Just Say ‘Yes!’

I went looking for a job, and I found a large body of water instead.

Driving up and down an unfamiliar road I looked and looked for the address that promised a dead end low paying hourly job.  Up and down and all around the strip malls, it seemed as though the address was missing.

I kept driving, staying open in my heart and mind to whatever was best.

I was looking up, staying focused on love, beauty, wisdom, unity and peace.  And I was willing to share my light with anyone and anyplace that would have me.
But I couldn’t find the place.

Letting go I drove in the direction my spirit really desired.  Leaving the strip
malls behind me I headed down a long and winding country road.

As I followed my heart away from the suburbs I stumbled upon a beautiful lake I’d never seen before.  I didn’t know such a place of beauty existed so close to the malls and chain stores.

A few hours later, after walking, writing in my journal and meditating, I am
deep in my heart space, listening to my Guides.

They let me know I won’t be finding a job.

“It is for you to trust always.  Everything that is happening is still in Divine Order.  Even though it is uncomfortable for you right now, have faith, Cat.  The tide will soon turn…”

“Our plans for you have not changed…”

“Soon you will be able to leave…”

I meditate on the sun’s reflection as I listen to the truth being shared around
me by The Elders.

“You are blaming yourself for what is happening around
you.  You are seeing things that are difficult and wondering what you did
wrong.  Know instead you are helping the situation just by being

“Open your heart more, and miracles will happen…”

Sitting by the water I work to open my heart more.

I affirm over and over I am letting my blessings come in. Aloud I say I am letting
those I love, love me.

I think of the ones I love, whose love I long for, and I imagine receiving it.  I imagine receiving all the love, support and blessings I desire.

My heart fills.   A smile returns to my face and
I laugh out loud at my being lost around the strip malls.

One of my Guides stands before me, a strong attractive older woman in a white silk suit, one hand on her hip and the other holding a cigarette.  She’s tough and no nonsense and let’s me know it’s time to go.

I rise up from where I was comfortably sitting and walk the steep, slippery path back to my car.

My phone is ringing inside my car.  I am naturally relaxed and I let the phone ring.

The tough old broad beside me takes a drag on her cigarette then looks me straight center.  “It’s time for you to get out of this place…”  she says in a deep, raspy voice.

Then motioning to the phone, she tells me, “Just say ‘yes.'”

I look at her inquisitively and I look at the phone.

“When you call them back, whatever they ask you to do, say ‘yes.'”

I call back my friend and as the conversation begins  ‘yes’ is already falling from my lips.

“Would you and Amber like to come to Florida?  I will buy your tickets, if you will help me with…”

“Yes.” I say without hesitation.

Dragonfly’s message a couple weeks ago was to look up, “Focus on what you want,” he said.

I looked up and I saw white sand beaches and azure waters.  I heard palm fronds blowing in the breeze.

And here it is, being offered to me….a gift.

It was an easy ‘yes.’

Today I am writing to you from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Amber and I are playing in the warm Gulf Waters.  We are laughing in the sunshine and keeping our hearts open to all that is possible.

I thought I needed a job.

Instead what I really needed was an open heart and faith.

Keep believing.  Focus on what you need.  Look up towards what you desire.

Then make certain your heart is open so you can receive all the blessings the Universe wants to give to you.

Find your own body of water.  Get near any water.  A fountain, a lake, a stream or the ocean if you can.  Sit by the water and allow your heart to open up more than ever before.

Think of everyone you love.  Think of the ones you want to love you and let it in.

Let them love you. Open your heart and let it all in.

When your heart is open you will be ready to receive your miracles.

When your heart is open, who knows what blessings will come?  Maybe your phone will ring.  And when it rings, remember to say ‘yes.’

Healing, love, and whatever else you are longing for is longing for you, too.

A miracle is trying to get through…

Open up your heart, have faith and receive your miracle.

From The Gulf of Mexico,
Loving Light and



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