In the Midst of the Shift

Beloved one, open your heart for I Am here and I Am waiting to lift you into a miracle, into an experience of transformation that is beyond every concept of freedom. It is the expansiveness of the whole of Love. It is the glory of the omniverse. It is the song of unity that your heart is ready to encompass. And yet, it is in this tender moment, this living Now when you are here with Me that all of the rest makes sense.

I have said to you so many times that the miracle is our relationship. It is the gift of this holographic life blossoming into holy relationship where All That I Am can be given forth through the focal point, through the center, through the heart of God I Am. That heart is you.

You stand on the cusp of the New World of Love, that which you have promised to create, that for which you came trailing star fields and universes and anchored yourself in service, creating for humanity a new vision of Reality. So as the world shifts, you are changing from a world of gravity, technology and definition to a world fueled by Love and the energy of giving, through the resources of the atomic power of the very explosion of Creation – ever available through you as the heart of All I Am in that which we name the Twin Flame, the two forces of life bringing Love forth as creators.

As this shift occurs from gravity to freedom, from technology to the magnetic power of Love, everything that is the current experience of human beings will be changing unbelievably rapidly. All that has been held together by the reversal of Love, by the “false gods” of desire for the little self, of “getting,” of the backward focus known as the curling inward energy of the “666” – as this flies apart and in one universal breath becomes the outward expression of giving, of the outreach of Love that is the truth of your heart, it will seem as if every foundation of the known world is disappearing.

Already the world is immersed in these changes and people search desperately for understanding, for somewhere to anchor as those things built on sham disintegrate. What I come to show you today, this hour, beloved ones, this moment, is that the only way that you can make this shift and maintain that which you might name “sanity,” maintain an integrity of being, maintain an ongoing sense of joy, maintain an awareness of life easily lived beyond old definitions is to have the relationship with Me at the center of your life.

It is this relationship between us that is the cause of Creation itself. It is the impetus of My being giving expression to the longing to know and love My own heart that becomes this grand outreach of Love now birthing itself back into the world and birthing it grandly. Without your relationship with Me -- if you approach Me as only the silence, the wholeness, the universe, the void, All That Is, the breath, the unity – then you will find no anchor for yourself as the individuated expression of the heart of God in this world, or in the living cosmos.

This relationship is your anchor. It is anchored into the Real of Love. It is seeing your truth in this communion and allowing the increase of our Love to be the vibration that becomes your reality. This reality is expressed before you as the perfection of your heart, the Twin Flame, the divine counterpart, and all around you as your intimate dance with Creation. And of course, it is your life of joyous service to the awakening of the magnetic heart of God as the fuel, as the energy and as the power of Real life.

Thus do I call you Home to Me, into the living Now Moment in which we see each other, in which the gift of the Moment of Creation bears fruit with our one degree of separation that allows us this joy, this communion and this ecstatic expression of the power of Love in movement.

I have used the example before of a human baby looking into its parents’ eyes and searching there for its identity, that it might see the truth of its value, its being in the unconditional Love and positive regard of those who bore him or her. In this world that is the reversal of Love, in the illusory dance of the ego, it is rare for a human child to experience true unconditional positive regard, and therefore, the separation from Love continued generation to generation.

In the Real relationship of your being, in the truth that you can find through your open heart, I Am the revelation of your divinity and I Am All That Is, loving you perfectly. With every breath I Am breathing into your heart My joy as your existence and the awareness of the perfection of My Heart that is you.

Thus in the ongoing living Now are you ever fed true Reality.

You are awakened to the power of Love’s movement, alive in you, as the divine as masculine and feminine -- the two powers of Creation in endless movement, creating the energy to fuel everything.

Thus is it time to bring this truth into the world to supplant duality that you might recognize that from Me you receive every moment the very explosion of Creation itself, yours to give forth in endless joy, that Love’s movement shall feed the cosmos and certainly fuel life on Earth effortlessly.

In this recognition, in this communion as the shift of life speaks in your very atoms, you recognize that the dialog of the mind such as conversations about fuel, be it fossil or bio, are mute – supplanted, transformed as the heart of All I Am as you awakes and becomes the atomic power of life at the center of life in the world and at the center of Creation.

As you open your heart to Me, as you choose to say “Yes” to Love, as you shift from the ego mind to the heart as the foundation of Reality and communication, then you become the explosion of life that can fuel every need on Earth simply by living in pure Love. This occurs as you live in the Real in this holy communion, and knowing this, feeling this, having the experience in these ongoing meditations, you shall be easily centered and full of joy. You shall be confident in My guidance as the world dramatically shifts and changes all around you.

You, then, can become the magnetic center -- which is why you are here, beloved ones – to be that which entrains the new Reality, brings into alignment every heart vibration and becomes the living conduit for the Love I Am to feed the world and to heal it effortlessly, gloriously, ecstatically, fully alive to this living miracle.

This is the center of the shift. That center, beloved ones, is you. Without this magnetic center of your open heart, it cannot work. You will be without anchor, tumbled round and round and back and forth, as like the pendulum the new energies and the old keep bouncing back and forth into the world until the anchor of Love is available.

Therefore, do I call you to be here as the pure and open heart at the center, ready to accept your part, your mission, ready to be the Light, but most of all, in communion with Me, the open heart available for the Earth and every life expressing here as the awakening dawn of Love.

Beloved ones, right now it is not popular to speak of Me in this context, to use the high vibration word of “God” and to claim this miraculous relationship. It is easier to simply speak of the “All,” to dwell in the house of unity. I promise you this is part of the experience as you open both heart and consciousness.

Without this relationship, you forget the spark that grants the gift of Love unconditional and brings to you in every glorious Now your true identity as the heart of God I Am, that all aspects of the living hologram may have the center that is so imperative, the conduit for the expression of this exploding Love that seeds the galaxies, that grows the cosmos, that delights as the life that is the unity.

It is even more than this – more than the wholeness, more than the silence, the release of duality, more than even the web of life that is truly magical. Even this web must have the center from which it emerges. This center, beloved ones, is you. You are the open magnificent heart of God functioning as the forces of Creation themselves, becoming the conduit of pure energy and glorious Love that seeds all things and makes the wholeness into something magnificent, centered through the opening of Love ever given, which is My truth.

The vehicle of that giving is you. The greatest fuel comes rushing through you. True atomic power is what is generated in the cosmic dance of the Twin Flame heart, ready at last to be aware of your place beyond the mind’s imaginings.

Only when you look with all your heart to Me can you feel this Reality and bring it into the world to be the catalyst of this great shift now underway, that when fueled by the power of atomic Love can be effortless. And even more than this, you are constantly guided by our relationship, by that which you see when your heart looks to Me. It brings forth an ecstasy of life that fuels and aligns and transforms every misperception that you’ve received through the eyes of human parents, through the consensual dream of the ego mind and through your own internal dialog based in the duality, in separation from Me.

Thus is reuniting with Me, coming back into this endless joyous reunion the first priority and it requires the open heart that is humbly waiting in the living Now Moment to be shown all that you are and all that you can be directly communicated through your heart from Me.

The great forces of Creation are alive in you and reflected before you as the assurance of My Love for you appearing in the Real of God as your Twin Flame. Bring this power into the world that your heart might be My true conduit without imposition of the little will -- that the truth of your being be given to the higher will -- that every heart might be easily attuned to the true Reality, to the living miracle, to the magnificent experience that is yours when you and I reclaim this perfect and miraculous and eternal communion.

The heart of God knows itself by experiencing its divine heritage as bathed in the Moment of Creation itself. It becomes the true conduit of the atomic explosion of life, of the magnetic presence of Real Love. Stand firm in your life looking to Me and you shall have every moment your true foundation, not anchored to the world by the old laws of gravity but rather, anchored to the Real of God in endless ecstasy and freedom.

Then the world may find its true fuel, humanity accept true nourishment and every heart remember that which it is. Then may every consciousness be the herald of freedom, and the ego mind be reborn in true humility to be the servant of the movement of Love and purity. At last you are fully alive, receiving from Me the fullness of your identity in each living Now Moment so perfectly that the miracle of your identity in Me at last replaces the identity of ego.

The heart becomes your only mode of communication and you are the anchor for the world. You experience levity rather than gravity. Freedom, ecstatic joy rather than duality and the old world definition of responsibility. You are full of the abundance of life and the magnetic power of the heart of God, the Christ, beaming forth that which drives every heart into alignment and loves free every ego.

There is often much debate about the ego’s place in creating an individual identity but I promise you it is the identity of the old world, based on old world anchors. There is an identity that is given by Me in the living Now as you look into My presence with the single eye of your open heart alive to receive this elixir of life. This is what it meant when Jeshua said, “You must be reborn of the Spirit.”

So, come and look to Me. Bathe in this Light. Open your heart that you might recognize that which you are, and together let us be the one breath that yet breathes both in and out and unites the world and human hearts and breathes out each one’s glorious identity as a cell in the heart of All I Am – the living heart of Creation.



angelk 16th September 2009 1:42 pm

It feels true, as my heart opens more and more expanding with you, with all as feels beautiful...thank you


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