The only New Year’s resolution you need to make

Every year on New Year’s Day I post the following message on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:  


It’s a popular message and I believe it’s because on a fundamental level, we all know that loving ourselves – appreciating who we are and valuing our own company – is the key to everything.  After all, we limit the good we allow into our lives by how worthy and deserving we feel.

Early this morning, as I hugged a warm cup of tea and stared outside at the rising sun, I thought about how I’d love myself more in 2019.  

I’d like to cultivate an ongoing awareness of my true nature – a soul whose consciousness extends beyond her physical body.  

I want to remember this truth, especially when I feel overly attached to anything.  

I’d like my soul to take the lead rather than my ego when it comes to making choices and decisions about my life.

I want to continue to simplify my home and office by removing what I don’t love or need.  

I look forward to sharing more quality time with curious, interesting, and fun people. 

And I intend to schedule more unstructured time to live spontaneously, responding to the desires that strike in the moment. 

As I’ve shared before, Louise Hay once told me:

“You will be with you longer than anyone else on the planet so why not make it a good relationship?”  

Loving yourself does just that.  This week, be sure to include this question in your thoughts about next year:  How will you love yourself more in 2019?  

Happy New Year! 

xo Cheryl



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