Why You Need To Experience A Moment of Transcendence

This morning I had a beautiful experience.  I’d just finished watching TV when I decided to get up, put my teacup in the sink, and start the day.  I walked to the window to look out over the reservoir behind my home, and just as I did, I saw two white swans lift up off the water.  

I stood and watched as they moved through the air, wings outstretched like graceful arms.  As they floated over the mirror-like surface of the lake, I quickly put down my cup and ran out to the deck to take in their beauty.  

The scene was magical.  

They flew close to the water, nearly skimming the surface, as they made a wide loop around the reservoir.  Then they flew all the way back around to where they started and made the same loop again.  

As I watched the flight unfold, I felt a rush of emotion.  How lucky was I to see this happen? Such beauty and grace.

I wondered if the swans were delivering some kind of message.  Or was it merely a coincidence that I stood when I did to see their beauty take flight?

I was so moved by the experience that I started to cry.  It was a transcendent moment, the kind that connects you to your True Self, the part that’s all-knowing, loving, and open-hearted. 

It’s a part that I’m more connected to these days now that I’ve stopped traveling so much and been able to be more present to my life. 

It was time.  For years I stretched myself so far beyond my comfort zone that I thought for sure I’d break.  I became a masterful hoop jumper because I wanted to be seen, to feel like I belonged, and ultimately to know that I mattered. 

The needs we all share as human beings.

While I feel blessed and grateful for all my success, I’m also painfully aware that I expended so much energy trying to find something out there that was within me all along. 

It’s the hero’s journey, a journey we’re all invited to take.  Initiation by trial and error, waiting for some kind of spiritual intervention that will wake us up so we stop running in circles and come home to ourselves.

Like the swans flying the same loop over and over again. 

I wish I could bottle this truth and give it to others so they wouldn’t suffer so much.  But it wouldn’t work. 

You’d drink the potion but never be healed. 

Because we all must make the hero’s journey – going in and out of relationships that don’t work; staying in places we know we should leave; doing the same stupid things over and over again until we’re fortunate enough to have a transcendent moment that breaks the spell. 

Then we remember the truth and take a left turn.

Or a right.

Either way, we make a different choice in spite of how scared or uncertain we feel and life starts to get better.

I’m grateful to the beautiful, white angels who reconnected me to my True Self this morning.  

And I wish you a transcendent moment of your own. 

Go out into nature.  There’s a good chance you’ll find one there. 


This week's video

Here’s a fifteen second transcendent moment .  Check it out here.


criggan 26th September 2014 8:35 am


Congratulations on finding this moment. I have found that when I have slowed down and really see around me when I am not so rushed and busy these happen. I have also been guided that we no longer need gurus to help us on our journey. Wise advisors are helpful but not others who seem to portray themselves as all-knowing. I admire your work. Your vulnerability and truth is refreshing.

Chris Riggan

Rainbow Princess 29th September 2014 4:39 am

Thank You Cheryl! Beautiful message!

Love :thumbs:


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