A Mighty Fine 2009!

I can't believe we're starting a whole new year of fun in our Life Makeover Community. This year is dedicated to your Extreme Self Care and I'll be challenging you to raise the bar on how you make choices, how you interact with others, and how you honor your precious time and energy. It won't be easy, but it will be worth your while - I can promise you that.

To that end, I invite you to look through the following list of rules for those you'd like to adopt in 2009. Think of using these guidelines as a way of putting in place a little "self-care insurance" right at the start.

Rule #1 - Remember who's in charge of your life. Don't be seduced by the false belief that you have no choice about how you spend your time or energy. You always have choices. They may be tough choices, like saying no to something you'd really like to do so your schedule isn't overbooked, or letting a friend down when you need to back out of a commitment, but don't confuse tough choices with having no choice at all. You're the boss.

Rule #2 - Be gentle with yourself. When you feel stuck, afraid, confused, or frustrated by what's happening or not happening in your life, don't succumb to the outdated belief that a "good kick in the butt" will get you moving in the right direction. Trust me. If butt-kicking worked, we'd all be thin, healthy, and rich :). Instead, choose to be gentle with yourself by asking someone who loves you for help.

Rule #3 - Risk upsetting others to keep peace with yourself.

Rule #4 - Make basic nourishment - sunlight, healthy food, daily movement, and soulful connections with others a top priority. You'd be surprised by how this one rule alone could dramatically alter your whole life in significant ways.

Rule #5 - Be a good steward for your money. Like it or not, the state of your financial health impacts every aspect of your life - either consciously or subconsciously. Everything from where you work, where and how you live, how generous you are with yourself and others, or how well you sleep at night, are just some examples. Think of these tough economic times as an invitation to step up your financial self-care.

Rule #6 - Stop pretending things are okay when they're not. When you don't feel right about something in your life, trust yourself and your feelings and face the truth. Then do something about it.

Rule #7 - Honor the people in your life by being honest. Even when it's hard.

Rule #8 - Follow this simple and wise advice from Louise Hay: "Do what makes you feel good." Now, what if it were really that simple?

Happy New Year, fellow travelers!

Take Action Challenge

Choose the rules that feel most appropriate for you and print them out. Keep them in a place where you'll see them everyday and allow them to transform your life.




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