Theme for 2010: Get motivated & inspired!

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were everything you hoped they would be. I've been enjoying some down time, thinking about my own personal theme for 2010. I was having a hard time choosing one so I finally let go and decided to let the theme of this year find me. And it did, last night, after dinner with friends.

During the evening we enjoyed good food and conversation, talking about everything from music and politics, to sharing a few of our favorite YouTube videos. As the night ended and we prepared to leave, our friend John said, "Hey, before you go I want to show you something inspiring on a DVD I have. It's Dave Matthews at Radio City Music Hall singing and playing guitar with his mentor Tim Reynolds. They're doing a song called "Crush" and it's an unbelievable performance." So we sat down in front of the TV to watch.

For years, friends have raved about Dave Matthews, but I never really checked him out. Boy can this man sing. Within seconds, the room felt electric and I was hooked. Our eyes were riveted to the screen. We were transported to a timeless state where you're filled with creative desire - a place we all go to when we witness someone channeling Divine Energy.

I was so moved during the piece that I found myself feeling jazzed and inspired to do things like take a dance class I've been meaning to take, add more provocative programming to our new Movers & Shakers workshop, edit a book I've been sitting on for three years, or set up the library/music room in our new home." Heck, I thought, "I might even get a tattoo!!!" (ok, just kidding ?).

At the end of the song, we all applauded and, as Michael and I drove home talking about the wonderful finale to our night with friends, I knew I wanted more experiences like that - the ones that inspire my creative impulse and drive me to do the things that bring me artistic satisfaction and joy.

And so, that's my personal theme for this year - "Living in a State of Creative Inspiration" - the kind of energy that motivates me to act. How about you? What's your theme?

If you need a little electric fuel to figure it out, start with this week's Take Action Challenge. You'll be glad you did!

Take Action Challenge

To get the inspiration and motivation going, I invite you to watch the first 7 ½ minutes of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performing "Crush" here.

And, throughout the year, I'll do my best to share an inspirational video with you each week. As a matter of fact, send me your favorites - short videos that move you in some way - and I may share yours in a future newsletter. You can send them to with "inspiring video" in the subject line. Thanks!



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