Love Is Trying To Help

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

My dear friends, the entire universe is conspiring to love you. The entire universe is attempting to bring love to the surface in your lives to create a more loving reality. Just as the sun always shines, love always attempts to make itself known.

There are, however, many on your planet who filter this love through their fear, pain, sadness, and unwillingness to embrace a kinder reality. Even those individuals can be the ones who help to awaken a greater love in your life. When you are around the unloving, you are forced to love and care for yourselves more.When you are around those who lie you are forced to be more truthful to your own heart. When you are around those whose pain spills over into your life, you feel your own pain too... and in feeling it, you bring it to the surface to be healed. Love is indeed working at all times.

So next time you face a painful circumstance or an unpleasant person ask yourself, "How is love attempting to surface within me, for me first, in my life, for my life?" and then dear ones you will see those areas where you have opportunity to love yourselves more. In loving yourselves, you create a loving life, and in creating a loving life you share more love with the world.

Believe in the sun behind the clouds, dear ones, and believe in the Love that is always there for you, just waiting to be revealed.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

The angels have trained me to look for love everywhere, even in the situations and circumstances that do not always feel like love to me. For example when things don't go my way, they remind me to trust that the Creator is working "behind the scenes" to help bring more joy and goodness into my life. I have to trust.

Recently over the past few years when someone aimed incredible pain and darkness at me, and I don't mean just personal, but an entire vibration of darkness, I had to look beyond those clouds to see the love behind it all too. It catalysed phenomenal growth. I faced past life fears of possession. I had to learn to love those who hate. I had to learn that, what we call evil, is more of a vibration that has simply lost its connection to the Divine and lives in a sad survival mode. I had to identify with the light within more strongly than ever before. I face my fears of physical ills, as this vibration and my reaction to it caused quite a few conditions to surface in my body. And once again, I grew in faith, in light, and in compassion even for the most wounded.

As I went to film Series 7 of Ann & the Angels which is a journey into your true mystical nature and a journey into mystical realities, I shook like a leaf! I actually, physically shook, as fears of lifetimes were leaving me. In other lives when I stood in public declaring the truth of a Love far grander than the much of the world dares to believe in, it hasn't always come to a good end! But shaking and quaking I got in front of that camera and as the energy of truth began to turn on, the peace, the calm and the light flooded me. I don't think I've ever put out a more powerful body of work than this next series. It is the cumulation of lifetimes. It is simple in the earlier episodes as I get people grounded inside of themselves, then gradually builds to a loving reality where I was standing in a love so beautiful, the room disappeared and there was nothing but a vast and profound love surrounding us all. I think this series is not only going to be an eye opener but a game changer for many. It was for me.

I went home and as I looked at the crowds milling through the airport, I saw only love. I saw love beneath the scowling, stressed out faces. I saw love in the man who nearly ran me over because he was reminding me how protected I am. I saw it everywhere. I saw love in the souls needing my attention, as they were simply saying, "Please remind me I am loved." And I know in my heart, that while I do not need to serve every personality, I can now, in a much larger way, serve the light within.

So look "beneath the surface" in life and ask, "How is life trying to bring more love to the surface. Even the people who hurt us the most are used by the Divine to help us reveal and heal those hidden areas where we haven't yet learned to love ourselves. Meanwhile, the ones who are obviously loving and kind shine a spotlight on those areas where we have learned to treasure ourselves and to bring our love to the surface.

Have a blessed week. I love you all!





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