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Date of Publication: 2007-08-01

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Beginning with his controversial psychedelic research at Harvard in the sixties, the life of Ram Dass has served as an ?experiment in truth,? encompassing paths from both East and West, and shaping the spiritual landscape of America like no other teacher of our time. After three decades, and despite a life-threatening stroke, Ram Dass continues to move us with his example of compassion in action, and the true joy that comes with living in the present. Now, in a unique audio publishing event, the great moments ? and great truths ? of this important spiritual elder?s long career are preserved together for the first time on the Ram Dass Audio Collection. Join the bestselling author of such spiritual classics as Be Here Now! and How Can I Help? for three life-changing audio sessions including: Conscious Aging ? Ram Dass calls for us to move beyond our youth-fixated culture, to see that the final years of life are the culmination of our spiritual journey.The Path of Service ? In our era of individualism, Ram Dass teaches, the path to internal freedom still begins with external action, in the service of others.




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Ram Dass
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Ram Dass, Rameshwar Das


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