Holding the Vibration of Perfect Love

Beloved ones, I am calling to you because you hold this world in your loving hands, and you hold the creation of the Bridge World of Heaven on Earth, the return to the Garden, in your beautiful hearts. I want to speak to you today about perfection, about perfect Love, perfect joy, perfect trust – about the vibration of the Real and how using your hearts and through your intentions you must bring this vibration to Earth.

If you remember in the Bible, one of the things said by beloved Jesus is: “I am perfect, even as My Father in Heaven is perfect.” Though you know now that he truly said, “My Father/Mother in Heaven is perfect,” you must also know that it is this perfection, this vibration of perfect Love that you must also attune to with all your hearts, all your being, all your strength, all that you are, especially in these coming times. It is only through you, you who know the power of intention and Love, that the vibration of this world can be raised – through you – that the Bridge World of Heaven on Earth may be born as symbols of perfect Love, symbols of what is Real and given to humankind.

Therefore, I want to ask of you the daily raising of your vibration and the vibration of everything around you into the vibration of living Love. This is done by consciously focusing on its perfection, whatever it is that you are viewing. With your awakened Twin Flame heart, you are raising the vibration of each precious thing, each precious and glorious life to the vibration of Real Love that is made and then comes forth, expressing this perfection in the symbols of the world.

You already know that if your vibration is truly aligned with the Real, with Me, with the Moment of Creation itself, in that alignment all things shall return to the expression of the vibration of Love. Thus, rather than practicing healing which takes place within duality -- healing needing not-healed or illness to create its reason for being – I ask you to return to every life that which is its divine inheritance --perfect Love, pure grace given by Me as an inheritance in every Now Moment forever. This perfect Love shall ever be First Cause and in its expression come the expressions of perfection in every aspect of being for each and every life forever.

So, for you to unlock this natural gift, this inheritance requires only one thing for everyone, and that one thing is the vibration of perfect Love, of the perfection of God I Am in and as them, each and every life. This includes your own, of course. It is one thing to picture perfection with the mind, to use the mind for affirmations, but oh, beloved ones, it is a different thing completely to truly experience the vibrations of perfection by going there yourself and then, gifting that vibration to others.

For all of you, you already know that the expression of the abundance and perfection of God I Am in your life and as your life is meant for you always, but that you, of course, have to claim it. As you raise up into perfection and hold this vibration, beloved ones, then everything that is expressing here in your life on Earth as a part of you will become the expression of this perfect Love in the symbols of the world.

So what you are doing when you make the choice to choose perfect Love is inviting Love to erase all the false images of duality, of Love and something else – of perfect health (perfect life would be a better way to say it) and the belief in duality of its opposite, of the abundance that is a part of your very existence and the belief in duality of lack of it.

In all of these things, if you choose to really focus with all your energy, with all your heart, with all your prayers and your true intention, on the vibration of perfection for you or for anyone else you are holding – you are giving each life the chance to replace the images of duality, of imperfection or of lack with the deep abiding awareness in the heart and in the feelings of what is true as your Real expression of perfect life, perfect joy, perfect abundance, Twin Flame Love. This vibration will replace every error, every misperception born of the Fall and allow each of us in an instant to make the shift into expressing this life as perfect in the highest aspect that serves the world, which is what you are here to do.

It is difficult to explain to you through the concepts of the ego mind how simply and purely Love works as magnetics and how Love will erase any anti-Love that it finds, as long as it is allowed to fully replace it. This is what I Am asking of you. This is a deepening of the understanding of looking right through the images of this world to see that which is Really behind them.

This is true engagement, not only observing but as a cause – being the God force, aligning with perfect Love and bringing about, beloved ones, the forgiveness, the forgiveness of the choice of the Fall. For in every thing that we are transforming as we are lifting this world back to Love, this is the bottom line of every “healing,” every miracle -- this transformation, the power of Love being invited in to replace to old decision to believe in Love and something else.

So what I am asking of you is that you practice reaching for the vibration of perfect Love and knowing it deeply, so intimately, with such magnetic joy that you can hold this vibration and see it as everything – lifting each life into perfect Love, no matter what the illusion tells you and replacing the images of the choice of duality, of two powers with the vibration of perfect Love.

Vibration is the key as always, because only vibration is the cause. Everything else is a response, an interaction, an interweaving. Vibration is the cause for every expression of every life. I am asking you to become proficient in literally raising the vibration of the little mind and ego into the perfection of God – and raise all of the images of the ego mind creation including bodies that are damaged or painful, lives that have been unhinged by accidents, all the things that duality can create. I ask you to bring them, every one, into the vibration of perfect Love and hold it there until that person can make a decision about Love and say “Yes!”

If they say “Yes” to Love, then the new vibration is your gift, given to them to show their inheritance, given to yourself to remember your true nature and held until it changes the expression in symbols of that which is held in your heart. If the heart’s beliefs created by ego mind are suddenly shifted and lifted with the ego mind itself into the Real, then what will flow forth into the world as symbols will be symbols of the perfection of God, without any interference from the ego.

The vibration of perfect Love basically forgives the illusion, beloved ones. It makes null and void the false world of the ego and returns to all of you your inheritance of beauty and abundance and a life that is lived in ecstatic joy each Now Moment. It is your choice to make this vibration your priority in everything and with everyone. As you do, you can lift them and lift yourself up into the Real of Love, into the place where the old world is birthed into the New and the symbols then can be born in that moment of a world of only Love. That is what we are calling the Bridge World, Heaven on Earth.

It is easy enough for you to see how much of a percentage of your life of each day is spent holding the vibration of perfect Love, and how much is spent believing the illusion. From this observation then you will know what you are choosing and what will be appearing before you as your world.

Your heart is perfectly aligned in resonance with the Moment of Creation itself which certainly supersedes all of the ego dream of something other than Love. So as you make the choice to hold the vibration of perfection, you return your life to the truth that there is no such thing as ego, that even ego is a part of the lie – the belief that there can be something other than Love. In truth, Love is all that exists.

Even the play on the ethers that is this world is really a dance played out on the ethers and it can just as easily now reflect the perfection of Love, far more easily than it can reflect the conflict of ego because the vibration of perfection has All That Is behind it.

As you hold to the vibration of perfection, that which is reflected in your heart from the Real to life on Earth, that which we call “the Christ awakening” will begin to shine forth the images of perfect Love and clear away the illusion without effort, until you can never be fooled again into believing that there is anything but God I Am and the joyous celebration that We Are of perfect Love forever.



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