Dad Wisdom: Life lessons from my dad

In honor or Father’s Day, I’d like to share three important lessons I learned from my dad while growing up.  These lessons have formed the foundation that supports my life and my business, and I’m deeply grateful to him for modeling them…

Lesson #1 – Share your wealth – both time and money.  For as long as I can remember, my dad has demonstrated this lesson by how he lives his life.  Although, like many families, we often struggled to make ends meet, he never thought twice about giving to those in need.  And it wasn’t just money.  My father worked as a tax consultant and, along with preparing tax returns, he listened to a client’s life or work challenges and offered suggestions and advice.  A natural teacher, my dad loves sharing what he’s learned with others in the hopes of making life a little easier.  Through him I’ve learned that the knowledge that comes from mistakes and successes is just as valuable a gift as money.

Lesson #2 – Don’t just tell people you care, show them. Early in my career, I worked with my dad in our family business and I saw first hand how he cared for people. When a client was sick, he’d visit his or her home.  If a client was in crisis and needed him, he’d drop everything to help out. To this day, I still remember watching as my dad sat next to a client in my office who had lost his wife a month earlier. He had known both of them for years and as he listened intently while the man talked about his loss, I saw tears in my father’s eyes.  At that time, crying was something I rarely, if ever, saw my dad do.  His empathy and humanity in that moment left an imprint on my heart.  He showed me how to truly “be” with people.

Lesson #3 – Never forget where you came from.  This lesson is pretty straightforward.  Long before I ever wrote a book, gave a speech, or appeared on TV, I learned the importance of remembering your roots.  As my father became more successful, he never once put himself above anyone.  He used his hard work, struggles, and success to lift others up.

Today I say “thank you” to my dad and I bless all the men who share their wealth, caring, and love in support of lifting others up, too.  Happy Father’s Day!

Take Action Challenge

This week, acknowledge a man who has taught you something important.  Whether it’s a father, a friend, a boss, a co-worker, or another family member, say “thank you,” and let him know he’s made a difference in your life.

This week’s video comes from my dad and it’s a beautiful and important message for everyone – not just dads .  You’ll find it here.



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