You Can Love Without Liking

You Can Love Without Liking and Discern Without Judgment

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Last week we talked about finding the love in all things and all beings. We know this isn't easy, because this is not the way humanity is programmed. We say "programmed" because we know that your true nature is to see the light within every soul and every situation, but it is your cultural conditioning that teaches you to protect yourself and to survive.

This is understandable, and at times, humanly necessary. Children who are too trusting could easily find themselves in trouble, and yet dear ones, as adults you can discern without judgment, love without liking, and choose to focus on the light within an individual even if you choose to walk away. You will live a far happier and more powerful life if you strive to do so.

There is great confusion between judgment and discernment. We have said this before, but "Judgment says 'No right to be.' Discernment says, 'Not right for me.'" So when someone is acting in a way that you do not agree with, by all means we say, discern! Decide who and what belongs in your life. Get away from the offensive individual as soon as you can, or if you can't get away, at least make a decision to stay in your own positive energy rather than succumbing to the ill-behaved individual's desire for company in their misery. Ignore them, send light, work to remember that even within this wounded or unconscious soul there is a spark of divinity.

Likewise, there is a great deal of confusion between "love" and "like" on your planet. Love, in the heavens, simply means recognizing the divine spark within another. Like means having warm feelings towards another. You can love the soul without ever having to like the personality or the behaviors. Love the light within them, no matter how dim or hidden. Choose to believe in its presence. And yet you do not have to feel warmly about an individual. You do not have to want to be around them. You do not have to agree, accept, or even have anything to do with someone you don't like, but please dear ones, don't hate. Love the light within them, because no matter how awkwardly it is trying to emerge, it is the same light within you. As you focus on that light, sometimes you can actually, energetically, fan the flames of their soul.

So when we say find the love, we are not asking you to feel warm about everyone, nor to have everyone in your life. We are not asking you to put up with behaviors that do not resonate with your joy. We are not asking you to stay in situations that hurt or are uncomfortable to your spirit. We are simply suggesting that you will feel better, more powerful, and more in integrity with your own spirit if you can say, "Well no matter what anyone is doing, there is light in their soul trying to emerge, and I can love that light." Dear ones, then you will begin to see humanity as the angels do.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I asked the angels to comment on last week's newsletter after a dear reader wrote in and asked how on earth they could ever love the unkind. The angels have worked with me on this one for years. I've been attacked by all sorts of angry, upset, and unkind individuals over the years and have worked hard to learn how to love them. It is possible. It takes a huge shift in thinking, from the way most of us were raised.

Last year when someone aimed the nastiest energy at me I've ever felt, I worked very hard to find the love for this soul. I was angry, upset, and feeling very victimized. I had to work to see how I "let it in," and face a lot of fears I didn't even know I had. As I learned how to stop fearing the dark but rather focus on the power of God's light, my light got brighter. My healing abilities increased, and at long last I was able to realize that even this very dark and angry soul was simply hurting and trying in their own way to find love. I focused on their light, set firm boundaries, and decided I didn't want a thing to do with them ever again. The angels worked hard to help me learn it was OK to absolutely not like someone while at the same time possible to love the light withing them.

There have been many such souls in my life, who approached me with unkindness, but each time they do it is easier to realize that they're just wounded, hurt, angry children who need to take out their upsets on someone else. Emotional adults handle issues with reason and dignity. Emotional children aim their pain and anger indiscriminately at others. I have learned when I am around a wounded child, no matter what age body, he/she resides within, to not take it personally, to handle it with appropriate kindness and boundaries, and then, in most cases, to set a very firm boundary and/or walk away. I don't put up with unkind behavior and drama in my personal life. I respect my light too much to do so. But I don't hate, because I respect the light trying to emerge in the other as well. I've learned to love that light within myself so thoroughly, I can love it within others. That light lives within us all.

This is why I teach self love. When you learn to truly love and accept yourself as you are, no matter what - in all your moods, your ups and downs, your glorious and your embarrassing spaces, then you can truly love the light within others. When you learn to care for yourself, then if someone else does not, you have lost nothing. When you learn to find the spark of God's love within you, you realize that no one else's words or behaviors can diminish that. That is the truth of who you are.

So this week, practice, no matter what anyone else around you is doing, imagining that light withing them trying to emerge. Practice reminding yourself that the behavior of others is entirely about them, and not about you. Practice reminding yourself you are loved so dearly by God and angels that if another human is unloving they are simply in a state of misunderstanding. Love... but you don't have to like... as the angels say. "To thine own self be true!" And if you want more, come join me at Magical Self Love in Sedona in September, where we have a lot of fun practicing all these principles in a safe and playful environment!

Love you all! Have a blessed week.



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