Creating the Space of Non-Judgment

Let Me speak to you today of freedom, of rising on the wings of Love and know that I am speaking to every precious person who is focused here on Earth. In every moment that you hold Love in spite of the dream, in every such moment you truly are transformers, lifting like incense to the realms of Spirit the suffering of humanity and turning it back to Love. You see the great shift that must occur for the awakening out of the dream and just how you are creating this awareness through your consciousness and your Love. You are holding the space for humanity to step into this new consciousness.

As you do, I promise you that everything that you experienced will be worth it, because your hearts are so deeply Mine, and your Love for humanity is to true that just knowing that you are holding this shift, this meeting place of dimensions will help you recognize the quality in our Circle that has brought you here together, to Love.

It is resistance that is the lock and key that keeps humanity at the mercy of the ego mind and stuck in the dream of duality – of time and limitation, of physicality and suffering. Every moment of resistance is the One Moment of resistance, the resistance of those who turned away to My awakening into greater Love and the judgment that it was wrong – that there could be something other than the perfection of Love even if this perfection could not be understood in that moment. Even then, the greater plan, the deep awareness moving in the All I Am could not be perceived in that heart beat unless blended with the whole.

So from the cosmic and universal to the individual and personal it is the same message that I bring to you today. That message is that it is judgment – judgment that is the ego and judgment that creates separation and suffering from Me. Without the judgment of the ego mind there would be no sub-creation. There would be no horizontal arm of the cross, and there would be no separation between us at all, as the Now Moment pulses forth with ever greater and greater Love.

But in order for Love to expand there had to be changes, changes within the heart of Love that is the center of My being, changes within the consciousness of the All of Love I Am. Only stagnation allows for sameness, for not having changes. But when changes are resisted, Love is frozen. Love is stymied. Love is divided. Love is judged and found lacking and therefore made into Love and its shadow.

So I must show you that you form the new space, hold the new possibilities of moving through anything without judgment or resistance, and understanding that in the midst of any illusion of duality, the truth of Love stands firm and strong and available to all. I know that every shift is so seemingly huge that it makes you believe surely this work must be done. Yet with every day the world turns into this transformation, and lives are opened and shifted. The light comes to call and dearest ones, there has to be a pathway to follow. You are all creating so much more than one simple pathway. You have been creating many pathways to Love.

And now, the truth of Real surrender, of the release of resistance which is the only way to move beyond the horizontal arm of duality and time and move into the timeless realm of the Real. The Moment of Creation can only be present when there is no resistance to its movement, and its movement requires the surrender of all perception of the mind.

The ego mind holds you captive totally through judgment. Duality is judgment, pure and simple. It is the judgment of something as good and other thing as bad or evil. The constant thwarting of the pure River of Life. Only the ceasing of judgment brings you truly to center, and it is this that I am asking you now to embody.

If you can become pure presence and pure Love without resistance, even in the midst of each experience, then you will become the literal vortex, the fires of transformation where all that has been separated is returned to the One, and everything becomes pure joy, regardless of the dream. That is when the Vertical truly reclaims life on Earth because pain is not pain without judgment.

By allowing that which is happening in the dream to be as it is, while choosing the light, the Vertical and the surrender to this Love – only this will gently take away the power of the ego mind and thus dissolve the sub-creation that is life on Earth. So step-by-step, you truly climb the ladder of trust and faith, and it must be step-by-step, beloved ones, because you do this for everyone else. Though you know this it is good to be reminded that it is a wholeness, and every choice is made for the whole, regardless of each individual stream of life. It is impossible for any individual to do anything on his or her own. The collective of Love is a hologram and every choice affects it all.

So when there is no judgment of any experience in duality, no entry point for the resistance that creates good and bad, you become so filled with My living Love that it is constantly lifting up all that it perceives. The Love that I Am is living here as you, thus creating only one experience and that experience is freedom.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight with a deep “Yes” in our hearts. We open our hearts to Love and ask, God, that You will join our hearts together to create one heart and to use this heart as a living vortex to pour Your glorious Love into this world. Beloved God, I ask You to allow me to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Please use my voice, my heart, my being and let every moment of this totally be You. Thank You, God, for the blessing of this spirit family, for this wonderful connection that we share together and for the amazing gift of sharing this Love for You with these other precious hearts. Amen.

Let us begin, as we always do, opening our hearts to each other. As you open your heart and expand your Love, feel it connecting with each and every heart that is here tonight. As we feel this connection, heart-to-heart-to-heart, we feel the exponential multiplication of this Love. As the Love rises and multiplies, it pours through this heart we are together. As it does, it washes all of our being in this glory of Love. We begin to feel the pulse, the heart beat of the Moment of Creation, as this pure and perfect Love is flowing through us – as us. And in us.

Feeling this Love, we feel God’s presence alive as the Love we are, and we feel also the great breath of the living whole and we join with it now. As we breathe out and then breathe deeply in, we feel the light fill us, and breathing out, the Love pours through. Breathing in we feel the Love filling our whole being. Breathing out, Love pours through every atom and every cell. As you breathe in this glorious Love, as you breathe it out again, let all tension also fall away and breathe in perfect light. Breathing out pure Love. Breathing in pure light. Breathing out the Love again…as you breathe in again, feel your heart expanding that when you breathe out again, your heart is so wide, the Love rushing through… Breathing in again. Begin to feel your consciousness expanding with your heart, and breathing out, feel Love breathing you. Breathing in pure Love and breathing it out…multiplied. Breathing in pure light and breathing out as God.

Beloved ones, as you breathe this breath, let yourselves become the Holy Breath of the Living Spirit. With each breath in, your heart expands ever wider. With each breath out, you are the Love, breathing through the whole. As you breathe in again, feeling the presence of this shared heart, breathe out the pure essence of the Moment of Creation. Breathing in again, let your focus shift to your own glorious heart and breathe out pure Love through it.

Breathing in the Love, your heart becomes pure light, and breathing it out, it is perfect Love washing through you to the world. Breathing in, as pure white light if you are Divine Masculine and breathing out the Love again. Breathing in gold light if you are Divine Feminine; breathing out the Love pouring through your heart. Your heart now expands wider and wider until your heart is so grand, it is all you can perceive. Your consciousness is now centered in the very center of your own glorious heart, pure white light if you are Divine Masculine. Pure gold if you are Divine Feminine.

With every breath this pure light is breathing through your being and you can feel the core of your atoms and electrons as every one of them knows itself as this great ray of light – pure white or pure gold with Love breathing you. The light that you are becomes brighter and more intense, and your heart ignites as a living flame, either gold or white, and it reaches up higher and higher. The vibration is rising with your every precious breath until you become a living flame of Love, a great ray of light, either gold or white. This light is all you can feel, all you see, so brilliant, shining. You are immersed in its glory and you stretch as this living flame higher now and higher, as you feel your point of origin calling you Home. You feel My living Love washing through your being as you rise up to meet Love’s call for you. Your whole being knows itself as vibrating living Love, sparkling with the light that moving Love emits. You feel My presence now, deep within your being, and I Am calling you to the remembrance of the One Moment of Creation.

I ask you to let the flame of Love you are speak to your being. Let its language of vibration speak to your heart and let yourself become the ocean of Divine Feminine or the electricity of the Masculine, but all is waiting. There is stillness and I ask you for your deepest surrender into the All-ness of My never-ending Love.

As I touch your waiting consciousness and as I love with your heart, I ask you to surrender all you are to Me, and focus continually on the light that is your essence – white light of the Divine Masculine, gold light of the Divine Feminine. This light washes through your consciousness and blazes as your heart. You become pure energy waiting, waiting for the Will of Love.

Even more deeply, beloved ones, each of you is merged with Me, ever and always the essence of the Love I Am. As I hold you in this perfection, deep within your center is the heart flame that is Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine until all you are is this living flame, surrendered to the whole, burning as Me, filled with this Love.

And now, the moment comes for each of you where Love comes to spark you forth, to raise you up and to bring together your counterpart, your Twin Flame Love, the Moment of Creation as you. As you feel it exploding in you your heart says “YES!” All That I Am is alive in you as Love expands itself by exploding forth in Love Making, in greater life, in new-found ecstasy.

Yet, as the basis there must always be surrender to this flame, surrender to the light you are that it may live you. Can you feel it rising up in such joyous celebration? And knowing perfectly the perfect dance of true ecstatic union. From this dance you now become the DNA of life, the great glorious helix of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, woven together in ecstasy, pure dynamic Love.

Yes, it is not you. It is the whole, moving through your being, that sparks forth this great union again and again. Your heart becomes a living sun, a great magnificent furnace, pouring forth the energies of Real and glorious Love. Let yourself be the fire that burns but does not consume. Let yourself be the great River of Life as the Twin Flame rays of Love.

You are the heart of God and right now you fully feel it. You are, beloved ones, the fires of Creation itself. When these fires move, they move you. Deep within your being rising up and joining in this great dance of living Love, you become My living heart flame – how I love this burning, how I love this heat and light and life that in you I am creating! Let yourselves be the fire. Feel it. Let it love you as you recognize the energy that is yours, beloved ones. Each of you is magnificent, fiery, filled with life. Yet each is fully surrendered to this flame of Love that burns so strong, so bright in you.

There is no other identity except this flame that says by its very nature, “I am the light of God.” But, oh, a light that is powerful, magnificent, atomic, containing the very forces of Creation itself. Feel the flame. It is you. Feel the great union as the flames meet. Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine come together and All I Am is pulsing forth in ecstatic union. This energy is feeding all Creation and multiplying exponentially this glorious and living Love.

Into your waiting consciousness I place this deep awareness, the remembrance of this moment of God I Am Making Love. As it rises up in you again, once again the deep surrender. For I ask of you to BE this flame of living Love, that you might deeply know the energy with which you are endowed, and be the deep surrender to this Moment of Creation itself.

In this Moment, as you feel your heart, let your heart reach out as one glorious Twin Flame Love and feel all of Creation coming alive within Me. Feel it, beloved ones, the miracle of truly conscious Love. This is what you are bringing as the Twin Flame heart of God, the consciousness of All I Am, waking to itself.

Your heart touches everything. Can you feel it? It is a miracle, that you can know through your heart’s perceiving, every life I Am. All that thirsts to know itself within the great whole of Love comes alive because of you, My conscious awakened heart. In this Now Moment perfectly you can feel every stream of life, alive in the living hologram of God I Am. All I Am is awed by the miracle of this Moment of consciousness and Love.

The dancing particles of energy are singing this one song of giving this Love to All I Am, each Now Moment again. Such tenderness, such ecstatic joy, let it wash you and bring awareness of this pulsing Love that is you, you My heart. I am one with you and in you, and yet the miracle is this gift – that we also have this relationship born of the Twin Flame spirit.

As you place your focus again in the center of your magnificent Twin Flame heart, I ask you to feel this glorious energy that is pouring now through you. Let yourself feel the power, the presence of it and most of all, feel the opening that you are, for the giving of this Love. This heart that you are, beloved ones, each of you so perfect, truly is a miracle. It is the Moment of Creation itself given consciousness by you. This heart, this glorious opening through which I give My Love must be clear and wide and available for Me to love fully through you.

As you feel the Love streaming through, feel it sparking every heart cell. I ask you to hold this vibration, this feeling, to hold it close to you, to remember this clarity, this shimmering, this energy, this pulsing light and the flames of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that coming together create this living Love that pours through your glorious heart.

Now because you have given Me these offerings of being the heart that loves the world, I ask you to turn your focus back to see life on Earth, and holding the open heart, the memory of that perfect vibration, allow this Love to pour through you, through this open heart into the world of duality, the pocket of life on Earth. As this Love pours through you, let this Love truly live you and feel this genuine tenderness for all who are focused in the dream.

As you also see your body, that focal point in the world, from this vantage point in the Real, I ask you to give it Love. Pour this Love through your open heart here in the Real and let it wash the body, the focus that is your life on Earth in this great River of Love. See how it feels to love all that you do in service from the Real, with full awareness of this open heart that is completely available to Love. From the Real this Love pours through for all that you do in service to release the dream of judgment that creates the pocket of reversal.

As you live in the Real and this awareness becomes your regular point of reference, beloved ones, you will be aware of being this Twin Flame heart gently feeding perfect Love to your life on Earth, consciously keeping the channel open, consciously fueling this “finger” of your energy and letting the Love of the Moment of Creation come through your heart into the world. The world becomes pure energy also, simply point of focus. As you hold it now I ask you to fill the whole pocket of life on Earth with the white light of Divine Masculine and the gold light of Divine Feminine.

As you feel the vibration adjusting you can see only energy. You are aware that in this light, all the images of reversal fade -- holding this vibration of perfect Love from the Real and feeling the truth of living Love as what is Real about the world. More and more you will live from the Real, beloved ones, as the Masters do, easily directing the point of focus that is your life on Earth.

Now very gently let a piece of your focus, your attention slide down that ray of energy to connect with your life in the world, while the majority of your focus is in the Real. Simply know that this will open up new ways of living from the Real of Love in the deep and powerful surrender to the Moment of Creation itself. Feeling this awareness of the Real and of your focus in the world, everything presents itself as energy, and speaks directly to your heart.



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