My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Celebrate dear friends! It is the season of love and miracles! What miracles would you like in your life? And why, dear ones, when you know that "With God all things are possible," would you believe anything is out of reach. It is a time to remember that when you exist in a loving reality, in that love, all things are truly possible. When you embrace the fact that you have a loving creator, you can relax into your lives, knowing that if you pray a sincere prayer for yourself, or ask for assistance, then as long as you are truly open to receiving it, it will come.

Along with your miracle, the lessons to prepare you may come. The guidance to take action may come. The guidance to release certain things or situations in your life may exist in your heart. You may receive the urge to call a friend, speak up to a stranger, or make a request of someone you barely know. Dear ones, when you ask for a miracle, you are very likely to be asked to participate in creating it.

To make room for your miracles, eradicate all thoughts to the contrary, for if pray for something while all the while sending out signals that you do not believe, you negate your own prayers. To make room for your miracles, give up the need to control how your prayers will be answered. Adopt a sense of adventure. God is at work! Enjoy the unfolding journey. To make room for your miracles, take time to be kind to yourselves… this sends creation a signal that you are indeed worthy of such assistance in your own mind! And last but not least, stop resisting where you are in your life right now. You are in certain conditions to learn, to grow, and to assist you in making further choices. Where you are right now is perfect for what your soul wants to learn now. Stop saying, "This shouldn't be." Instead say, "Here I am! I am learning! I am creating more." In this fashion you embrace the now, while allowing yourself to dream of even better…. as we have said before, the acorn is perfect, but dreams of becoming an oak.

Your miracles, dear ones, are not doled out by an arbitrary God but rather are simply a matter of cause and effect when your energy and vibration are in the right space, when your mind is willing to embrace the perfection of the present and surrender a bit of control, when your heart is attuned to listen to its guidance. Suddenly, miracles are not so miraculous after all… but rather available to all who understand how the universe is designed to work!

God bless you, we love you! You are all miraculous beings in our eyes.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

I have had my share of miracles time and again. By all rights I should be in a lot worse shape after what I've done to my body this lifetime. It has been the primary vehicle for my soul to get my attention when I am not paying attention. I once had "permanent nerve damage" in a foot. Needless to say it wasn't quite permanent. My "Miracle healing" came when I learned not to let others get on my nerves.

I've witnessed some unbelievable miracles in clients as well. Years ago a man came for energy healing. Tumors were nearly bursting through his skin as his cancer was quite intense. I heard loudly, "Your anger at your father is eating you up." This man took the message to heart, worked on forgiveness and thus the cancer went away. He truly participated in his own miracle healing as well.

Likewise I've had financial "miracles" so many times, when I prayed for assistance and truly expected it to come. In my reality if I have need, God has resources, and I don't need to get in the way of the Divine presence with worry and fretting. "God you have a bill. Let me know what to do and when," I pray, and then when guided I act immediately. I participate in my own miracles quite often, but not because of things I "think" I must do, rather because of things I am guided to do.

Little miracles occur every day too, because I know God loves me (as God loves all of you) and cares about the smallest details of my life. "God what can I do with all these leftover mashed potatoes," I thought to myself the other day. Uncharacteristically I flipped the TV on during my lunch break to a cooking show where the delightful lady was showing people how to make potato gnocchi. YUM. Since I can't have flour right now I'll adapt, but the idea was great.

So the trick to having miracles is 1) embracing the fact that God loves you and cares about every aspect of your life, 2) treating yourself with love to send out a signal to the universe that says you truly embody an energy that says you are worthy or receiving the miracle, 3) be willing to listen to your heart and honor your guidance, even if it does not seem related to your miracle.

Try it! And create a miraculous week!
Love you all,



Simeon 16th December 2012 4:51 pm

Thank you Ann and Angels...Yet again sheer perfection in your message...A few minutes ago before I found your message...I was meditating and asking my mums soul how I can help her (she has Alzheimers and other health issues going on, I am her primary carer, and sometimes frustrated at how I can help) I thought that I might send healing, but the message I got clearly from her soul, was to pray, which I did and then I let go...I settled her for the night and then checked into spirit library to see your messsage...I cannot thank you enough for this confirmation of what I know to be truth. I feel your messages really encapsulate something very very special and they resonate very deeply with me. In deepest honour of your work and presence here.


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