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Passing the Marker, Partnering With God, Don't Think Like A Human, The End Times, The Parables of Kryon (5 Book Set)

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THE END TIMES and DON'T THINK LIKE A HUMAN: Book I and II tell of what is going on in the Universe. The frequencies and grids are changing and bringing in a new energy. It discusses how at this time this new energy is enabling us to take on Neutral imprints and implants to deal with this new energy, allowing us to get rid of Karmic issues, illnesses and a lot more. This new energy has changed healing techniques for the better and far surpassed what we use to do in the healing process in the past. This KRYON series explains what we as humans have accomplished through healing and pray in changing what has been predicted in the past, as earth changes. PARTNERING WITH GOD: This 400-page book is packed with practical information. Included are the most moving channelings of 1996 and 1997 from all over the world, plus scientific validations of Kryon predictions - a full chapter on the new "indigo children" of the New Age - and a huge chapter revealing answers to the most asked questions of the past two years. PASSING THE MARKER: In this latest channeling from Kryon the good news is continued with love and humor. Kryon teaches with easy to understand parables and metaphors and calls us angels pretending to be humans. We live on the planet of free spiritual choice and through this free choice we are continually raising the vibrational level of earth, voiding many of the doom and gloom prophecies of the past. Because consciousness changes physics, we are in control and empowered to change our lives, even our own DNA. When we feel stuck on our path instead of feeling lost and frustrated, we should stop and wait for synchronicity to catch up with us and in the meantime, enjoy the party! THE PARABLES OF KRYON: Do you have unresolved anger at another? It's a trick of karma, and a lesson for you, for your also know of the energy it takes to keep it going, and the way it perpetuates itself seemingly without you. Isn't it time to release it? This book will help you find the way.




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After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University in California, Lee Carroll started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years.


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