Answers to the Question of Balance

Today I answer questions about living in the world, questions about living in balance. The first thing that I will tell you that the little mind will reject is that there is no world, no world apart from Me, nothing that is separate from this Love. Every moment that you believe the input of your two eyes, of your little mind and ego – in that moment you recreate The Fall.

I know that this may seem difficult. After all you have been deeply programmed to believe in this dream of separation and all the tendrils of the dream. But you also find your heart awakening to the remembrance of eternal life and your heart even now is claiming that these things are your inheritance – the fullness of perfection, the perfect expression of joy and the peace and prosperity of God I Am being fulfilled here and now in you.

Yet, every moment you still are admitting input from the ego mind and its world. Even though you then reject them, they are still entering your field. The only thing that is going to replace them, beloved one, is My Love and the powerful passionate and tender experience of My relationship with you – until I fill your heart, your sights, your very being, until I am your every breath; until each beat of your heart is the rhythm that sings forth the name of God.

Once you are truly living in this deep communion with Me and sourcing your life from the Now Moment effortlessly in Me, what you will find, beloved ones, is a world of sparkling beauty filled with dancing electrons of Light and glorious Love. Even the symbols of the world of reversal will reveal to you their beauty for you will see easily the places that the energy has been reversed and effortlessly restore it. The power of your living presence connected to the Vertical life will restore every symbol around you into the experience of the heart.

What I want you to truly and deeply feel is where you source your life and where you source the world of your feelings, each and every moment. Once you truly see this and draw truly close to Me, your life will be an experience of ecstasy and beauty that shall transform your very life as you experience it in the world. That which you named your body will be the expression of grace and beauty and limitless life and functioning perfectly as you will it. The joy of beholding the glorious Christ heart functioning here and now will be that which transforms the world of limitation into the world of the living spirit.

You have tended to feel that to serve the world you must somehow be grounded in it. The truth is that perspective simply recreates the world again as something solid and dense and separate and something opposite from the spirit. The truth is that it is all spirit and there is no separation. Alive in the glorious Now Moment in the singing joy of the Real, every life stream is given its purpose and moves forth to create more Love. Each life stream is ever interacting with other streams of life creating new patterns, new mandalas of ecstasy and joy, new designs of sweet interaction and the multiplication of Love and the service to the Moment of Creation as the heart of God itself.

Your life on Earth is no different. It is simply the living Now Moment allowing the expression of God to be experienced here and now. This experience is Love flowing out from your heart in greeting to bless every life stream before it and to acknowledge its divinity. How can this be any different from the life I ask you to live each Now Moment in service to Love in that which you call life on Earth?

So the balance that I ask you for is remembering the truth of each Now Moment. It is the waiting on God I Am to bring forth Love as you. Once this impetus comes, it is the expression of this Love in holographic ways by embracing and amplifying Love wherever I focus you.

There is nothing any different here in this life in the world of symbols. The expression of Love as symbols will come forth effortlessly from you, and your interaction with the symbols of life on Earth becomes exactly as life in the Real -- the honoring of every life stream and the amplification of Love, the honoring of the deep divinity within every electron of life and the allowing of your heart as Love’s conduit in every Now Moment.


Beloved God, we open our hearts into the glorious communion with You and with each other. We ask You, God, to join our hearts together and to create of our hearts a living vortex through which to pour Your Love amplified to bless this Earth, to be focused in us, through us and as us. Thank You, God, for the Love that we share, the Love that You are and the Love that we are in You. Thank You for the gift of this spirit family that we can share this Love together.

I ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight as I join my heart with my beloved, Doug, and of course with each beloved heart here. I call to all beings of Light who assist us in this awakening of Love on Earth. Amen

Let us begin by opening our hearts, wider and wider and as we do, feel our heart connecting with each other and feeling the Light and heat and energy where our hearts join … as we create this glorious circle of living Love together and feel the energy moving now, heart to heart to heart, clockwise, creating this vortex…

Now, opening your heart perception, see with the heart’s single eye the living dancing Light of Love pouring through us now. Notice how easily we can encompass the world in Love, embracing every heart with God’s blessing. Now we also share the living breath that moves through the whole of Love as together we let our breath out and take a deep breath in and breathing out, let all tension simply fall away. Breathing in again, feel the Light filling you and breathe out all old limited human identities and breathe into your limitless nature.

Breathe out the Love of God you are, breathing in now to the very Moment of Creation and breathing out Love’s energy. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation and breathing out the atomic power of Love. Breathing in to the vast consciousness and breathing out Light into the world. With every breath expanding into the divine feelings and every breath out becoming the breath of the living spirit until this breath of life is breathing you, and you are pure awareness as the living heart of God I Am, one Love always.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, allow your heart to speak to you and to show you the connection of all life together. As you breathe in now, into My Love, expanding, allow yourself to rest fully in Me, and as you rest in My living presence, I rock you in My Love and focus your precious attention now on your heart. Breathe into your heart center. It opens to reveal to you the truth of your living glory as the heart of God I Am. Can you see the beautiful golden petals of Light of you who are Divine Feminine, and can you see the pure immaculate white of Divine Masculine as it blazes?

As your heart center opens, allow it to draw you now down into it as you float in consciousness into the glorious vortex of your own Twin Flame heart. Now in the center of this living flower, radiant star of Light, it speaks to you of your purpose as the heart of Love always, eternal, present, powerful and all-embracing Love, wrapping you now in the presence of our holy communion.

As your heart continues to open, its rays of Light are shining in all directions everywhere into the All of Love, and your heart vision is unlimited. These rays of Light continue on and on and on into the glorious Real of Love. You now become one with your heart’s vision. As your consciousness expands out into the cosmos, you are the rays of heart Light. As you let yourself become them, you are the preceptors through which Love feels the universe.

As these rays of living Light reach forth from your heart now, beloved one, feel each living stream of Light. Each ray of dancing consciousness that you encounter, feel it deeply. As each ray connects, you feel the living resonance of each molecule of Light as it speaks to your heart center. Every touch of every atom vibrates its name through you up through the rays of Light into your glorious heart.

Every stream of living Light, every movement of God I Am is now singing perfectly its song into the chamber of your heart. Can you feel the living music of life stream after life stream. Each is unique in its resonance and each is miraculous in its mystery as the perfection of Love naming itself “God I Am”
in countless patterns of Light and Love, blessed streams of living Light and each one is now singing in your magnificent heart.

The music of Creation is alive in your heart and your heart now expands to hold it all. To feel this much life is truly ecstatic as the song of life sends its waves of music through you and the song of life continues as it becomes a deep communion in which your heart expresses itself as well as receiving by giving the Love I Am and sending it back outward perfectly attuned to every life stream.

Matching the vibration impeccably, the Love is now singing forth through you, beloved one(s), exactly what is needed by each stream of life, by every atom, by every electron, because your heart reads each molecule and responds in joy. Your heart now as it sings in jubilation is My song, beloved one(s), singing now as you, and you feel the joy rising as the music continues to rise and grow and expand and be matched perfectly by you.

This perfect precision of Love’s communion: this is what I ask and I Am in you as you sing forth the perfection of the living heart of God I Am in sweet heart communion with all life. And now beloved heart of God, let your heart perception stretch even further out into the All of Love until you touch the other heart cells also streaming forth their Love. Make the connection with all the other Twin Flame hearts that are the heart of God, now.

As you do so, can you feel the electricity? Can you feel the amplification of your own Twin Flame Love? Can you feel now the beautiful dancing pattern of living Love that you create together as the heart of God I Am? The song of life that sings forth now as your name in Me is blended with every other cell, every Twin Flame consciousness in the heart of Love.

Feel the amplification now of the Love blazing as the atomic power of your Love heats up and feel your Twin Flame’s presence as you add your intention to the expansion, the amplification to making more and more Love. Now, feeling all the dancing cells, feeling the sweet and endless communion, I gently now turn your focus back to life on Earth. From this glorious view of the Real, so free and vast and limitless, beloved ones, please look now with the very same heart perception at every life on Earth.

Can you see with the eye of your heart the stunning beauty of the world and see, beloved ones, all the currents of Light? See the movement of the life streams that are named the elements and see the atoms and electrons of Earth herself? Can you see the Earth as a living glorious Light being, fully alive and glorious, functioning Love, vibrant ever-moving, limitless and radiating the Light of God I Am?

Recognizing through your heart the vast unlimited heart of God that life on Earth is nothing different…it is all this same life energy, vibrating songs of the spirit, and this, beloved ones, I ask you to make your view of the world.

Now, dearest ones, I bring every heart of every person on Earth into your view and ask that you send the rays of Light, those rays of heart perception now to touch each heart on Earth, each heart in the world, gently…and allow your heart perception to register the resonance. Open your heart to receive it, each precious one’s song of Love. Allow it now to come into your heart and feel it as it resonates, song after song, vibration upon vibration, resonance after resonance – until every heart focused on Earth is alive in your heart in the Real.

Alive in your vast and magnificent heart that is the Twin Flame womb. Receiving My Love from the Moment of Creation, I ask you to match it perfectly to every resonance, allowing your heart to do this effortlessly and to pour Love matched perfectly to every heart in the world, every heart that is perceiving itself as part of a world of separation, matched in the deep vibration of the true heart of God he/she is.

Now, dearest ones, I amplify the perfect Love that each one is. I open your heart and pour through you the perfect song of Love for every heart on Earth now. You, dearest ones, can feel this perfect attunement of Love as joy rushing through you, as ecstasy, singing through your whole being. As your heart feels these songs joining in billion part harmony effortlessly, I ask you to wrap them now in your Love and hold them perfectly in balance, every heart amplified and honored for the pure unique resonance of God it is.

Now your heart will show you the world as the moving patterns of Light emitted from ecstatic hearts of joy and through your Love, I extend this connection with the Real and connect each heart on Earth together in a living song of unity. You, beloved heart, please amplify this Love. With every breath please fan the flame in every heart in the world. Every breath – let it be fanning the flames of Love in every heart on Earth as they remember the truth.

Heart after heart awakening and your heart feels it and sings the song in harmony with the Moment of Creation. Breath after breath now building amazing Light until the hearts on Earth become another living mandala of Love. Your heart now feels the pattern of My heart as the world, whole, magnificent and perfect and fully conscious.

This view of life I ask of you -- through the heart from Real always, that you become the living bridge from the Real to the world, that the world may know itself as the living Light of Love I Am. Every breath amplifies this Love, every breath connects you, first, to the Moment of Creation and then to the flame of life in the world in every precious heart, fanning the flames of Love until the song is endless and all life sings now in harmony, always.

You are expanded into the Real completely. Your body is a star field of the living cosmos, diamond Light all through you as beauty speaks itself through every living breath of Love you are. Oh beloved heart of God, can you feel your heart singing as it feels the resonance of all life everywhere, and the joy you feel is expanding and growing, growing exponentially? More joy and more embracing every precious life stream’s song and all of it is honored in your Twin Flame heart as together you are the amplifier of every song of joy.

Now, all life is singing only songs of ecstasy and all that believed in shadows has remembered their names, names of Light and expansiveness, names of living Love, names of the tri-fold consciousness of God I Am and you, My glorious Twin Flame heart.



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