soul. There was always nature to nurture, always flavorful spices to keep life, and my meals, from being bland, always textures, tastes, smells, sights, and sounds that were beautiful no matter how ugly the world was being. There were and are always examples of love, kindness, progress, discovery, and expansion.

We get to choose our focus. It is the least selfish thing you can do to choose a focus that makes you feel good. It elevates you and is essential if you want to be a true contribution. If you lift your own spirits first, then from that elevated space, your heart will naturally and organically want to spill over into life around you. What we seek we see. Seek beauty, goodness, kindness, and all that you can appreciate and you'll just see more and more of it.

I have a wish that flowers of hope will spring up around the world... and certainly in your hearts and mind.

Here are a few tips to help you remember to appreciate the simple things in life:

1. Shift a Negative thought to an Appreciative One

The minute you catch yourself thinking something that doesn't feel good, use your willpower to appreciate something – anything at all! I pick the first thing I see and find something to appreciate about it. I might enjoy the coolness of a stone on my desk, a sip of water helping ease my thirst or the light filtering in through a window. No matter what you choose, the vibration of appreciation will elevate you.

2. Pick a Daily Ritual and find things to appreciate

Choose one daily ritual. It may be brushing your teeth, washing your face, cooking dinner, taking the kids to school, etc. As you engage in this activity, instead of unconsciously performing it, look for things to appreciate that you normally don't take the time to even notice – the taste of your toothpaste and the feel of clean teeth for example...

When I first started hiking I brought the camera and never thought of the fact that in so doing I was consciously creating a reason to look for beauty – great and small. It cultivated within me a habit of looking for things to appreciate and share. Now I challenge myself to do this as often as possible.

3. Speak words of blessing and appreciation

When you get in a conversation with someone who is being negative, or even if you catch yourself doing so, by all means, acknowledge their or your perspective, but then speak words of blessing or appreciation. "Yes there are indeed horrors in the world, but did you see that article about the young woman singing in the bunker? The human spirit cannot be extinguished." "Yes, it is hard to hear constant bad news. I like to read good news each day." "Yes, the war is horribly sad, but I find hope is how many are coming together to help those in need. Bless you for caring. You are an ambassador of peace. Thank God, there are so many good people."

Don't say something you don't mean of course, but if you can gently shift lower vibe conversations towards a higher vibe – without an agenda to "convert" anyone but simply a desire to share something of value, then you will find many people will join you in the elevated conversation. Some won't of course, but better to keep yourself elevated than to lower your vibe to join those who won't raise their own.

Take the time each day to appreciate all you can. It feels better, more loving, and kinder. It helps you receive your guidance. It helps you be a blessing to all around and it truly does ripple, vibrationally speaking, into the field of human consciousness, resonating with all who are trying as you are to reach for something a bit higher and a bit happier.

Have a beautiful week :)




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