In the Moment Between the Question and the Answer

Beloved ones, the world is changing. This you already know. What you don't yet comprehend is the scope of the change and what is really happening. In the truth of the greater perspective of the cosmic awakening that Love is, here in the world your lives are based on an idea that is not supported by life. Therefore, it cannot be sustained.

What you must come to understand is that everything is Love and consciousness. The substance of Love -- that which I Am -- is awakening to itself, eternally, in this Now, this timeless instant. This world is an implosion where the question was asked: "Can that which is not Love be sustained?" This question arose from the mis-perception of some of the cells of My heart, thinking they had been turned away, "kicked out" of Paradise, rather than the truth -- that they had been given the greatest of all gifts -- the gift of fully conscious creative life.

In your perceptions as a human being who believes the world is real, there are eons of evolution in this world. But from the vast perspective of the timeless Whole of God, it is one moment… question asked and answered…and the question and the answer happen simultaneously in one instant.

So, you are experiencing the wave of change that is the moment between the asking and answering. It is the wave of awareness that goes forth and says, "Not Love?..." and holds its breath waiting to see what the response is. The wave of Love says, "Love is the only truth and Love is life, is God. That which is not Love has no substance and cannot truly exist. It must always be held as an illusion created by a mind, held apart from the breath of Love."

When you come to understand …and this is what I am opening for you now…that everything is consciousness and Love, then you will realize that the waves of change are not only constant but they are effortless as consciousness shifts and changes and Love knows itself in more and more fullness.

This is exactly what is happening now. The consciousness of Love that is humanity is coming to recognize that the mis-perception, the illusion of "not Love" has no substance, no depth, no riches, no treasures from the Cosmic Treasury.

Thus, it opens itself to the reality of Love and instantly has access to the Kingdom, the Queendom of God I Am. As you experience this awakening of the heart, this birth or re-birth of the consciousness of Love, what you are witnessing is the shift from a life that is at best three-dimensional to a life that is truly ultra-dimensional. Every dimension of the hologram of God is thus available in this Now, this instant with a richness of life that you cannot comprehend when viewing the world through the prism of "not Love."

Even the tiniest acceptance or belief in Love's absence is the belief in Love and something else. It is the acceptance of a duality that, in the truth of life, is not possible. The difference between the two… between living a life as a human being accepting the premise that Love can be missing, that there is Love and Love's absence, that there is Light and there is darkness…creates an experience of life that is thought creating the perception of movement on a flat screen of experience.

But the instant that the heart is fully engaged and consciousness of Love reasserts itself, then life becomes an amazing cosmic experience lived fully in all dimensions at once in which you are Love's creative force completely met, acknowledged and supported in every moment …or…in the one moment, the only moment that is.

So, prayers rise to Me now by the millions for the ease of suffering, for the answer to confusion, for endless physical help in creating solutions to life's conundrums, when one shift to the awareness that all is consciousness and Love and the density, the limitation of physicality is gone.

Then you are free to move, to breathe, to be the life of God and to greet God everywhere that Love might know itself expanded and reaffirm that the only life of reality, richness and depth -- the only life that is supported by Me -- is life as the expression of the One Love of God that is everyone and everything, and is ever fully awake in Me.

The answer to the questions that are before you is a leap to freedom that is Vertical. It is not searching for solutions through the physical dilemmas. It is the recognition of a shift in the very mechanism of life and the fundamental premise upon which it is built. Love is always gentle, always revealing itself. Love is life supported from everywhere by All That I Am. It is like a shoot rising from the soil into the sun, brand new, accepting its full nourishment is ever and always coming.

Those things that are occurring that are traumatic or difficult or creating the scenarios of havoc -- these are the areas where "not Love" is holding on, and where Love is meeting resistance. Thus, in that resistance there must be movement. This is an energy released and that energy is consciousness and is interpreted through the vehicle that is used to see by.

If one is looking at that moment …where the truth of Love asserts itself and "not Love" must fall away …through the perceptions of the ego mind or the vehicle of duality, it is seen as a clash, as a war, as a drama. As long as the resistance to Love is held in place, the energy released continues to be interpreted by the ego mind through the filters of its conditioning and the consensual agreement of humankind.

But this same energy, as Love opens the way to the truth, when perceived by the true "eye" of the open heart, is the most exquisite ecstasy of the truth of Love revealed. It is everything that life is being affirmed and supported, and it becomes the most amazing miracle of awakened Love that transcends the duality of this life on Earth. It opens the field of conscious Love that it might flow again, that when all resistance to Love is healed, all that clings to "not Love" has given way.

Then the flow of cosmic life can claim its own and you are, then, fully aware. You are citizens of the cosmos, awakened hearts of God, fully consciousness. You are using the springboard of this moment when the question asked has stopped and the answer just begins to make contact to be the jet propulsion of the rocket ship to freedom from all the limited perceptions of duality and all the ways the three dimensional dream of "not Love'" has held you.

Whether you understand these concepts or these words, your heart understands freedom and knows itself as ready to behold and hold the truth that everything is flowing, open Love. Thus, beloved ones, in your lives I ask you to let every resistance to Love fall away. Drop it like a hot iron! Release it, for it has bound you. Let your heart come out to play with Me as the joyous shout, the answer to the question posed by life on Earth: "Only Love is Real. Love is conscious and free."

All of you are feeling the waves of Love pushing at your boundaries, opening boxes that you have been held in, knocking on the doorway of your heart and saying: "Let me in… that you might fully live, that you might understand the Cosmic Christ that you are…" Open wide the doorway of your heart of Love, wide enough to hold all this omni-dimensional resonance of God and to hold this truth as indelible -- so firmly, so strongly, so joyfully that this can be magnetic center for the swirling movement of change for others to cling to… to give strength, clarity and the essence of the Vertical… that I Am One. I Am Love. I Am Everything, and you are the conscious heart within Me.

So may I encourage you, My beloved ones, to rise above the trauma, to open your heart's wings and fly to freedom, for it is the heart of God you are that will be the answer for everyone. By the power of entrainment, the Law of Resonance, if you hold the highest truth, then others must align with you. It goes far beyond, "You can't solve a problem from the level of the problem." It goes to the deeper truth that the question has been answered. Only Love is Real and all that is not Love has already given way and simply must realize it now. The confusion on the level of the world is simply resistance to this recognition.

Come and fly with Me, the heart of freedom, the Light, the consciousness of One in full awareness, that you might light the world. Open to Reality, that the power of Creation itself is alive in you. Only when you are aligned with truth can this power be made manifest, for power and Love together are the most gentle and yet, infallible creators of new life and Love's extension. This is what you are here for.

Your heart will guide you perfectly and I am always here with you in this sweet and tender communion that is never ending. When you understand the freedom that the consciousness of Love is everything, then if you find yourself experiencing traumatic drama, you know, beloved ones, that there is still resistance to Love. All you have to do now is release it and lift above the vibration of duality to participate in the glory of Creation, the fully conscious hologram of the endless Love of God I Am and you, the conscious heart, the center, the pure heart of God, the Christos are fully alive, conscious and free.

Holding this resonance, the truth that only Love is Real, you can stand then in the world as this beacon, as the answer to the question that is asked by every circumstance in which human beings find themselves beleaguered or in difficulty. Hear the living Spirit whisper in your heart, asked and answered, "Only Love and freedom…"

The world has been created on a limited plane, a reality that skims the surface of life, but your heart is bringing the recognition of the glory of this rich life within you, and I Am here to show you how to access it right Now.


johneblums 27th April 2010 6:48 pm

I should add that the Gentle-man “GERY” is a reference to the mystical and celestial GER-MENA-TOR and MEN-TOR known as the W-HOLY ONE or the ROC-K of AGES, ie ST(ONE) GER-MAIN of the heavenly ‘MANGER’ of BETH-LA-HM, the Mansion of Paradise . The B-REA-D is a metaphor for BETH/HOUSE of MA-RHEA-RT, the cosmic HE-ART and ST-ONE as the Source of the B-REA-TH of all life and existence. This dream was just another chapter in a book of a tri-logies of previous narratives that can be penned like the metaphoric poem about the BUTCHER, BAKER and CANDLESTICK MAKER.

johneblums 27th April 2010 6:50 pm

Following the reading of this message, last night I dreamt that I went into a G-ROC-ERY store to buy some bread. The male owner took me into a small backroom where, on a table in the corner, there were some large round loaves of baked bread with crispy crusts. He called me by name as I looked at one loaf that was already eaten, as it had several slices cut from it. As I looked at the dough inside that round loaf, it still seemed soft and fresh compared to the outside golden/brown crust. The dough began to expand and rise with the loaf becoming larger and larger until it filled the whole room and covered me. This is just another allegory of the heavenly spiritual energies as heavenly M-anna/b-Rea-d which is infusing our hearts and souls in this cyclical epoch of humanity to ‘RISE/ASCEND’ beyond ignorance and to re-awaken and embrace our spiritual aspect as an integral and indivisible unit of the W-holy I-A-M ONE-ness, as pure spirits of the living love and light of divinity. CONT'D IN NEXT COMMENTARY.

johneblums 27th April 2010 6:53 pm

I should add that the Gentle-man “GERY” is a reference to the mystical and celestial GER-MENA-TOR and MEN-TOR known as the W-HOLY ONE or the ROC-K of AGES, ie ST(ONE) GER-MAIN of the heavenly ‘MANGER’ of BETH-LA-HM, the Mansion of Paradise . The B-REA-D is a metaphor for BETH/HOUSE of MA-RHEA-RT, the cosmic HE-ART and ST-ONE as the Source of the B-REA-TH of all life and existence. This dream was just another chapter in a book of a tri-logies of previous narratives that can be penned like the metaphoric poem about the BUTCHER, BAKER and CANDLESTICK MAKER.


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