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This week's rebroadcast is a newsletter I wrote after a visit from an angel at the gym.  Who knew I'd find one there :).  Keep your eyes open -- you never know when one will show up.  Here goes...

Several months ago while surfing the net I came across the following quote by Lawrence Kushner:

"We understand that ordinary people are messengers of the most high.  They go about their tasks in holy anonymity.  Often, even unknown to themselves.  Yet, if they had not been there, if they had not said what they said or did what they did, it would not be the way it is now.  We would not be the way we are now.  Never forget that you too yourself may be a messenger."

This week I had my own encounter with a messenger.  I'm in the process of finishing my next book and as I get close to the end I always feel sad at the thought of letting it go.  After a few days of being down in the dumps and unsuccessfully trying to lift my mood, I was tired of feeling depressed.  By 9pm on Tuesday night I was so fed up with myself that I decided to go to the gym in the hopes that working out would make me feel better.

While using one of the machines, a gentleman approached and said hello. He reminded me that we had met several years before at a social event.  We spoke for a while and during a discussion about something completely unrelated to my situation, he said: "There are times when you just have to surrender and completely accept your present circumstances in order for things to change."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when my eyes welled up with tears.  His message was a timely reminder that sometimes the best way to deal with difficult emotions is to simply accept and even embrace them.  At the end of our discussion I made it a point to let him know that I considered our meeting an act of grace.  I thanked him for delivering a message that my heart needed to hear.  By the next morning my sadness had lifted.

Every day we have an opportunity to give and receive messages.  Who knows? You might get an unexpected piece of advice during lunch with a co-worker that allows you to complete a stressful project with confidence and ease.  Or, your willingness to offer a bit of encouragement might keep a dream alive for someone who, unbeknownst to you, was on the verge of giving up.  The trick to being a messenger or receiving a message is simple:  You need to show up and pay attention. 

If you're in need of a message, don't forget to use our "Touch of Grace" button.  Thousands do every week.  You'll find it here.

Take Action Challenge

This week, be willing to spend a little extra time with others and keep your ears open!  You never know where your next message will come from...




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