Creating from the Real Through Consciousness and Love

As you open yourself to this Light, beloved ones, remember that this is your Home and when you feel My touch upon you, remember that I Am here for all eternity and we are close, closer than the very breath that you breathe. We are One. When you feel Love rise in your heart and overflow in great pulsations, know that Love is your true and everlasting feeling nature and these are the pillars of your being, of your life, of all you are, and they are the keys to all Creation instantly. Light, Love and God.

All of consciousness is Light and Light is moved by consciousness. Love is that which moves all of the energies in Creation. So when you are understanding the power of transformation, recognize that you are working with consciousness and Love and these two things united in Me through the conduit of your being open to you all the vistas of complete co-creation.

So as you are born anew in every glorious Now, what you do with the power of consciousness and Love determines everything that you experience. What I am seeking to do in you is to make of you the true alchemy that when consciousness and Love are acknowledged and awakened, then you understand the physical through the feeling experience from the Real as pure dancing electrons of Light moved always by Love.

As we step into the era of the New World and you create for Me a world of beauty and peace in which My children can rest and recover from this long torturous dream of separation, I want you to understand that Creation is instantaneous and happens, as I have always said, as the result of each Now Moment's pulse as it pours to you in all dimensions.

So as you open your heart and you open your consciousness and you experience the whole of your being, then the truth of life on Earth becomes available to you and you can experience what you've known as physicality as simply these movements and the interaction of consciousness and Love. Yet you must acknowledge that with each Now Moment the world is created through you again - through your heart, beloved ones, and your consciousness.

If one moment you are aligned with Me and you are living in your true expansive nature, but the next moment you are believing the world you see, then what you are creating is confusion and what you will have is a bumpy ride through time as you begin your transformational unfolding.

Time is essentially the refusal to allow the great movements of the cosmos through you. Rather, to create in them this opening and then restriction that makes you bump along, creating change, just as you create distance - through your perception of what is Real. So I want to lift you up into the truth of Light and the power of Love and help you overcome this old imagining that change can only come over time and that you are evolving.

Nothing can be farther from the truth for you have been with Me. You have opened your heart. You have experienced this Love. You understand that the Real is endless. Now bring that truth here into your life and recognize the dancing electrons of your body and of everything that makes up your world, and touch them with your consciousness. Move them with your Love and acknowledge their place in Creation as fully conscious beings, part of the hologram of God I Am.

Every moment hold the truth of life and Light and Love and joy unlimited. You will bring this forth instantly in what you would previously have seen as miracles -- becoming truly the "en-conscious-ment" of God in and as the world since the world comes forth from you. This world is held within your great heart and therefore, is blessed and loved by it and is protected by the tender Christ you are, as you understand the truth of awakening and how every person's reality can change the moment they truly understand through experience that they are the great River of Life. They are the God power of Love.

As a Twin Flame heart, you are unlimited. In the Real all Creation is open to you. Now bring this here and cease creating the old world that it may no longer even come into your view. Even though others may continue to create strife and separation, if you live in the New World vibration, none of it need touch you because you are the living example of freedom.

Let freedom be that cosmic bell that is ringing in your heart and make the choice to let it fill your consciousness. Let it swell your awareness of your Real heart until you feel yourself as this living "en-conscious-ment" of the very Moment of Creation itself.

With every breath, breathe the Light until you know it as your whole beautiful being, including that which you see as physical. Open your heart to feel the Love and to experience your true capacity to love as the heart of God I Am which in itself is a miracle. The Love that you are as this great beating heart can change the world instantly and shine forth the example of the living Christ that others may see and say "Yes" and their lives may also be transformed.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and ask that You make of us Your pure Love. We ask that You join our hearts together, God, into one glorious heart and we give ourselves to You in service, tonight and always. Make of us a vortex of Love and pour Your Love through us perfectly to the world. We give our will and our hearts over to you now and every moment and we ask always
to be a conduit of blessing for all life everywhere, to truly be Your heart, God, fully functioning.

I call to all beings of Light and ask that you assist us, that you be here with us and assist us always in amplifying our Creator's Love and blessing the world with it. God, I open my heart, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As we begin with our hearts open wider and wider, we begin to feel our hearts touching and blending together. As they blend the Love amplifies and the power lifts and the energy begins moving clockwise between us. We are aware now that we are a heart functioning. We pour forth this Love in service to the Earth for her transformation now.

As we feel this Love moving through us, so we also share the one breath that is the breathing life of the whole of Love. As we let our breath out and take a deep breath in, that Light and that Love of God fills us and we breathe it out through our hearts into the world. Breathing in again, we lift up into the communion with God and breathe out that endless Love into the world in blessing.

Breathing in through our hearts upward, into the Real and its expansive joy, we breathe out that joy into the world. Breathing in now, we open to the glorious Twin Flame communion and breathe out that fire of Love to ignite Love in humanity. Breathing in again, we rise swiftly all the way to the very Moment of Creation itself and breathe out that explosion of Light into the world effortlessly. Breathing in through every atom and electron of our being, and breathing out pure Light through every atom and every cell.

And now, beloved ones, My precious heart, open your heart and consciousness to Me. Feel this Light pour through you lifting you into the pure Light we share. Tonight as you feel this sweet and tender communion, let yourself simply float into My arms, My care, into the ocean of Love effortlessly. Holding to this perfect Love, we begin a new journey opening heart and consciousness into service to the world, as you become the Arc of My Covenant of awakening for all.

Beloved ones, tonight, rather than opening your heart's doorway, tonight we shall rise in the consciousness of pure service to the awakening of God I Am on Earth in every heart, in every life, in every atom, in every electron. Everything that breathes this breath that we share. So as you feel the breath of God breathing you effortlessly and the Light washing through your being, I lift you now carefully upward in vibration, yet keeping you connected to the precious ones on Earth.

As you rise upward, you move through the layers of consensual reality, the dream of the world, and you are looking now outward upon the world in all its splendor and in all its aspects of humanity. As you see before your consciousness all the Earth people, your consciousness now connects to all of them instantly, creating the great web of consciousness, the pattern of a new life being born, beloved ones, through you.

Now your great heart, oh, beloved of God, each one of you, feel Me opening your heart completely until you truly feel the power of your Love, the Love that you are as My heart loving effortlessly every precious life in the world. Your heart, that great star of Light, blazes forth in glory and the rays of Light now connect with every being and the Love pours through you, the universal heart beat feeding this Love we are until your heart now holds perfect awareness of every life stream, and especially every human being, every point of focus for these universal beings who are dreaming this dream of separation.

Now your heart beats as the heart of humanity. Can you feel every person alive within it? Now you know that as the living Christ of God, every person's life is yours, yours to love and yours to raise up to Me. Standing on this threshold between the world and the Real of Love, you remember this position perfectly, don't you? As the Christed heart of God that agreed to this service, to be the Arc of My Covenant and the awakening out of the dream of two powers.

As you feel the world and every life dreaming all the convoluted experiences of duality, so too do you also feel the beauty and the freedom of the Real of Love washing through your being and moving outward through heart and consciousness to every life on Earth. As you feel your heart beat pulsing as the living center of My Love and the radiant splendor of your Twin Flame before you creates a rhythm that is the element, the essence of Creation, the heart beat from which life is made.

This pulse of pure Light, of power and ecstasy washes through your heart into the world and perfectly connects to every precious human heart, bringing them the truth of this Love and the remembrance of the unity we share. Now holding humankind tenderly within you, wrapped in this circle of our Love, now I lift you easily upward into the Real of Love. Holding humankind to your heart, in your heart, cherishing every precious life, it is time to bring them Home into this Love effortlessly and trusting My Love, relax into this sweet and eternal communion and the constant washing in My grace.

As these waves of grace, Light and beauty flow through your vast and open being, rest, beloved ones, in Me. Rest in My Love, breathing your freedom, taking in My perfect nurturance of you. As you breathe this Light and are nourished by this Love, in your heart humanity is nourished with you, and you can feel these waves of the nourishment that comes from Me moving into the matrix of Earthly life and connecting through your heart and through your consciousness to the pattern of life on Earth and setting life free.

As you rest once again in My Love, keeping your focus always on Me, you are aware of the Love I Am living through you and the breath of God breathing you, and every moment all life speaks to your heart. All life alive to Love and joy. And now, you are gifting this perfect freedom, fullness of joy, perfection of grace and blessing to all of humankind through your heart.

Beloved, now, I lift your consciousness to Me and open your awareness into the Light, and moving outward expanding into the cosmos, opening into the glorious freedom I Am. This freedom flows through your consciousness and your heart, and you are aware that you are the bridge of Love and consciousness bridging all of life and serving all Creation, every Now, nourishing the great web of consciousness and the pulsing cosmos of Love.

In the center of it all your heart beats and in your heart a pearl of exquisite beauty and that pearl is the world held in your Love, connected to this glorious cosmos by your Twin Flame heart - two flames as one, blazing, bringing life forth and energy to that precious pearl. Your consciousness is the bridge between the Real of God I Am, this glorious, endless, perfect Love and the matrix of glorious Light, and the dream of a world of duality. The dream that is ending now as your heart brings the awakening.

As you feel the truth of your being, that you are this free endless Love and you are truly omni-dimensional, existing everywhere at once, dearest, precious heart of Love, you are free and awake and you are the world and the Arc of Light shining between, sparking transformation and rebirth into a new glorious relationship with Me, washed in the joy and the ecstasy of this exploding life now.

As you become fully aware of all dimensions at once, beloved, precious heart of the One, every moment this life speaks through you as the breath and life and truth of unity, that we are so close. We breathe this one breath and your heart beat is My energy and My Love is the core of your being and the reason for your existence. There is no difference, no separation, and yet, there is relationship. This is the living miracle of this sweet and eternal communion, this gift that you are to Me as My conscious and beautiful heart.

Can you feel yourself as a part of this miracle in which we are both the same and we love each other? And we share so intimately that there is no separation and yet I live in you and you live in Me... This glorious life is the miracle of Love, ever becoming more of itself. This Love is alive in you. It is the truth of your heart growing, and you can feel its power, its energy and its will expanding outward from your center until you are truly the same explosion - you are the Moment of Creation and you are the great movement of God.

You are the great receiver, the feminine, and together, these forces are your own Twin Flame energy, beating as the center of the One, the heart of All That Is, outward, ever the expansion of Love and the blazing forth of more awakening, for I Am ever growing into greater experiences of Light and Love, and you are the heart that grows with Me, and as the conduit of this Light, the center of All That Is.

Now, beloved, as you take this in, all dimensions of your being are open to you. The living Whole, the vast and glorious cosmos, the perfect Twin Flame Love with the pearl in the center of your heart and the focus within that pearl awakening that point which you name human being - all fully accessible, every aspect of your great being. The Light and Love connecting every one until all are harmony and grace and the pearl becomes a Twin Flame energy. It is blazing forth in freedom.

Only heart and consciousness can show you this experience of your heart becoming more through the world's awakening. Can you feel how every thread of human life in the world is a thread within your glorious being? It now brings to your heart a richer depth, a greater and greater capacity for joy and to your consciousness, a new beautiful pattern that is the gift coming out of the transformation of the dream of being separate from Me.

Your heart understands this gift, and understanding, blesses the world and all elements of this vast being that is all that you are alive in Me. It is gifted now with full and unending consciousness where every part of your being is awake and functioning, and thus, all separation is gone. What was the dream of duality becomes the shining gem, the diamond faceting of your heart now fully conscious and blazing forth streams of crystalline energy, creating a new matrix of consciousness for a heart of even more dimensionality -- a richer, even more multi-faceted energy and a greater more powerful Twin Flame Love - a reflection of the expansion of Love I Am, the gift we share from this awakening into the All of Love as more, more Light, more consciousness and more capacity to give this Love multiplied exponentially to all Creation now.

As you feel this Light rushing through your being, bathing your consciousness, enlivening every electron of your being and the waves of Love pulsing now through your heart in waves of ecstasy washing All That Is through this gift you are... and gently I bring your focus, the focus of the heart of God I Am to the pearl of the world that is within it.

As I do, with your consciousness awake to the whole, I ask you to follow this point of focus across the Arc of My Covenant of consciousness and Love, all the way now into the center of that pearl, connecting with your identity as a human being but fully awake to the truth of Light and Love. All that you see is dancing electrons of Light, moved by the waves of Love.

As I bring your focus now into the world as well as the Real of Love and your heart becomes your mode of perception, every moving molecule is shimmering, the dancing expression of this Love I Am and the Light of consciousness that arranges it. As you look across the Arc, you see the Real of Love, the Light of God, and all the way into the world it is shining. There is no separation now and none, beloved one, is needed. For everything is this luminous dancing energy and every experience is the movement of Love, held in the cup of your consciousness.

Now the colors come and coalesce around you, swirling, whirling, dancing, sparkling and they begin to form the symbols of Love, the shapes and movements of God I Am. As your heart holds them, they are blazing with the Light from the very cosmos, those great rays of energy ever moving. Every movement of Light and Love becomes a shape, a symbol of the perfect Love I Am, centered through you into the world as patterns of grace. Effortless communion with God.

So the same matrix of Light and the same pulsations and rays of Love are pouring through you now, connecting to the world. Yet everything looks completely different because there are no more restrictions and no more separation. Everything is dancing energy. The patterns coalesce into the symbols of the world. Yet everything is expressing pure beauty and limitless Light and Love. As the Arc of the Covenant in consciousness and Love, you are that which connects the pure Light and the world, and makes of it one thing. One thing. One Love, one life, through you. The living Arc of My Covenant, of endless perfect Love in communion and ever making more of itself.

You are that which multiplies Love and brings these patterns of Light alive in the world. With every living Now, life knows itself through you and Love through you is expanded. Heart beat after heart beat after heart beat.


Camilla 24th October 2008 7:10 am

Although twin flames are very real to me, I must admit that I have always felt a bit confused when I read these channelings by Yeal and Doug Powell. Once you have been in a relationship or union with your twin flame, you will sooner or later find out that there is real work to be done by you. It is true that God brings twins together, but God doesn't do the work for you. I do sense some truth in what Yael and Doug are saying, but on the other hand their channelings often feel ungrounded to me. We are here to heal and to face our wounds, somehow this is never mentioned in these channelings. To me the Earth does not just heal by bringing the twins together in whatever physical sense it can be, but the Earth actually also heals when we ground ourselves physically by healing the wounds of our lower selves and this way touch base with Earth herself.


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