Ankasmarka - City of Eagles

Ankasmarka had several round chulpa-like buildings, much like the ones at Silustanni near Lake Titicaca. A chulpa is said to be Inca tombs, but that is just archeology talking. A sacred site expert said to me once "Archeology is not history. It is assumptions." We have to think with our hearts, not our heads, to understand a culture that is very different from our own.

We found a nice chulpa to rest inside, and we began to receive messages from the site. I quickly began to have a vision of an androgynous god-like being from a distant age unknown to us now. He/She was full of brilliant blue/white light. This one was connected in a collective family of master beings called "The Bird Tribe family", or what I call the Masters of Ankasmarka. I was aware of their feelings of immense love and a vast, yet egoless, sense of self. They have a very advanced and intimate relationship with our earth and the entire universe. I was struck by the fact that they didn't feel small like we do when we look in the mirror in the morning. These ones know they are as big and as powerful as the mountings that we were standing upon. They know that they are as big as the planet and the solar system.

The message was clear . . . it was time for us (humanity) to quit thinking that we are small and have little effect on the earth and our circumstances in life. It is time to quit hoping and keeping the faith, and KNOW that we are living masters. Faith has little to do with awakening or being aware. The only thing that stops us from being livings masters is that we believe that we are the small ones we see in the mirror. It is our belief that we are small and powerless that keeps us small. To the Masters of Ankasmarka, size does not matter; only small thinking does.

This was the message that we received . . . just as we received it. As you read it, just imagine that you were there with us . . .

A bit of history . . . In the ancient past, a family, which we call the Andean Masters of Ankasmarka, lived on Earth in this dimension. They didn't understand separation, duality, and especially the creation of the separation of genders. The world was regarded as a dense world of duality, but duality wasn't in their natural coding. They had to learn to adapt to it while they were here. At the end, but NOT the fall, of a great but nameless age of light, they returned to an inner dimensional world to watch over the evolution of humanity. They kept watching through many other great ages of time. They are coming to us today to help set us free from this duality and to help us see ourselves as we truly are.

The Masters of Ankasmarka have begun to call for the return of ones that had the courage to continue to reincarnate on Earth. There is a now a trickling of people coming back to Ankasmarka that are part of this ancient family. Some have come before us, and many, many more will come after us. They share that many on Earth are part of this ancient lineage which didn't understand duality and the unnatural separation of male and the female. Even though they have had male and female bodies, it didn't seem to matter. They carried the code of the ONE unity between the two. We were part of the universal ancient ONES that came here.

So now I can see that the Masters of Ankasmarka are bringing us what looks like a ancient bundle. They are returning it to us now. It looks like they have been saving this bundle for a very long time. What they tell me is that this bundle helps us ignite a golden flame inside of us. This golden flame can only be ignited when we have the male and female side integrated in our bodies, but all of us on a spiritual path have done that a long time ago.

This bundle is full of rays of light. The Masters are showing me what happens when the blue ray (male) and the magenta ray (female) is merged together. It creates a violet ray. They say this is why we have been attracted to the "I AM" Master teachings, because we have already ignited the violet flame in us. This violet flame has been used for purification and clearing of consciousness. Now the Masters of Ankasmarka are gong to help us encapsulate our violet flames within a brilliant golden flame. It is happening for us here at Ankasmarka, but it is also happening for ALL of us in the world who hear this message. This gift is for the collective of humanity. Since humanity has now placed their feet solidly in the new world, it is available to all to have a golden flame encapsulating the violet flame.

What does the golden flame do?

The golden flame is the pure energy of the SUN. Not just the sun that we see in the sky . . . but the great central SUN, and also the great Sun within each of us. The light of the Sun holds the unadulterated creative power of the universe. A physical manifestation of this golden flame was created in many Solar disks that are now in safe keeping in a multi-dimensional crystal city inside of Lake Titicaca. They have been safe keeping this golden flame until now, because we still had a foot in the old world of duality until just recently. It has been kept safe because the golden Sun flame could have been used to further the effects of duality. We might have hurt ourselves and others while we were still in a world that was so fractured and convoluted. This would have been dangerous for humanity, the Earth and the universe. This is one reason why Masters of Ankasmarka abandoned this sacred site and many other sites around the world like Chaco Canyon, Sillustanni, and the dimensional doorway of Lord Meru at Lake Titicaca. Secondary sites that hold the Golden Flame would be Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Moray acts as a bridge between the sun and earth. There is another bridge. The bridge at Ankasmarka is at the center of the body of the Eagle (The center of an eagle-shaped site). It is a bridge between the Earth and the sun. In the center is a beam of golden light that radiates out for several miles. So it doesn't really matter that you are standing right on the center point. Getting fairly close to this place is enough. Some will make the hard trek up the mountain, and some won't. It does not matter.

I asked the Masters what we can do with this information when we leave this site.

They answered by saying that they turned the energy off in Ankasmarka, and other sites, like you would turn off a water faucet . . . only very slowly. They did this very slowly until there was no energy of the sun left. Now they are going to trickle the faucet back on. The faucet is now dripping golden light. It is going to get stronger and stronger over the next few short years. More and more people will get their golden flames ignited. Some will know this when it happens to them and others won't. It doesn't matter if you know or not. But you will feel the effects of the Golden flame. The Gold Flame of ONE will change how you will react in the world, and how the world will react to you, because there is something different happening inside of you. So all we have to do is listen to your hearts and follow its lead.

There was something else in the bundle. In this bundle is memory of the awakened parts of ourselves. We left this memory here to be kept safe. It is the memory / self awareness of our ancient selves. They say that we might start feeling that ancient part of ourselves return. We could not have that memory while we were in the density and duality of this world, and while we were going through the dark cycles. This would have caused too much pain.

Also in this bundle was an advanced wisdom. They knew that the wisdom was going to be remembered by each one of us at some point in time. They knew that we would treat it with the utmost respect. It doesn't look like wisdom or knowledge as we understand today. It looks like a feeling that is returning. It doesn't look like knowledge or technology or teachings. It looks like a state of being; a state of feeling. It is like a little piece of a giant puzzle. The great library of the wonderful ancient past is now being given to us.

If you received this knowledge without the memory of your ancient self, you wouldn't be able to understand the knowledge. If you received only the memory of your ancient self, then the knowledge would mean nothing to you. This is one of the ways that we protected the knowledge. The contents of the bundle was protected by this two fold process. If we didn't evolve to a certain point, we could never access the knowledge in the bundle. So the worry that people could steal and misuse ancient knowledge is an impossible feat. There is no way anyone could access this wisdom / memory if their consciousness / frequency was low. They couldn't get to it. It had its own protection. This bundle is the higher mind connecting to the higher heart. Once this is done, this ignites the golden flame. So now, the Masters of Ankasmarka are starting to leak out the energy of the Golden Flame. Archangel Michael just popped in and said "It's a cosmic drip system." So they are going to start dripping it into us like an galactic IV; a little bit, by little bit, so we can start remembering our authentic selves, and start reacting to the world with a knowing that comes from an ancient place. It will change our reaction and the world's reaction to us.
(end of message)

As our Peruvian trip progressed, we received many messages from the Andean Masters that built upon the message that we received at Ankasmarka . . . and we will be posting them for you a.s.a.p. :)


lrm 17th October 2009 11:03 am

Yes,and there is no need or use for 'Gratitude' or 'Faith',in awakening...b/c if you believe all things are possible,and that you are worthy of all things/having your heart's desire,there is no need to be grateful for having what you already are. Grateful for something that is yours to begin with,or that you are worthy of to begin with. And no need to have faith in the impossible if you believe all things are possible.

Abandoning these two terms from your consciousness may put you in a tailspin of hopelessness,ironically. But it may also eventually place you in a state of very deep sovereignty/empowerment.

Hey,you can still feel the energy of gratitude as a focal point,when you are being bogged down by the disappointments and happenings around and w/in you. Same with Faith-for those emergency times,when the ego needs something to hold onto,or vibrationally like a positive affirmation: Focus on this,not that,type of situation.

But really,faith and gratitude are states that give power away. Think about it. True sovereignty embodies respect. Gratitude is inherent in this stat

lrm 17th October 2009 11:07 am

Faith and Gratitude are religious terms. The New Age religion may be a stepping stone and a very helpful one,for some. But it is not enlightenment or awakening. It is just a tool to get there. Abandoning religion is a sure sign of actual awakening. NO,not abandoning your own personal concepts of the divine,etc.
And no,not bashing religions for what they do offer to many.
But,self-honesty demands understanding the Self,and looking deeply at nuances of one's own psyche.
This cannot be done through creative visualization or the fervor of group light meditation days.
This can only be done by going w/in. In the end,enlightenment,like birth,is a solo endeavor. You may have company along the way,and you may think/know that many others are awakening at this time,but be aware of the tendencies for group think inherent in such beliefs.
True spirituality gets distilled for the masses to digest,and in doing so loses much of it's alchemical nature.