The True Nature Of Unconditional Giving

Ann's note - One of our dear readers wrote in to ask the angels to share their perspective on "unconditional giving." I think the topic applies to a lot of us on this list so I've asked them to comment. 

My dear friends, we love you all so very much.

Certainly all of you on this list are loving, giving, and caring souls, who long to share God's love quite freely here upon your planet earth. You long to be known as the loving souls that you are, and often you go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate this love. Then, just as often, many of you become frustrated if the love is not reciprocated. Dear ones, this is only human and yet since you have asked us to comment, we will.

Truly unconditional gifts are given from a feeling of abundance within, or for the sheer joy of sharing the gifts you feel that you have already received.

Truly unconditional love is a respect, wonder, and appreciation for ALL that another was, is, and shall be.

This type of giving, and this type of loving require honesty, and a large degree of self-love to achieve.

If you give in order to receive love back, then that is conditional. Many of you kindhearted souls long to have your loving nature acknowledged and so you give and give and give, often with little return. Dear ones, examine your motivations and instead of giving automatically, give when the joy is found in the GIVING itself, not in anticipation of any reward. For it is in giving, in this fashion, that you feel the FLOW of God's love through you, and out into the world.

If you give from an empty cup, you will feel drained.

If you give from abundance, you make room for more.

If you give with expectation of return, you give your power away to the one you are expecting to give back. If they do not, you feel negated, resentful, or angry.

When you give unconditinoally, your joy is found in the giving and you can trust that God will return the favors. Human beings may not.

If you give because you require validation that you are a good person, you set yourself up for possible disappointment.

If you give because you know you ARE a good person, you don't care at all whether or not your gift is recognized. Giving it is just part of being you.

Dear ones, you are not required to give to everyone in need. Indeed God guides EACH one of you when it is His will that you would help a friend or a stranger in need. If your giving is God-motivated it will be joyful; you will FEEL like doing it; you will TRUST that all will be refilled as needed; you will KNOW the reward is in the giving itself. If your giving is ego-motivated you may find yourself feeling disapointed, resentful, filled with expectation, or exhausted.

Give when you are motivated to give, without expectation of return and know that you have just created flow in your life, room for more abundance to be poured into your life in many forms. Let God figure out how the gifts will be returned and take the pressure off one another.

This my dear friends is God's unconditional gift to you - the promise that as you give (from an authentic desire to give) so too shall you receive.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
-- The Angels




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