Holding Hands

The wind picked up as the soft, amber light of the setting sun cast a warm glow over the boardwalk. As we headed toward the beach, I watched our shadows moving in lockstep before us. I felt happy. Grateful. Excited for the chance to be in daylight with my vampire husband – a night owl who, for years, often missed the sun. Reaching the end of the boardwalk, we took off our shoes and left them snuggled together under the last step that dropped us on the soft, mauve-colored sand, a shade that gave the beach its name, Plum Island. 

Strolling toward the shore, I reached for Michael’s hand. “Finally,” he said, smiling at me in the way that still makes me feel like the center of his world after nearly twenty-five years of marriage. When we reached the water’s edge, we dipped in and out of the cold Atlantic as we walked and talked about world events, the polarization of America, the hypnotic motion of the waves, and what we want for the next chapter of our lives together.

This, I thought to myself, as Michael squeezed my hand now and then to punctuate his ideas. I’m perfectly happy with this – this moment, this conversation, the wind at our backs, the way the sun casts diamonds across the surface of the sea. I’ll take this any day.

On this celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, this is what I’m thinking about as I sit here with Berty and Wednesday nestled against my feet. Keep life simple. Get outside and breathe fresh air. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities, yes, but always appreciate what’s right in front of you. 

And, whenever possible, hold hands.

Happy Easter, little bunnies. Enjoy this beautiful time! 




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