No Mistakes, No Wrong Paths

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You can never, ever in our eyes make a "mistake." You can never do anything that separates you from God's love or ours as well. You can never do anything that is irrevocable, irreversible, or indelible because your soul is eternal. Your bodies, your material goods, indeed your lives are temporary, but your souls are eternal, constant, and always in a stream of God's love. Your "Mistakes" may affect the quality of your human life but they do not affect the quality of your soul, nor can they ever separate you from love. The more you realize this, the more your mistakes become opportunities for even greater love to enter into your hearts and flow through them.

So when you decide you have made a "mistake" ask yourself, "What do I do next? What is my desired outcome? What can I learn from this?" Then move forward dear ones, lessons learned and let go. There is never ever any reason in our book for treating yourselves with anything less than love. If a kindergärtner trying to learn his or her alphabets said to you, "A, B, D, E," would you beat them up, put them down, or call them stupid? Of course, we know you wouldn't dream of this." Then why dear ones, would you ever put yourselves down, for you too are simply here on earth to learn.

Our message this week is simple, and yet profound. See if you can spend a week in which every single "mistake" is simply an opportunity to learn. Choose to love yourselves. Choose to learn. Choose to use these "mistakes" as opportunities for deepening your love for self and others. Then you will see, as we do, that there really are no such things as mistakes when you see life through the eyes of love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
--The Angels

Message From Ann

I had no sooner finished channelling the angels' message when I noticed suddenly, that the water in my house was running. I jumped up from the computer to discover, I had left the hose in the pool with the water running, run errands, come home, and started the newsletter while all the pool was overflowing into the planter boxes! Mortified, I jumped up to turn it off. Instead of beating myself up however, as is the natural tendency, I just handled it. While emptying a little water out of the pool, I noticed that I had profusion of roses that needed cutting before they burnt up in the summer sun. I discovered that my gardenia plant had one perfect flower. I enjoyed the sound of the birds, and felt ok about draining the excess water, knowing that even though I'd pay a little more it would flow downstream into a grassy field where the birds and mice would enjoy a much needed drink. While this was a silly mistake, it still would have been a reason for self-deprecation in my past. Instead, having gone through years of angel training, I could see how God does indeed turn all things to good.

Like all of us, I've made many so-called mistakes this lifetime. I've broken bones, walls, and other various appliances over silly mistakes. I've had to clean burnt hard boiled eggs that exploded onto the ceiling because I left them in the pot unattended, and orange squash soup that exploded from the pot just prior to a Thanksgiving dinner! I've made choices which ended up being quite the learning experiences. However, each and every one of these so-called mistakes taught me. The broken bones forced me to slow down and enjoy more balance in my life. Broken stuff has showed me what really matters, and taught me home improvement skills. I've been forced to learn to trust in God's ability to provide. Lost relationships have ultimately helped me learn self-love. We goof up, or so we think, but in reality we simply learn and move forward into greater love if that is our choice.

In my mid twenties, I was married. Both my husband and I were making great salaries as an engineers. We decided to invest in some land in a partnership with my husband's parents and some others. His folks had done well over the years in land and I trusted them but something made me wonder about the others involved in the limited partnership. I didn't know I was psychic back then. I stuffed my concerns, feeling like I wasn't expert enough to comment, invested an entire years' salary in the deal and when some of the other partners defaulted, I lost every cent. That hurt! It was an opportunity to REALLY beat myself up, but I chose not to. I decided the only way to move forward with sanity was to look at it as if I had just invested in a college education in personal finance. I have since never ignored my intuition when it comes to money. That "mistake" saved me a lot of agony later in life.

One of my funniest "mistakes" occurred the very first time I spoke in public at one of the huge conferences with famous authors. I followed one of the most incredible woman I have ever met - Immaculee Ilibagiza. She lived through the Rwandan genocide and went back to forgive the man who killed her entire family. Her story of love and forgiveness was so profound, that I had a moment of thinking, "What on earth do I have to say after this saint has spoken?" But I got over myself and got on with it, knowing God would not have put me there if He didn't have something He wanted me to say. I got so involved in my talk in fact, that I lost track of time and had a moment of sheer brain blip. I looked at the clock and panic'd thinking I was running over! I quickly finished up and dismissed the room. My dear assistant, caught me and reminded me that I still had a half hour remaining!! We ran out and got everyone back in the room, had a great laugh and the angels came through with amazing grace helping this turn into a talk I was not planning on giving on how it is ok to make mistakes, to be human, and to love ourselves, no matter what. People may have forgotten everything else I said but that moment stood out! I made it ok for them to be human too!

So when you make a "mistake" by all means do what you can to fix it. If you hurt someone's feelings apologize. If you break something, get it fixed or get rid of it. If you make a wrong choice, stop beating yourself up and just chalk it up to experience. Choosing to love yourself through your "mistakes" allows you to glean the gifts that lie wrapped up within them. Don't lose the opportunities that even these crazy times present. You might just find your greatest gold buried within the seeming grit of life's so-called mistakes!

Love and hugs,


K.K. 7th June 2012 3:29 pm

Aaah, so someone else leaves the garden hose running!!! I did this about two months ago ...I had it running for 10 hours overnight as I slept! Talk about fear and embarrassment - fear the pump in the well was working over time resulting in possible damage and being burned out. And the embarrassment that I made such a mistake, how could I!!?? ME make a mistake! LOL!

With that I acknowledged the mistake, said, "oh well, whatever"....what else could I do, spin the earth backwards so I didn't make such a mistake or have to admit to it?

Lesson learned, as stated in your message.



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