If I Hadn’t Listened, I Would Have Missed This

It was 10:30 when the oppressive summer heat finally gave way to cool night air that kept the mosquitoes at bay. I plopped down on a zero gravity chair in the middle of our deck, pushed back on the arms, and came face-to-face with a stunning, cloudless sky.

I can’t remember when I’ve seen stars so bright.

My plan was to catch the end of the Perseid meteor shower that started a few days earlier. So I settled into the chair, adjusted the pillow underneath my head, and made myself comfortable.

As I gazed up at the stars, I shifted my eyes this way and that, doing my best to take in the full sky before me. I didn’t want to miss anything.

Ten minutes passed.

I focused more intently, widening my vision so I could see everything possible without having to move my head. Five more minutes. Nada.

There’s nothing like waiting for a shooting star to remember what “attached to results” feels like .

Be patient, I told myself (about a hundred and fifty times). Just let go of any expectations and enjoy the beauty of the night.

I took a few deep breaths as my mind began to wander… I wonder what’s happening out there in the wide-open spaces between the stars? Is there anyone looking back at me? Where did this all begin anyway?

Come back, I ordered my wandering mind, be present for this experience.

But my existential angst continued...

How small of a speck am I on this revolving ball? Why are we here, really? Are the souls of deceased loved ones out there somewhere looking back at us?

Ten more minutes passed and still no sign of a shooting star. Disappointed, I figured I missed the finale, so I thought about going back in the house.

But something told me to stay.

A little voice invited me to appreciate the solitude, to soak up the silence, and just be with the immense beauty of it all.

So I listened to that voice and I stayed.

Over the next ten minutes or so, I melted into the Oneness before me. No agenda. No expectation. No need to see anything.

Just me and Presence hanging out under the stars.

And that’s when astonishment arrived.

For the next hour I stared in amazement as the meteor shower above my head turned stardust into the most extraordinary entertainment. One shooting star after another filled the night sky, some with long streams of light trailing behind.

Mystery. Awe. Wonder. Magic. An experience to remember.

All because I surrendered to the wise little voice inside.

Later that night, as I crawled into bed feeling wrapped in the love of the Great Universe, I thought about that voice and how I need to pay more attention to her invitations.

Slow down, she tells me. Stay in one place for a while. Stop searching for what’s next. Give Life a chance to show up for you.

Wise indeed 95ab0184-01f5-4d49-909d-0dc57e656aa8.png.

This week's video

This week I found something fascinating that I wanted to share with you - the sounds of space. Listen to what Saturn, Neptune and the Earth sound like here.


antoinette atanasoff 28th August 2015 4:34 pm

Cheryl, the music of the spheres! Awesome. Thank you. And the animals last week were wonderful. Bless you.


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