Throw Away Your Creation Training Wheels

Dear Ones,

Most of you have creation concerns. You believe others are creating what they want and you cannot or are very slow at learning how to do so. No one can yet do all we have outlined – including creating.

Please think of this ascension as a college information packet that you, a high school senior, are reviewing to decide which field of study is most interesting. Maybe you select engineering and so enroll in an advanced high school math class. You will know a bit more than some engineering college freshman, but not as much as college seniors. Your “playing field is leveled” once you move beyond the advanced math you took before college. So it is for your ascension/new earth skills.

Some of you may be a bit advanced in overall skill sets that allow you to channel or communicate on multi-levels. But that skill set will be leveled once your current area of expertise becomes commonplace on earth. Others will discover skills via their role that you have little interest in.

All of you entered earth in this lifetime with the skills most appropriate for your role. Perhaps you find inventing or writing music easy. Those skill sets will deepen as you delve further into this new earth process. But communication skills, such as channeling, ESP and other means of communicating with few words, and creation skills are accessible to all.

Perhaps you question these new communication skills. We remind you that in less than one generation, the Internet has become a major part of your communication systems. The same happened with radio and television. So it is that your nonverbal communication skills are evolving – much more rapidly than was true for any of your earlier electronic communication tools.

Let us return to your creation skills. For that is what most of you are interested in. You want this and you want that and you want to manifest those things or people easily. So you will – and some are. But for the most part, you are just beginning to accept your potential – as would be true after discovering your area of interest in a college information packet.

You are now shouting that we told you to create, invent or whatever you wish to label the manifestation process. So we did. And so you are. You have just not noted those creations. Perhaps you created the perfect parking space, found a special website or discovered closer connections with someone you did not expect to shift with you.

You discard those creations for you believe those creations were luck, not creation. Review your past few weeks to discover how many creations have become part of your life. Since you do not label them as creations, you continue to strive for something you already practice.

Why can you not yet create the one piece that will solve your problems – whether it be someone to love or financial riches? Such is so because there are steps you have not yet taken. Perhaps this feels a bit like those instructors who do not care that you can divide numbers in your head, they want to see your calculation process. Not as a punishment, but a tool for you to use with more complex division problems.

So it is with your creation skills. First you have to BELIEVE you have creation skills. Then you need to HONOR those creations you create – no matter the size or importance to your daily life. Then and only then, will you comfortably move into bigger creations.

We are not punishing you or holding you back. You are. For until you KNOW you are a creator with enormous creation skills – not limited by time, space or size – you will believe in luck or that you are a creator failure.

All of you are creators of the greatest magnitude. How does your area of interest selected before entering earth in this lifetime affect your creation skills? Ah. Do you not almost enjoy finding “loop holes” in your skills sets?

You would not dream of something if it were not part of your skill set/ role on earth at this time. Perhaps that is difficult to believe because you cannot imagine others not wanting the same as you. Which is little different from not understanding why someone would prefer becoming a plumber to an engineer.

You know who you are and what you need to fulfill your role. Those are the dreams you can move into at any time – you just need to believe you can. To move you further along your creation process, we urge you to note your daily creations. The size of your creations does not matter. Perhaps you believe it is possible to create a nice parking spot – but certainly not the job of your dreams or a new home.

You are limiting you.

The Universes wish for you to move forward much more rapidly with creation. You are merely dipping your toes in the ocean – yet you can easily swimming in the ocean. You just have to KNOW you can.

You are limiting you. Again, many of you feel you are slow learners. Perhaps you are – but then, so are most. You can crawl, walk or run into your creations. The majority of you are opting to crawl slowly. There is no need for you to do so.

Your communication and creation skills are an automatic part of your ascension/new earth being. How you implement your creation skills are your dreams. You dream, you create, you enjoy. That is your creation mantra for now and evermore. Yet most have opted to dream – end of story.

There is no need to limit yourself. Your dreams are directly related to your role. You cannot move into your world of joy until you believe completely that you can create your dreams. So you can. And so you will. Once you decide you are a creator – and that it is time to stop dreaming and start creating.

Crying to others, the gods or whoever you think is not allowing you to create sooner or bigger, is futile. Creation is your task. You have the skills to create your dreams.

Remember how frightened you were when your adult mentor removed your bicycle training wheels? It is time to remove your creation training wheels. So be it. Amen.


zorro 23rd October 2013 5:58 am

A little fun with words:

A rearrangement of the exact letters in the phrase:

“Y O U A R E L I M I T I N G Y O U”

You Aiming Your Lite?
You Limit A Younger
You! Imagine Your Lit!
Yum! Airily Untie Goo
You Oily Inertia Gum!
Airtime, You Lion Guy!
Your Ailing Item? You!
You R Ailing? Emit You!
Your Initial Gem? You!
You Magi! - I Routinely
Email Your Yogi Unit
“Ignite Your Oil” – A Yum!

rachelsnyder 23rd October 2013 6:07 am

zorro, thanks for the early-morning LOL! These are hysterical. I admit a special fondness for "You R Ailing? Emit You!" as well as the timelessly classic "Email Your Yogi Unit." Gotta Love those anagram generators!

Leonardo Mancilla 23rd October 2013 7:01 am

WOW! Brenda, this is amazing.

For some time, I have been seeing your articles, reading them, and finding them interesting.

In the last 2 months, your articles shifted from interesting to right to my heart messages.

You have written about almost all of my concerns and have helped me remember a lot of what I need to.

My ego wonders if I catch up with you or if you came back to tug me into more comfortable waters.

My higher consciousness just says "It doesn´t matter, just go with it"

Many blessings for you, I hope my new creations take me to meet your embodied mastery one of this days.

Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 9:07 am

Hey Zorro!
How are you?

You have more energy than I do with word plays. Enjoy!
Love Brenda

Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 9:13 am

Hi Leonardo,
I've felt a shift in my channeling also.

Not to worry about catching up. Most often, I sense that my channels are for me and anyone else interested. Meaning many of us need similar reminders. One of my favorite pieces of my channels is that they almost always help me process/understand at least one new tidbit of transition information. We really are all in this together.
Blessings, Hugs and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 9:15 am

Hey Rachel,
Love that you and Zorro are having a great word playtime. Perfect!!!
Blessings, Fun and Sparkles,

Peter fox 23rd October 2013 11:34 am

Hi Brenda! A couple of obversations/thoughts. 1- Can another week have
really gone by! Is this time disappearing!? 2- The title of your posting-
haven't we heard all this before? Ie our inability to create? Then I thought
about your college/high school analogy. No, our frustration is misplaced.
Most of us who are "sticking to it" are progressing aren't we? Surely new
insights on a regular basis is creation. Surely experiencing more and more joy on a regular basis is creation! I suspect where most of us are
"failing" is that we are applying 3d conditioned thinking to the new emerging 5d paradigm. We still think in terms of wanting to have more
money or a better relationship whereas we should be wanting and creating more joy and love which will automatically take care of everything
else! What do you think?

Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 1:20 pm

Hi Peter,
Time is flying isn't it? Yes, we're transitioning very rapidly and the indicator that such is so is that we're less bothered by the chaos of the 3D world and more apt to sense/see joy than was true just a few weeks/days ago.

BUT (and isn't there always a but!) as we process the many segments of this transition, we sometimes revert to anger, fear and all those pieces we think are not part of our lives. The promise always has been that those emotions will remain part of us, but in a diminished capacity - just as was true for Old Age joy.

Yes, we have heard much of this before - only not everyone is yet applying the concepts because they don't believe they can.

As for what we want to create - yup, love and joy are the basis of all creations, so working from joy and love is the easiest and quickest route to creation. But then, I want all to know that whatever their dream is - relationships, new governments, finances, a new puppy etc. etc. is just fine. It's just that you'll achieve your dreams more quickly if you follow your joy. And so it goes!
Blessings & Love,

Sandra Smyre 23rd October 2013 3:07 pm

Thank you dear Brenda! Once again you tug at my heartstrings--this piece is right on for me. Some days I'm right there just manifesting like crazy and others feeling like nothing works. Some of my friends are bi-polar and I wonder if this is how it feels. Trying to stay in gratitude for ALL of the changes, even when they feel like c--p. Sending you and everyone much love :smitten:

Tiff 23rd October 2013 4:26 pm

Thank you for your continued encouragement, Brenda. I hope my dream manifests soon.


Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 5:09 pm

Dear Sandra,
It is an odd time isn't it? I guess one of the best ways to understand it is to revisit puberty. We're sure we have the least attractive body and personality and that the adults in our life are all wrong about how we'll be wonderful and beautiful when we've completed puberty. Other days we wonder why we need parents because we're so wise.

I'm laughing as I'm write this because doesn't this transition feel similar? We're getting so much info that all is well and we're developing just fine and then we have a "funk" day and can't remember why we're even thinking that there is a new earth. I'm guessing most of us have been there - I have and sounds like you have too.

Those following us will have more concrete info - we just have nebulous thoughts and sensations. Yet we don't or can't stop.

Yay for our courage despite all. And even more cheers that we know and feel we're moving into joy and love - despite the random funk days as our bodies adjust - and greatly reducing our interest or need for fear.
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Brenda Hoffman 23rd October 2013 5:11 pm

Hey Tiff,
I do too. But then, I wish/dream that for everyone. To creating joy and fun in our lives!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Baloneypants 24th October 2013 1:39 am

Well since Oct 18th the energy bursts have been very gentle and sometimes pleasurable. My heart is so open its beaming, but I wish I knew someone else who was going through this. I wouldnt dare talk about "lighter bodies" or "energy downloads" in person. But I do feel lonely lately. Maybe if you could fill me in on some of your own symptoms as of late Id feel less lonely :)

I dont know time anymore. So I have trouble planning for the future. I also get laughing fits, losing track of where I am or what im doing, and feel gentle release and gentle heat in my head. Its very nice compared to the last 9 months.

With Love and Hugs :) BP

Esmé 24th October 2013 2:00 am

Brenda help!! :) I'm still a bit confused regarding creating... how do we know that what we create is for our highest good and the highest good of all? Is it that once we have unlocked the ability to create that our energy is such that we would only want to and thus instinctively know to only create that which is for our highest good and the highest good of all?



Brenda Hoffman 24th October 2013 11:20 am

Hi BaloneyPants,
Good to see your name!

As near as I can figure out from emails around globe, there are lots of different emotions from elation to fear, to of course, to giggles happening right now. As I'm writing this I'm getting that these energies are more personalized so each of us is affected according to what we want to review at this time.

Even though you're lonely right now, it appears as if you've moved through so many issues that you're experiencing lovely joy. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,
PS Your name makes me smile/laugh whenever I see it. Guessing you spread joy like that to readers of this blog and all others you interact with. Way to go!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Brenda Hoffman 24th October 2013 11:30 am

Hi Esme,
We've moved beyond a time/place where we have to monitor every thought and dream. We still might be clearing some issues, but whatever we're dreaming of has a reason within our being. And as that dream is created or satiated from creating and living it to outgrowing it, we move on to our next dream - a never-ending cycle of dreams that best fit us in the here and now.

No dream is inappropriate - we're adults now. Of course, the questioning part of me asked what if that wish was to kill someone. Not possible to have that dream of destroying self or others once you've crossed the new earth threshold. And those reading my channels and viewing/reading other channels have crossed that threshold.

You wouldn't be interested in new earth materials if you were a 3D being. Like salmon swimming upstream, you're gravitated to new earth materials - meaning you can trust yourself to dream those dreams that are for your highest good and therefore, the Universes and the same is true for all others who have crossed the threshold. So be it. Amen.
Blessings and Love,

HahaSasha 26th October 2013 3:37 pm

What an awesome article. Whenever something I have needed appears into my life.. I always say "Thank you universe" but never thank myself or acknowledge that I created it too! I keep on handing my powers over to the energies above without even recognizing that I am the one who's initiated anything.

Brenda Hoffman 26th October 2013 10:29 pm

Dear HaHaSasha,
You're not the only one who does so.

We really are starting to remember how powerful we are - but that remembrance or discovery is not always a straight line. We meander a bit because it's such a new concept to those of us familiar with the 3D world of the Old Age. Intellectually we understand the concept, but living it requires many shifts in our personal perceptions. We're doing it - even if it sometimes seems as if we're doing so step by step.

Kudos for your personal AHA. An AHA helpful for many processing the concept of personal inner power.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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