The Power of Applause: Become your own best audience

Today is my husband Michael’s birthday and last night we had a celebration with dear friends. After enjoying a fun meal together, Michael opened his presents and one, in particular, had us all speechless for a few moments.

Our friends, Bob and Melissa, gave Michael a beautiful rosewood-colored box. When Michael opened the box, there was nothing inside, however a soundtrack of joyful applause began to play.  We listened as cheers and clapping filled the air.  It was as if Michael had just finished an outstanding performance in front of an audience who had jumped to their feet to show their enthusiasm, appreciation and support.  We could literally feel the love .

As the applause died down, we all stood silently looking at each other.  Then, we laughed and talked about the power of the metaphor.  Imagine having access to applause, approval, appreciation, and acknowledgment for who you are, and all that you do, large or small, every day of your life?  How would things change? What risks would you take? Would you make different choices in your life?

While you might not have an applause box, there are things you can do to create the same support and inspired feelings.  Start with these three ideas:

  • Choose Your Audience Wisely. Surround yourself with people who see you and appreciate who you really are.  Make it a practice to keep the company of those who only want the very best for you.  Stop wasting your time trying to convince those who don’t “get” you or understand your choices in life. You need cheerleaders, not projects .
  • Become a Champion for Yourself. Speak kindly and positively to yourself all the time. Look in a mirror regularly and applaud your successes.  (I keep a makeup mirror on my desk for this purpose thanks to Louise Hay). Literally pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Get in the habit of being your own best supporter when things don’t go the way you planned.  Tell yourself, “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re learning and growing every day!”
  • Get the Message. Here’s something fun you can do right now.  Send loving daily messages to yourself using some kind of reminder software.  Say things like: You’re awesome! I think you’re terrific! You rock!  Or, I always have your back!  I use an app called “TellMeLater” that allows me to send an email to my computer and a text to my iphone with these fun, supportive messages.  While it might seem like a silly idea, trust me, you’ll smile anyway .

Human beings grow with love and support, not criticism or neglect.  Be your own best cheerleader and watch your life soar!

Take Action Challenge

Take at least one suggestion from above and implement it now. Get a mirror for your desk, set up regular reminder messages, or make a conscious effort to get together encouraging friends more often.  You deserve daily applause so let’s make it happen!

This week’s video is a fun birthday one for Michael.  We’ll see if he reads my newsletter .  Happy Birthday, honey! You’ll find it here.



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