With or Against Nature?

Dear Ones,

Let us address your need for shelter within yourself. Perhaps such a thought seems counter-intuitive given the number of earth-based events you have experienced recently.

While it is true you are all one, it is also true that someone needs to know how to swim before attempting to rescue another. So it is that your fears and need to caretake or create victims are not productive during this earth shifting process. Your joy and self-love are.

How it is possible to feel joyful when others appear to be suffering? We are not speaking of dancing in the street, but instead that those affected by the storms, fires, military movements and other happenings throughout the globe now have the ability to reclaim their lives in ways most right for them – and nature.

Your fears are based on 3D models of what is important, what needs to happen. Instead, earth events are part of your new normal. The earth is shaking and rattling to remove the debris from its being, just as you did during your dark night of the soul.

Of course, such a thought produces, even more, fear within your being. For you fully understand the need for 3D clothing and shelter, but not that this earth-shaking is forcing new creations that will be used by all.

This is a new earth in a new age. So it is that which was acceptable or the model of being is shifting also. Perhaps you will better understand if you review natural housing structures no longer in common use – the sod shanty of the United States plains, the mud huts and moveable tepees of some American Indian tribes, or the thatched roofs and mud/shell structures of England.

Even though such structures were once considered viable, most of you would not live in them today. Not because you are that different from those who once called those structures home, but because you have accepted more convenient and sturdy homes as the norm. That norm is what is being destroyed in so many ways throughout the globe. What was is no more. What is has not yet been.

So it is you are being encouraged to create a lifestyle that includes the needs of both the earth and humanity – no longer expecting the earth to follow humanity’s lead.

Much of the destruction the past few weeks is the result of creating homes and lives counter-intuitive to earth’s needs and natural protections. Grasslands, forests, reefs, Everglades,  aquifers, deserts, and on and on have been bulldozed to create just the right human home or industrial site.

Your natural disasters are about human hubris – not creating a unity of humanity and nature.

Cities, homes, water distribution and even recreation sites most often are designed counter to what is natural in any particular area.

The dreams of those who build new homes or communities have little compatibility with nature. So it is many of those structures have been or will be destroyed by natural forces.

Such is not punishment, but instead an eye-opener to reality.

Perhaps you experienced something similar when you were moving through your dark night of the soul. That which was once familiar and supposedly loving did not appear so once your blinders were removed.

So it is now for the earth. The earth accepted humanity’s need to control it. From rain-making to preventing natural forest fires to building on flood plains and ocean fronts. Trees were cut, land paved, and homes and industrial sites built in places not natural to earth or humanity. So all could realize the 3D dream of living in a house in a United States desert that looked the same as a home in the northern part of the US.

Throughout the world, similar activities can be noted. The difference is that buildings and activities in other countries negated the earth’s needs in ways most valued in that country.

That is not to say that you should return to sod shanties, but to learn to live with the earth instead of trying to control it with the results you have been noting – earthquakes, forest fires, weather anomalies, the extinction of certain plants and animals, pestilence, and illnesses.

Your need to control the earth is backfiring in ways you could not have envisioned even a few years ago. A need that has expanded to space – with used weaponry and satellites floating aimlessly about, just as is true for the human debris found throughout the oceans and water systems.

What can you do? Let us return to your joy. Instead of fearing the future, think in terms of how you and others can create harmony with nature. Neither humanity nor nature was created to suffer. Yet, most humans have not thought of nature’s needs as they try to ensure human comforts financially, emotionally or spiritually.

How can new housing be economical and yet blend with earth instead of creating another gray or beige home that reduces or eliminates nature’s freedom to care for itself?

So it is that the joyous part of the recent earth shifts is that they encourage those excited by thoughts of new designs and processes to create that which flows with humanity AND nature. Unlike the designs of the past, which catered to humanity and negated the natural healing powers of the earth.

Allow yourself to heal as you do the same for and with the earth. This is a time of new creations – that is your joy. Not the destruction of others’ lives, but instead the call to action to create better and more harmoniously than ever before. So be it. Amen.


Cheri 11th September 2017 2:21 pm

I love this posting Brenda, we have indeed become so disconnected from the earth so much so that we would bulldoze a rainforest so we can continue to consume and consume and consume. This is to our great shame in the US. If it wasn't for the great American Indian Reservations and National Park System we would have bulldozed the entire country by now and clear cut all the forests.

I love natural weather, storms and seeing mom nature in all her magnificence. However, these are extreme times that hopefully will awaken us to the ephemeral nature of all things as a path to growth.

Sorry, still processing emotions here especially with our dis-connection to what we have created in ignorance, greed and selfish separation for rows and rows of identical boxes and strip malls that are an eyesore to one of the most beautiful and bountiful countries on earth. You can see the loss of the feminine creative spirit within us all. May we wake up to reuniting with the natural world as we step out of this nightmare that appears all to real when I step over the fast food trash as I walk outside.

Brenda Hoffman 11th September 2017 5:57 pm

Dear Cheri,
It appears as if the national parks might be on the chopping block also - and if oil or other natural resources were found on Native American reservations the same would be true as it was in Oklahoma. BUT we have the power to change the direction and so we will - as one by one we shine our lights brightly as we create new ways to live harmoniously with nature.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

kay 12th September 2017 12:24 pm

Thank you, Brenda. Excellent post.

Cheri 12th September 2017 12:31 pm

Yes Brenda, we are creating anew and that is a glorious thing!! Thank you!! :smitten:

spiritdiver 12th September 2017 12:43 pm

In a word. Sanctification.

On my path, it has been regeneration. now in understanding my RESPONSE -ability i am reaching towards being part of the purpose.

The ways of living have been a part of this process which has not been easy from an ego/social position perspective, even tho it has been blessed and led in recognition which is now present time.

I also see a shift in the ways of living. It will be in stronger community, collaboration, give and take graciously given as the needs arise. And, in devotion. Devotion to the godly virtues and natural aspects in us reflected out. My part/direction in the plan, developing over 2 years now, honoring this work.

"Regeneration is birth; sanctification is growth. In regeneration, God implants desires that were not there before: desire for God, for holiness, and for glorifying God’s name in the world; desire to pray and worship; desire to love and bring benefit to others. In sanctification, the Holy Spirit “works in you, both to will and to work” according to God’s purpose, enabling His people to fulfill their new, godly desires"

spiritdiver 12th September 2017 1:15 pm

The preceding... (Phil. 2:12, 13)

And, Brenda thank you. Just as you and I, we-All foresee the shift outside just as it is inside, similarily i just noticed the ASTROLOGICAL degree of Venus' present position today and over the next few is leaning into our North Node. This beautifullly echos, and leads the very same tone. I only noticed as she is angled sextile my Natal Venus and Mars (which are conjunct on my chart).

Here is the synchonistic Sabian Symbol of the current positioning, and Dane Rhudhyar's keynote below:


KEYNOTE: A return to the glorification of natural energies.

Speaks of the reversal of our socialized living... To peaceful and harmonious group living.

"Natural man links himself consciously to the source of all life on earth. And this means IDENTIFICATION THROUGH WORSHIP— and the sanctification of the creative power."

This is my Will and part I offer, and in grace recieve, in the plan.

Brenda Hoffman 12th September 2017 1:31 pm

Hi Kay and Cheri,
Our new phase remembering to care for and love the earth as we do ourselves and others. Step-by-step we're as one.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Self- and Earth-love Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 12th September 2017 1:35 pm

Dear Spiritdiver,
Synchronicity yet again as we transition deeper and deeper into new us. Loving ourselves which allows us the freedom to love others, all beings of the earth and the earth. Step by step we're being led to that ultimate freedom and joy.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Transition Sparkles,

Cheri 13th September 2017 12:31 pm

Yes, I believe sanctification is a great word as we are requalifying ourselves (our cells) energetically and raising our vibrations back inline with the grace of God which is a refinement to a state of simple elegance. A state of purity or oneness within the frequency of God. My heart is definitely tied to the restoration of the earth and all it's beautifully manifested kingdoms. It is a beautiful vision indeed!!

Toni 14th September 2017 7:28 pm

I have a question…for everyone… If you could control the weather, would you? :coolsmiley

Cheri 15th September 2017 1:27 pm

Great question, Love to think about these things haha!! Why would we want to control the one thing that is truly unpredictable in life (even meteorologists are only right ~25% of the time) hahaha!! To me it is a mighty expression of the earth and her energy, so beautiful in her waterworld expression. I think we all feel to some extent the anticipation and energetic resonance with weather systems. The air is literally alive with potential. I love it all.

When I first awoke I became aware of HAARP for some reason. I did not understand it to be specifically to control weather but lots of people lately are very fearful around so called weather wars. I also don't quite understand chemtrails either but understand in our ignorance we want to make sure our consumer crops are well watered.

Life has natural cycles that we are out of alignment with. Sometimes we do without or find new ways to live. We have to step outside the zombie zone and relish the beauty in an ever changing unpredictable world of elemental expression at its finest!!

Thank you Toni, Love the discussion!! :smitt

Brenda Hoffman 15th September 2017 3:28 pm

Dear Cheri,
Just checking in. I read your question, "do you want to control the weather?" and my immediate response was, "NO!" There are so many ramifications for doing so from what developers, politicians, landowners, citizens, etc would want/demand this decade, but not next. Do we really understand the dynamics of earth self-care? And finally, who wants to control anything anymore???

Even if we would want to control nature, doing so is no more possible than controlling your friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker. The pseudo control of 3D is over.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Toni 15th September 2017 7:25 pm

Hahaha…It was actually me that asked the question…used to do that all the time, way back when…guess I’m balancing my karma all the way down to the little details…no offense taken. It probably would have been better if I’d started with Hi Brenda, Toni here…(hahaha, make a note Spirit)

There are currently 24 countries seeding clouds for economic reasons. To call it chemtrails apparently makes one a conspiracy theorist. Tho I dare say some countries use this as cloud cover for more covert operations of control. The hurricanes were seeded from islands on the other side of the Atlantic.

It reminds me of the medical profession that do their bumbling best to fix a symptom without much consideration for the whole. What I’ve noticed is this always creates long term side effects from a whole perspective.

Thanks for answering. Hugs. :smitten:

P.S. I believe our meteorologists have improved their forecasts with technology now to about 80% accuracy within a 3 day field

Brenda Hoffman 16th September 2017 4:57 pm

Hey Toni,
The WHOOPS is on me - so much for ESP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Laughter Sparkles,


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