All Means All

Dear Ones,

Maybe a couple of unexpected pieces have occurred for you the past few months. But for the most part, you continue to put one foot in front of the other with little difference in your life. Many around you are touting the glories of the new earth/New Age. You wish to believe, but your life is not at all as various channels and seers excitedly proclaim is the new reality.

You feel as if they are making up stories to get you through the day. We beg to differ. All who wish to be part of this transition and resulting new earth will be. That statement does not mean everyone but you. All means all.

There are some who will not join you in the child-like joy you are experiencing or about to experience. They may have 3D issues they wish to sift through before they transition – or die in your terms. Others may wish to transition to return to earth shortly with a clean new earth slate. Why they are not as fascinated by the possibilities of the new earth as you is not important for anyone but them. This is an individual transition to a common goal.

We are addressing those of you who want to believe, who want to be part of the new earth, who are excited by the possibilities but are afraid the truth is something others can hope for, but is not a possibility for you – or maybe anyone. If any transition materials spark your interest, you are indeed part of this transition. You just need to shift your belief patterns. Maybe you feel you have addressed your belief patterns over and over. Or that your beliefs have little to do with your inability to shift into joy. We beg to differ.

You solidified your 3D earth belief patterns in ways you did not imagine possible when you volunteered to assist with this transition. It is a bit like that Chemistry class you thought too difficult – only to discover you could learn the necessary concepts once that class became a requirement to graduate.

Maybe you have forgotten so many of your spiritual/transition skills that you are not creating as rapidly or in the way you would like. That is to be expected. It is indeed difficult to live eons within the heavy 3D earth environment and immediately become someone of the 5th or beyond dimensions.

But then, many channels are moving quite rapidly to and through the dimensions for they are the heralds of the new earth. Channeling, sensing, seeing and believing is not that unusual for them. Perhaps they entered earth in this lifetime with less density to move through or into a family who helped them remember their skills. It does not matter why – merely that they are flexible enough to accept and relay the messages they access. They are not different from you in any aspect other than they believe they can receive or access.

It is time to change your perceptions. You are no longer of 3D no matter how diligently you try to believe you are. You are a Lightworker. Accept that title and all that entails. It is time for you to stop fooling yourself into believing you are not worthy, capable or wise enough to be a Lightworker. That all the riches – spiritual, emotional and physical – outlined the past few years are not available to you.

That last thought is directly related to your self-worth. If you believe you cannot do something – you cannot. It is as simple as that – and as complicated.

Perhaps you are screaming that you believe. That you have attended conferences, read books, tried to channel or joined new earth groups to no avail. Hogwash. You would not have searched for new earth information if you were not a Lightworker.

You are a Lightworker. You have the same creation capabilities as any channeler/seer/new earth teacher. This is not an Age in which some have abilities and others do not as was true in 3D earth. This is an event of huge proportions in which everyone starts with the same skill set including channeling, creating and transporting.  But then, not everyone is interested in the same skill set.

Some of you wish to channel and transport. Others to create. Still others will emphasize different aspects of the new earth skill set. You are individuals with unique interests and roles to play in this wondrous transition. But you will do so with the same skill set. Similar to everyone receiving an iPad with all possible applications (apps). Some of you will use a few apps over and over. Others will experiment with them all.

You are not less skilled than anyone. You merely believe you are. It is time to stop playing new earth victim and claim your right to be in all your glory. You have the skills. You have the intelligence. You have the abilities.

It is up to you to turn on your iPad and decide which, if any, of the apps you wish to use. It is as simple and complicated as that. Some of you will pine for your old computer. Others will note the fun and excitement of discovering new iPad capabilities. Others will put their new iPad in the closet and allow it to collect dust as they contemplate if they will ever have the courage to power it up.

Which one are you? So be it. Amen.


Peter fox 5th September 2013 4:23 am

Thanks Brenda- great posting as usual. I've got my new i pad switched
on as much as possible and find not only wonderful new apps but the
more I use it the more powerful the battery operating it becomes. It seems
that there is no limit to the potential power of this battery!!

Dls 5th September 2013 6:39 am

Agreed...and for anyone who doubts they are a Lightworker: if you have positively impacted just one person and helped them steer away from revenge, hatred, etc. and helped them realize that only love will bring them to their true destination, you ARE a Lightworker. It's not complicated.

Brenda Hoffman 5th September 2013 8:32 am

Hi Peter,
I'm finding the same. What amazes me is that all is happening within the day-to-day 3D world. A wondrous transition indeed!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Brenda Hoffman 5th September 2013 8:36 am

Dear DIs,
The concept isn't complicated but sometimes the actuality seems complicated because we're doing all in a 3D world. Here's to us all opening to and accepting ourselves as beings of self-love and Universal love!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,
PS And I so agree. Providing enough light so even one other person better understands this transition is a wonderful Lightworker role!

mary444 5th September 2013 9:03 am

I think you wrote this just for me. I have been doubtful and wondering if we are being "strung along." I read the messages and feel uplifted and completely resonate with them only to somehow feel it was written just to placate us. I grow so weary of hearing that we must keep releasing, releasing and releasing some more. Old issues keep popping up, ones that I think have been long ago resolved. I know I am a lightworker, I know I am in 5D, but, living in a 3D world can be frustrating.
Thank you for this reinforcing message this morning. I so needed it.

Brenda Hoffman 5th September 2013 10:12 am

Dear Mary,
We all need to hear certain messages. Reading about making the transition from fear to love is one thing. Removing/shifting the fears and perceptions that hold us back from self love is yet another.

According to channeled messages from so many sources, we're growing and shifting much faster than expected. Yet we think we should be "there" already. And we are - compared to last year or even last month. We've just set the bar of capabilities so high we think we're slow learners.

I think of the old issues as throwing a pebble in a pond. The first circle around that pebble is very tight and each ring following is less formed. We're at the less formed stage. And addressing following rings - if we need to - will requre less energy and fear.
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Sandra Smyre 5th September 2013 4:20 pm

Brenda, I love your care and concern for your readers! You are so encouraging and always have a kind word to share to help us all on our way. Interesting times for sure, just breathing in and breathing out(haha). Sometimes it really does feel like we're on the threshold of something so exciting. Love that we're all in this together and love you XO

Brenda Hoffman 5th September 2013 4:51 pm

Hi Sandra,
I feel so strongly that we're in this together - and together we'll better understand ourselves and this transition. As we share our thoughts, sensations and feelings, we understand we're not the only ones or not as good as someone else. Love that we're all shifting at the same time!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,
PS To breathing in and breathing out!!!

Deeni 5th September 2013 11:21 pm

Thank You Brenda. I so Love to hear from You.

And I really appreciate the technological analogy.

For too long, I have been one of those people that would turn 'the thing' on, and only use some of the capabilities. However, being self employed in the technological industry demands way more of me, so I've had to embrace change.

Not too long ago, I had to convert from HTML to PHP, webmaster lingo for going from analog to digital, for lack of a better analogy.

When I had to convert to this type of coding, I was very concerned, and very apprehensive. But, I did it, and it has been wonderful. I can look at PHP code and visualize what it will do, look like, how it will function etc. And the FREEDOM. Well . . .


It took some getting use to, and a bit of brainwork, but once I understood it, there was no looking back.

My new mantra:

Surrender. Trust. Allow. Receive. Let go, and let God.

Much Love and Light to You Brenda, and to All. : ))

Brenda Hoffman 6th September 2013 6:56 am

Dear Deni,
I love your story. I remember when personal computers first entered the world. Someone tried to teach me how to use the 128K Mac and I was certain I wouldn't master it - where was the space bar????

The same is true for our new earth skill kit. We're going to be just fine. Here we go!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

mary444 6th September 2013 8:37 am

Thanks for the pebble analogy. I love that. I like that you care about your readers and interact with us as individuals. Have a blessed day!

Brenda Hoffman 6th September 2013 8:29 pm

Hi Mary,
And a blessed day and forever after to you and all!!!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,


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