Dear Ones,

You have a need for change. You want more but do not yet know how to obtain it because that need feels just beyond your grasp.

You do not yet understand that you have achieved what you dreamed of before entering the earth in this lifetime. You wanted to help shift the earth. More importantly, you wanted to end the eons of fear karma you and other humans created. But before that could happen, you needed to end your personal human karma.

Many speak of love – that once you open your heart to love, all will be well, as others will gravitate to you and wish the same for themselves. Such is true with a small caveat. Self-love is impossible if your human fear karma continues to be part of your being.

Many months ago, we of the Universes stated that karma was no more. That you were creating a new world and personal life. But you could not fully accept that knowingness for yourself until you released the human fear, anger, anxiety, and self-punishment you accumulated for earth eons. You have been releasing that human-earth karma for the past few weeks.

Perhaps you wonder why, if karma was released years ago, you neglected that human piece until recently. Such is so because you were too frightened to address the human roles you have played.

It is one thing to practice your new or ongoing spiritual skills but quite another to address human self-love. A self-love that requires you to release the fear and pain you have carried for eons. You were a bright shining star maintaining a hidden pocket of self-fear.

Even though you have cleared for seemingly decades now, you did so with your spiritual knowingness instead of addressing your deeply hidden humanness*. Only in the past couple of weeks have you dared to fully open your heart to yourself – to both the good and what you considered bad.

Such is why this holiday season has been difficult for so many.

This season is touted as a family event. Yet for many of you estranged from your family or, more to the point, yourself, the thought of interacting in such a highly volatile time was more than you could face – until you did. Once you faced the karma you secretly berated yourself for, including interactions with those in your family in this life and others, you were able to lift the block that has covered your heart for eons.

Think of that block as a heavy metal safe you finally blew up. You are exhausted, perhaps even angry, not because of the holiday but because of all you have accomplished the past few days.

Take a moment to sense, see, or feel your heart. If you detect any covering, any blockage of flow, remove it, for you are free of those long-held, self-imposed encumbrances to complete self-love. You are free. A freedom that allows you to start again with a fresh slate.

Some of you are concerned that you remain angry with someone or you do not feel anything for those you should love. Again, please know that you have cleared what needs to be cleared so you can fully love yourself as you do in locations other than the earth.

You have cleared your human fears. But just as is true for those with a fever that finally breaks, it might take a few days to actualize your new human being.

You previously cleared your spiritual being with bits and pieces from other locations and segments. You have now also removed all that you feared within yourself from your past and present human actions.

You are free. Free to fully love both your human and spiritual new being. And you are free to start anew.

A new world and a new human you in a new year. So be it. Amen.


OlgaF 31st December 2022 4:39 pm

thank you very much, Brenda!♥


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