No Need to Compete

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we'd like to speak to you about competition. We are not talking about competitions set up for the sake of sport and entertainment. We are talking about the ego's need to compete with others to feel better about yourselves.

In our reality, there is no such thing as competition. We understand that God designed the entire universe to work in cooperation. This love, this infinite intelligence is monitoring all of creation at every moment in time, fine tuning, making adjustments, and issuing new guidance in an attempt to keep creation working together in a beautifully orchestrated harmony. This is very much mirrored by the human brain that, at every moment, receives thousands of nervous signals from the body, and immediately sends out new instructions to the cells in a constant attempt to keep the body in harmonious balance and order.

However, in the human mind competition stems from a feeling of disconnection from Divine love. If you knew how deeply you are all equally loved and guided you would never need to worry about what anyone else on earth is doing! You would not have to compete in business. You would not have to compete for relationships, for attention, for money, or for love in any form. You would feel constantly connected to, and informed by the source of all love.

In this reality there is enough money, enough love, enough attention for everyone. In this reality you simply have to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. There would be no need to compete and no need to be "better" than anyone else, because in truth you are all equal. The ant on the sidewalk and the most brilliant human thinker are made of the same substance - Divine love. They have different functions but they are equally important in the greater scheme of creation.

So dear ones, in practical terms, next time you feel the need to be better, prettier, smarter, more financially abundant, etc., than anyone else, stop yourselves. Tell yourselves, "I simply want to be the best me I can be." Allow others to be role models if you like, but strive to be true to yourself. What delights you? Do it to the best of your ability. How do you like to adorn yourself? That is pretty/handsome enough. Who cares if you keep up with the neighbors or if your ex has more money than you.

We know you you really are and so we see you all as equal... no matter what. You are all fashioned from the love and light of God, no less. You are all in different forms - an ocean of love poured into different pitchers and glasses, but nonetheless an ocean of love. Release the need for any sort of competition or comparison with others. You are all perfect as is, even as you expand into a greater awareness of who you really are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

I've got my share of issues and lessons but thank God the need to compete in an egoic sense is not one of them. When I first became a psychic I was told by one well-meaning individual that I could not possibly make a living out of it because there was "too much competition" in Phoenix. I chose to ignore the advice and poured as much love as I could into each reading. 18 years later, I've still never felt a need to compete. I do things when I feel guided and do them to the best of my abiltity.

Its hard in our society when we are taught from our early days to compare ourselves with one another. If you get the best grades you stand out. If you are good looking, you get more attention. If you make more money much of society gives you more respect. However, the truth is, we are all equal. And when you really embrace that, new gifts, abilities, and resources open up that you might not allow for yourself if you compete and compare.

Many in our society thinks that people with more money have access to more joy, but in reality our ability to call forth miracles and joy in our lives is equal. Many think the prettier people get better relationships, yet those who love themselves and others get the best. And while most of you on this list will say, "I know that," I do hear in my office, these very same things from very spiritual people. It is one thing to know the concepts, another to put it into practice.

Do you believe you are worthy of the love of your life now, or only after you lose a few pounds and look more like some arbitrary standard of beauty. Do you believe you are able to manifest the life you want now, or only when you make back the money your ex took from you? Do you believe you can have a successful business even though there is "stiff competition?" Do you believe it is OK to be beautiful, powerful, abundant, and to stand out as a beacon to others while still not stepping on anyone's toes? The angels say that "the stars in the heavens do not fear they will dim one another's light." I love that.

This is why I refuse to compete for anything with anyone. If someone feels the need to compete with me in an argument, for example, I either remain silent or speak my peace the let go. If someone feels the need to tell me why they're smarter not in so many words, but by their actions and arrogance, I stroke their ego and let them, as I would assist a child who needs to tell me something I learned decades ago. I have found far more peace in letting go than in getting sucked into useless competitions of any sort. And in this reality I simply need to be the best me I can be.

I will never forget years ago when a friend gave me a bit of her grandmother's timeless wisdom. "There are two ways in town to build the tallest building. Either build the tallest building or knock everyone else's down." I believe in simply being the best me I can be.

Have a beautiful week!
Love and hugs,


Peter fox 18th February 2014 5:54 am

Great message, Ann. Let's all build the tallest buildings we can, and then
we can let others share some of our new space, rent free!


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