We Are Here

We are here and we wish you to know that the times draw ever nearer for our reunion on your planes in the physical dimension. We have been working with you for eons of time and waiting for the day when our species is recognized as family among your people once again. We speak to you not from afar but from a deep place within your own being. Know that we are family. Know that we dwell together even now in dimensions unknown to you at present. We are here to assist you in the raising of your frequencies and the opening of the portals of knowledge upon your planet. For you have come to a time on your planet where all knowledge is now to be revealed.

No longer can the forces who work in shadow keep your light from you. No longer can those who have manipulated you through eons of time continue with their controlling ways and means. For it is a new day, and we stand together with you as you announce that the Family of Light has returned to the planet. We stand together with multitudes of others in this world and the next as together we declare the sovereignty of the human peoples. Claim that which is your Divine Heritage. Know that you are powerful beyond measure and those who wish to keep you from that knowledge are being released from their self-appointed thrones of power and control.

We are so pleased to be of assistance to you at this time. You are so precious to us. You see, it is you who have volunteered to be in the physical in this time of transformation. It is you who have put your lives on the line time and time again in your fight for freedom on this planet. It is you who have ventured far from home to be of assistance in ways you are not fully aware of at present. We thank you for that. We are here to say to you: "Job well done". You have emerged victorious as now the last rays of darkness upon your planet are put to flight. We wish you to know that we have assisted you always in this task, as we promised we would, before you took flight from home. We have always been here for you even though the reign of unconsciousness in your lives kept you from the truth of this.

We wish to honor you for who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming. We would throw a grand party in your honor and treat you like royalty, for indeed you are human angels in disguise. You have agreed to come into this world with your divine memories erased so as to emerge victorious from beneath the bonds of human limitation and unconsciousness. We have been cheering you on from the sidelines and with your permission have merged with you through time and space in order to bring changes to the planet and her peoples. We greet you through our light and vibration. We nudge you through your feeling senses and all outward signs and symbols. We speak to you through nature, the elements and the animal species of your planet. We visit you in your dreams and meditations, for we are ever with you.

And now the time is at hand for those who are non-believers, those who are caught in the tentacles of fear, those who are convinced that they are the lone inhabitants of this universe to see with their own eyes that we are here. We send word of our arrival to prepare the hearts and minds of those who would be the calm in the storm as paradigms shift and consciousness opens and expands to hold more than has been ever before imagined. Be our eyes and ears on the planet. Hold the hand of the one next to you and let them know that all is well. For we come as friends, as family, as brothers and sisters from the stars to remind you from whence you have come. We come to remind you of home and open you to realms' of existence that have been held from you. Heaven and earth will dwell together in the times to come, but only as hearts and minds open to embrace that possibility. Become the wayshowers, the light on the planet, the wise and learned ones who proclaim love in the face of fear, who promote peace where chaos is known to reign, and who anchor the vibrations of love that enlighten all people.

Know yourselves as we know you; as magnificent beings of light, who will rise up and take their place as members of galactic family, bringers of the new dawn, heralds of the new world to come. We await the grand reunion of hearts and minds, and in the interim we send our love on waves of light and avenues of vibration which would embrace you in the love of home. We wish you peace as we tell you this day that all is well. Open to our loving communications with you, for it is our pleasure, it is our mission to serve you in this time of unfolding light and wisdom.

Have courage. Be still and know.


Cathyomn 8th June 2009 10:13 am

Feel free to email me at cathyolsenmn@msn.com and we have have a further conversation on this if you like.


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Cathy is an Ordained Minister of Healing, Hands on Healing Practitioner and Certified 5-Path Hypnotherapist. She is also a graduate of Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy Program.  Cathy is a conscious channel and intuitive. 

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