Nature Doesn't Worry About Rejection

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Part of your human experience, dear ones, is dealing with rejection. There are times when others will reject you and times when you will have to turn others away. There are degrees of rejection that range from having someone simply look away when you give them a smile, to having the love of your life abruptly leave for no apparent reason. There are rejections that are done kindly, such as a friend politely declining an invitation, as well as rejections accompanied by incredible cruelty.

It is sad to us in the heavens to see this topic so charged with negativity, because in reality, a rejection is simply the honest echo to or from the universe saying, "What I see does not match me." There is no such negativity in the natural universe. Male animals court the female but if she refuses them, they simply find another to impress. A tree root digs deep into the ground and when it runs up against hard soil, it simply seeks out softer ground. Water pushes up against the boulders, but eventually carves a channel around those it cannot move.

Likewise dear ones, if someone or some situation is not willing to receive your love, then move forward, around them, and allow God to bring you a more perfect match. In the eyes of the angels, "Rejection is simply Redirection."

So next time someone rejects you, smile to yourself. Say, "Ah yes, thank you! You have shown me that you are not perfect for me! You have shown me that you do not want to receive what I have to give. You do not want to give what I wish to receive. Because I trust God and know I am loved, I will bless you and continue forward, knowing the universe will find what is perfect for me. I will trust God. I will bless you and release you and in so doing, release myself from the thankless task of trying to make someone or something "Fit" my life, when in truth it does not."

And so dear ones, likewise when you must turn someone down, there is no need for justifications, excuses, or anger. You simply need to say, I'm sorry, this is not perfect for me, and on you go. If someone gets upset at you for being kindly honest, well then dear ones, that is their point of growth. Sometimes you are redirected, sometimes you redirect others.

Within a puzzle each piece is unique and fits very uniquely amidst the others. A puzzle piece does not take it personally when it has not yet met its perfect matches. It does not say, "Can you believe that horrid piece that didn't want me!" Instead dear ones, each of you, like the pieces of that puzzle, can bless those who reject you because in truth they are your guides, leading you to situations, people, and patterns of thought that give you greater and greater joy.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
–– The Angels

Message From Ann

I've had so many rejections this life that I can't count them. Some have been painful, like the boyfriend in my younger days storming out yelling that I was "too much work" because I asked him not to take his anger out on me. Some have been remarkably funny, like the guy who hit on me at a party until he found out what I did for a living. "I am the exact opposite of you!" he practically fumed, in frustration! "I'm a litigation attorney!" The insinuation was that he used his brain and I did not. I laughed all the way home.

The angels words are oh so true. Rejection rarely feels great but when you really get that it is not about you being a good person, not about you pleasing people, not about you trying to "fit" anyone's mold other than the one God carved out for you, then rejection becomes a gift. You don't have to argue, You don't have to fight to be seen as a good person. You don't have to slither off feeling bad about yourself. You can simply say, as the angels often direct us to say, "Ok then! You have a right to be, but you're not for me!"

I got SO many rejections years ago when I sent my book off to publishers. I had barely begun my career as an angel communicator and the angels told me I wasn't ready to be published. I didn't listen. I sent the book off and got one rejection after the next. I realize all those rejections were a gift. I love my life now, and it would have been totally different and off-balance, had God catered to my impatience. Rejection truly is a gift.

I've had to reject people too. Right after my divorce years ago a guy I worked with professed his undying love for me. I gently told him I didn't feel the same and I was sure his heart was just opening to make way for the real love of his life. He yelled and screamed at me, told me I didn't know my own heart, and pitched an unholy fit. I stuck to my guns and sure enough his heart broke open and he was redirected to met the love of his life a few months later. Two decades have passed and they're still happily married.

So when you get rejected, remember, that it is just redirection. It never feels amazing but it can give you clarity, a reality check, and an awareness of the truth of a situation. I often pray, "God open the doors that are right for me and shut all those that aren't." It saves you from a lot of heartache. Likewise if you have to reject someone, do the best you can with kindness, remembering that you are simply being honest, and that God will redirect them towards greater love as well.

Have a wonderful week,
Love and hugs,

ps - Please keep a dear friend of mine who recently lost her mom in your prayers, as well as all those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.



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