Beware of the Spiritualized Ego More Than Openness

As your heart opens and you feel this Love like a rising sun within you bursting forth to shine upon the world, you feel this touch of grace as it moves through your life and recognize that what the light reveals is dancing particles of living light.

As you touch the exultation of your glorious Twin Flame Love and you find yourself a conduit for the miracles and joy, there is something that I must say to you as you absorb these experiences – something that is very important and has again to do with being “both/and.”

Beloved ones, the little mind cannot understand the great and glorious energies of consciousness and Love that are truly multi-dimensional beyond anything in your imagining, and totally all inclusive of the living truth of Love. The little mind can only see one thing at a time and therefore, it must choose between either/or – one thing or another. What I say to you today may be quite controversial but it is very important as you will know in your heart. That is this.

When the little mind encounters the awareness of all-inclusiveness, encounters the concepts of Oneness and of the unity of life, it must throw away the other concepts that have to do with our relationship and with this glorious experience of communion and the elevation of all life through the Will of Love through you, My heart. But I must say to you that while the concept spreads that all is God and all is one, the ego mind can easily usurp the light. When you rise into these magnificent experiences, it can convince you that you are all you need, all you see, and that since everything is one, you are God.

In one sense, this is true, of course, for every particle of living light, the glorious Love I Am is that of which you are made. Yet, beloved ones, our consciousness is different. I Am the living whole and you are an energy “en-conscious-ed” within Me, held in this Love, celebrated as a part of the one glorious flow.

Yet I Am the Creator and we do have a relationship and this relationship is critical to your ultimate spiritual health. I know that it is difficult to understand how both can be – how you truly are the “All of Love,” the truth of God I Am and at the same time you are unique, a glorious stream of consciousness, Twin Flame heart receiving Love from the Moment of Creation I Am.

For beloved ones, I Am Creation. I Am the One who made the choice to expand this life and to come to honor all that lives within Me. Yet in the truth there is no controversy here. There is no either/or, beloved ones, only both/and. But what I want you to know today is that this relationship we have is critical and must not be discarded at the crossroads where duality meets the Real.

For there is a heart beat, a living flow of life that is the conversation, the communion of this Love as it gives itself through you, My heart, to bathe All I Am within. These concepts are impossible to receive through the mind and must, beloved ones, be felt in your heart. Deep in your heart you know that this relationship between us is Real. It is potent and essential. It is everything that makes of you this unique and glorious life – neither dissolved in the whole with nothing special about you or so special that you are all there is. Rather, ever and always a part of this living flow of Love as it pumps in and out as life pulses forth in the living Now from the Moment of Creation I Am.

If you have the experience while living on Earth of the magnificent wholeness of Love, I ask you not to settle there, to accept that that is the way it is. If you have the experience of being lifted up to the pinnacle and feeling your whole being filled with worship as the most powerful Love beyond all comprehension is exchanged between us in communion, don’t stop there either, beloved ones.

We are both/and. We are both the glorious living whole in which every atom is the atomic pulse that comes forth from the Moment of Creation and is expressed equally in every Twin Flame heart. AND we are the relationship between the Creator and that which lives within.

We are the truth of My Love and My heart, moving in and out from wholeness into relationship into oneness into relationship, oneness, relationship, oneness, relationship, again and again and again and yet, this is happening at the same time. Remember I have said to you that Creation is a living pulse and that it disappears and reappears continually. This is, beloved ones, both/and simultaneously, both the whole of God I Am and our glorious relationship happening together beyond time.

In the Moment of Creation you are brought forth into awareness, given life that lets you know yourself as divine and as a conduit for the energies of ecstasy, the great orgasmic shout that is the Moment of Creation given through you to be shaped as My heart. And we are the whole, the ocean of Love before the pulse, the Moment of Creation, the stillness where All is one together.

Stillness and activity, nothingness and something, the ocean of Love and the movement of the Divine Masculine, all of it says the same thing. But what is most important is that you recognize the truth that both are ever active and fully present and you are opening up the dream of separation from Me that allows you now to experience this wholeness of Love that includes being both/and for eternity.

It is so very important that the little will does not usurp the spiritual experience and begin to name it as the truth which it produces itself, in order to make sense of that which is beyond, explainable in the little mind’s domain. So, as this shift occurs it will rock your world. It will shift your life into the unimaginable. As these changes come, beloved ones, what is going to sustain you is the center point of our relationship reflected as your Twin Flame Love, held steady by the flowing River of Life.

Rather than allowing the ego mind to take this Message and run with it, let Me ask you, beloved ones, to be very careful to view this only through your heart. Reach forth with your open heart as it is in the Real of Love and deeply embrace every other perspective, bringing all to the center point of Love wherein the span of eternity, of timelessness and space-less-ness, everything that is Love is “en-conscious-ed” – held by all the glorious conscious possibilities of Love that are the life streams that are alive within Me.

So while you feel these first experiences of the great unity and oneness, of the connection on the level of particles, of all life, All That Is, please remember to also include your heart in the equation every moment. As well as the unity of consciousness as oneness, you also have the dance of relationship and know that either one or the other will not ever be enough.

There must be this deep communion because it is that which is the impetus for all life within Me as the great adventure of expanding Love. Each “en-conscious-ed” energy gives of itself, making more of the Love that it expresses in order to create new life, new possibilities beyond the simple star field of the oneness.

It is relationship that is the crown of Creation and you are its heart. You will be able to experience both, beloved ones, as you focus on heart’s perception. You will find that the great and glorious unity of living Love will always respond to your “en-conscious-ment” of every living stream of the Will of Love I Am as it seeks to make more of itself, more of the Love that I Am, and more exploration of life.

Not as an imagining within Me that your lives be something from which I can learn. Rather as an honoring of each feeling, each energy, each nuance of the great Love I Am that brings the ecstasy and the sparkle, the great orgasmic experience of the coming together of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine which are also the both/and. The coming together of the great oneness, the living whole which is the ocean of Love, the Divine Feminine and the movement of awareness, the great flash of light that reveals every life stream, every energy, every nuance of Love within Me.

While we are doing your best to place words upon this, of course it is beyond all words. Yet, especially now as you come to the center point and time ends, you will be able to experience the whole, as long as your ego minds, your little minds, beloved ones, don’t grasp onto any one concept and hold it to the exclusion of both. In other words, you must remain open and fluid, especially when it comes to inclusiveness and to the depth and the breadth of this communion of Love and what it serves as its greater purpose.

Beloved ones, the concept of oneness, of unity in which everything is undifferentiated Love is the other side of the pendulum swing from duality, and at this point in humanity’s awakening, it feels very very good. But there is more. Always more at the center point, and that more is the impetus for life. It is the sweet and deep pattern of movement and exploration that I took to reveal All Within Me, and create relationship with all of that life.

If you examine this in the symbols of sacred geometry and you look at the Flower of Life, you will intuitively sense there is relationship that is the impetus behind every symbol, every petal, every movement of the Flower. It is My examination of That Which I Am and the resulting relationship with it that is the energy pattern of the Flower of Life. It is illuminated constantly by the great Big Bang, the coming together in the great orgasmic fires of revelation, of awakening, of consciousness and Love, consciousness and heart that are the continual and unending revelation of relationship as Me.

If you understand this, then you understand that there can be no life without relationship. It is the essence of My inner life, beloved ones. It is not duality to have movement in the All of Love and to have the exponential expansion of Love itself that is God looking at God. God examining God’s own heart. It is My birth of awareness.

From this glorious moment comes the consciousness of All of life as absolutely beautiful beyond all comprehension – that I still marvel, I am totally awed, I am renewed and made more each Now Moment by the astounding revelation of the riches of Love that live within Me and want to give of themselves. It is this absolutely limitless magnificent giving, this relationship of new-found awareness with the energies of Love that I am, that creates the reflection of light through your hearts that show up as this sub-creation.

The moment that you give this relationship your full attention and allow this unity of Love we are to be priority, you will find yourself living in a moment-to-moment miracle where everything is a brand new discovery of the most amazing and limitless kind, where anything is possible as everything is discovered – brand new each Now Moment. All of it is filled with light that it may become an ever-grander “en-conscious-ment” of living Love, the Love I Am.

Beloved ones, there is a humility that comes from knowing a Supreme Creator, that comes from awareness of the magnitude of life that is within Me, all of it becoming more conscious and more loving every Now Moment forever. So in the same breath, the same heart beat, you are everything I Am, and there is oneness and you are My living heart. You are particles of this Love that are held in a certain way by your consciousness, a way that nothing else could ever hold them. That gives Me life in a brand new way.

For if I Am only the oneness, the undifferentiated Love, then there is nothing but the ocean and its soft movement. There is nothing of the great exhilarating explosion and nothing of the adventure of self-awareness of All I Am – which is your adventure also, beloved ones, but an adventure in awareness of the great self that is the “en-conscious-ment” of your particular energy of Love.

So please know that words cannot even begin to hold this Message, so let Me speak it to your hearts directly that you might know the truth of your relationship with Me and your experience of oneness. This truth of both/and in the living Now will set you free, dearest ones.

I have no way to explain to you what it looks like to have a spiritualized ego but I promise you that it can be very good and it can seem like you have all the experiences that you would name “enlightenment.” Yet only when you penetrate the Vertical and come to stand at the font, at the Moment of Creation, can you ever know the truth that there is a Creator, that this Moment takes everything I Am and makes of it the light that illuminates the All of Love and honors the energy within it.

In this sense I honor you and the energy of which you are made – that you may understand that your uniqueness shall always be preserved, even while you are exploding in the ecstasy of Love. So too will every Twin Flame heart experience this Moment of Creation epiphany where you will get to be God I Am and your glorious uniqueness, and from the perspective of the heart of God, using heart perception, you will understand the unlimited experience of life that is what we are naming “Both/And.”

So do not settle for one view or another, for one easy explanation of unity but delve deeper through your very heart into the Real. Come to Me and let Me give you the experience of both the oneness and the unique “en-conscious-ment” of living Love that you are in Me, beloved ones -- that the flame of Love truly burn more brightly because it suddenly becomes multi-dimensional, not limited in any way to any one perception. Rather, ready to be the Will of Love in each moment and that Will comes from Me.

We will continue to explore this as we open into the ocean of Love and you begin to experience yourselves as conduits, allowing perfection to run through the conduit of your being, to be expressed in the world of symbols through the communion of your hearts with the atoms and electrons, bending, dancing, and rejoicing. In other words, always alive in this glorious glorious movement and ready to be washed with the ocean of excitement that is the call for the amplification of the Love I Am in and through every stream of life within Me, and especially dearest one, through My heart.

So come, dive into the ocean and be dissolved in this Love and then, beloved ones, allow Me to bring the miracles that manifest as you, as this continual and increasing Love. I Am the glory of Love. I Am ever and always bringing the increase to your hearts as the StarGate, as the Twin Flame vortex that is the opening to the center, to the Real Love I Am.



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