The Attraction of Gratitude

This week, as I head off to Chicago to talk about the law of attraction, I thought I'd share an archived newsletter about a powerful method for drawing toward you more of what you want in life. It's about being grateful. When you stay connected to what you feel grateful for every day, you ignite the law of attraction by programming your subconscious mind to stay focused on what you love. The question then becomes: How do you remember to do this every day?

Here are a few ways to build a daily gratitude practice into your life:

  • Choose one activity you already do on a regular basis and align it with a gratitude ritual. For example, when brushing your teeth, make it a point to identify three things you feel grateful for. Or, once you finish going through the mail, take a few moments to think about the people in your life who make a difference -- the ones who support you, love you through anything, or who simply make you smile.
  • Keep several pages at the back of your journal as an ongoing gratitude list and just before you go to bed, list five or six things you feel grateful for. It's not only a smart way to stay connected to the abundance that already exists in your life, it's fun to review the list over time.
  • Make up a new gratitude game with the kids. When driving the kids to school in the morning (or making breakfast), announce that it's time to play the "Here's What I'm Grateful For" game. Ask the kids to yell out the things they appreciate. If you're willing to put up with a little eye-rolling, I'd suggest you try it with your teenagers, too. It's so, so important to help kids develop this habit early in life.
  • Before eating a meal, take a few moments to give thanks for the food. Then, during the meal, go around the table and have each person share one thing he or she feels grateful for. To take the conversation to an even deeper level, you might ask each person to name a challenge that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This ritual is a wonderful way to create a more intimate and meaningful experience.

When I think about all I have to feel grateful for, I'm reminded of the things that can easily be taken for granted. For example, today I feel grateful for the sunshine after several cloudy days, the gentle deer that graze in my backyard, my darling little cat, Poupon, and the hot, soothing shower that started my day off on the right track. What about you? What are you grateful for today? Write it down...

Take Action Challenge

Let today be the start of a new gratitude ritual. Here's an idea: Each week, when you receive this newsletter, let it serve as a reminder to stop and list ten things you feel grateful for as soon as you're done reading. You might even keep a little notebook near your computer. There's nothing like a grateful heart to get you started on a Monday morning!



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