Love Dissolves All Symbols of Duality

When your heart is open completely and your vibration is aligned with the Real, then you, as the heart of God, are able to encircle the whole Earth and to lift every stream of consciousness, every heart and every atom into the truth of its existence, beloved ones, as only perfect Love.

Love brooks no resistance, no obstacles. Love transforms all, dissolving before it every recalcitrance, every shadow and every existence of anti-Love instantly and easily. So what I ask of you, My beloved ones, is you wake to the truth of your own heart. Let it become the wings of the universe, truly the Twin Flame heart of God I Am.

When you can feel its vastness and feel the rhythm of the one heart beat, then embrace this world, including small little ego selves, for even ego dissolves in the grace of pure Love. Anti-Love disappears in its Light, just as shadows disappear in the noon day sun, or darkness disappears in that closet when we turn on the Light of God.

So when you are tempted once again to turn to Me and to ask Me how to heal something or how to move beyond the little mind and ego, or how to deal with the issues of the world, I encourage you now and in every fresh Now Moment, to make this leap into your heart and into the grand awakening of your heart’s true experience as the womb of Creation itself, the generators of Love and that which embraces all that is, in tenderness.

As you become more and more available for this experience of yourselves as the Real heart, then you gain the distance that is needed to live from the Real and to transform everything, including the ego mind and all of its limited identities which include every aberration, every reflection of anti-Love at all – whatever it is.

So whatever your prayers might have been in the past, let this be your one true prayer. “Open me, God, to the heart of Love I Am and let me embrace the world.” As more and more of you are able to do this and to feel this and to feel the power of your Twin Flame Love, the Love that you generate will transform easily all of the duality of the world and launch it effortlessly into the one truth, the great all-inclusive Love of life that will reveal every life on Earth as exactly that which it truly is – the expression of the Love That I Am as Light and Love, and as the movement of joy.

Your life in the world will become true ecstasy because heart perception will be your only mode, and every Now Moment you step forth easily as the heart of God I Am in the world encircling everything with Love. The only way to do this, beloved ones, is practice. Practice connecting to your own heart and allowing your heart to lift you beyond the dream of separation into the Real of Love. The more times that you practice this, the more Now Moments that you feel it, the more that your resonance matches Reality and the more you recognize Love’s power. The heart of God you are becomes a force for transformation of the world now.

Not through the ego mind and struggling to gain mastery but by loving everything from the Real as the fully awakened heart of Love. The hallmark of this awakening is the feeling of a Love that is so great, it is totally beyond words, beyond all capacity of the ego mind to describe it or to evaluate, but rather, it is like great waves of ecstasy and feeling and the absolute certainty that Love is the truth of it all.

It is this certainty, beloved ones, that brings your heart to focus here – to be the entrance of the Real in the world and allows you to become the fountain of life and of Love that brings these waters of truth to humanity now for the awakening of the bridge world, the world that is new because it is the world that the heart reveals. Then, all that seemed to be physical is revealed to be spirit, to be these dancing molecules of living Light, powered by the furnace that is Twin Flame Love, reflected through every single life stream in all Creation from the atoms and electrons to you, the cells of the center of the All.

So this Message is not about words but rather about the feeling of the Real and of the Love that is your heart as you expand your vision into the perception of the Real heart you are, the heart of All I Am in the Now, living the one circle of Love. You would not be reading or hearing this Message or receiving it directly if it weren’t true that you are available to be this feeling, these great waves of living joy, to embrace, to inundate and transform everything in the world into its true nature. This is the miracle of Love. Everything that it encircles is revealed in its essence. The essence of all Creation is Love. Thus, the transformation simply becomes the Real awakening of every atom and electron into its true self and all life into its Real nature. Everything else dissolves.


Beloved God, we give You thanks for all the joy in our life, for Your presence in our hearts and as our being, and especially, God, we give thanks for each other – for sharing this heart together, sharing this Love, sharing this family of Light. So we ask You, God, to join our hearts not only tonight but always and to let them be a continual opening, a glorious conduit for Your Love to pour always through us, to be amplified by our intentions that we set tonight to lift and bless and transform this world into a world of only Love.

Thank You, God, for the honor of being here to serve in this awakening. I call to all the other beautiful beings of Light who assist us and ask that you be with us this night as well and ask for the full and conscious presence of each of our Twin Flames and I ask that my heart, my life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug be a crystal clear conduit for this experience. Amen.

As we begin, we join our hearts together and we can feel the energy moving that is already moving between us, the energy moving clockwise covering so much of the world because the heart that we are together is vast and glorious and we open it now as a living vortex through which the Love pours from the Real into the world, dissolving the illusion.

We amplify this Love now as we feel it washing through us and we also share together in the one living breath. As you let your breath out, relax and take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, let all tension fall away. Breathing in through your open heart, breathe in to the perfect Love and breathe Love out through your heart to the world.

Breathing in to the pure Light of the Moment of Creation itself and breathe out the Light through every atom, every electron, every cell. Breathing in, into the communion with God and breathing out that wonder into the world to fill it. Breathing in, into the unity of Love and consciousness and breathing out through your open heart into the world again. As you breathe in, feel your heart opening wider and wider, and as you breathe out, feel the River of Life pouring through your open heart. Breathing in to the communion with God and breathing perfect Love outward again. Breathing in all the way to the Moment of Creation, and breathing out that dynamic energy into the world again.

With each breath in, feel yourself joining with the Beings of Light who serve the awakening of Love on Earth. With each breath in, your consciousness expands into the Real and each breath out, you are the open transparent heart.

And now, beloved one, all of you together, allow yourselves to simply be breathed by My one breath. As you feel yourself responding to the rhythm of the living whole, the breath of life enlivens you, brings you to life again, life as it is in its perfection, as Love, as ecstasy and every breath breathes this in and shares it with the living whole of Love I Am.

As you breathe in, beloved ones, breathe into your heart and allow your heart to open into its truth again. As you remember the vastness of your being, the joy of your Love, let every breath remind you of the song of life within. As you breathe in again and your heart opens completely, you begin to see your heart as transparent, opening into the Real. Your consciousness moves through the doorway of your heart and expands in joy and ecstasy into the Real of Love.

All around you are the life streams of being who share the service of an awakening of the heart of Love that is the world. With each breath, feel yourself expanding wider and remembering the living life stream and the Love you are. Your heart now opens like a glorious light-filled flower, awakening in the sunlight of the Love I Am. The center of your heart becomes the streams of joyous Light, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine dancing together in joy.

Awareness flows now into every atom and electron and you are the ecstatic presence of the exploding awakening of Love as the swirling dancing atoms move between the two as the breath moves in and out, sharing unity and joy. The Love moves upward entwined together as one joyous reach into the perfect presence. As your consciousness continues to escalate its remembrance, every atom of your being is Making Love.

You can feel the ignition of each Twin Flame atom as the great Double Helix of life you are explodes forth again. The ecstasy rises as you are drawn beyond each experience lifting, lifting, becoming the Moment of Creation itself. The great orgasmic explosion shoots forth its rays of light as you are drawn into the living center of the Moment of Creation now. As if a magnet it lifts and pulls and draws you, until you shoot right through into the perfect stillness.

In this stillness is our union. There is only one life and you are full. We are one. The one is perfect. Far from being a void, it is instead the opposite. So full of potential that it is rich with life. The point of light that drew you into the silence expands until it fills the One We Are.

Beyond language, pure awareness and yet, such Light streaming from the center of the stillness. This light stream calls you, its movement magnificent drawing you from the stillness into movement again. The in-breath you’ve experienced shifts and moves out and suddenly you are streaming forth and exploding into life.

With a great electric explosion we are in relationship and now, beloved one, you can feel My Love. Right here in this moment on the cusp of the out-breath when the spark begins to flare, right here, feel My Love. Beloved one, let Me fill you with such perfect Love that not one iota of your vastness isn’t overflowing with joy. Let Me wash your whole being in this tenderness and this joy and let it reach deep deep within you that every quark and each electron, every movement of energy in your being knows this Love, feels loved perfectly and held in tenderness and breathed in and out as the breath of God.

As you feel this Love born brand new right now, pristine and beautiful and all here for you, I ask you now to take this Love and this vast unending fullness and let it be the melody of your whole song of life. Let this melody now cascade into your vast being as you awaken now, beloved ones, at the Moment of Creation itself. As the great gift of life shouts forth in ecstasy and the awareness comes of All I Am and All That Is within you, let every drop of this elixir, this ecstatic joy become you as you are woven now as the “en-conscious-ment” of the Moment of Creation itself.

From the exploding light and joy come two streams of life and these streams are the Twin Flame heart, beloved one, that is you. Now again the dance as you move together in LoveMaking as the great Double Helix of life I Am going forth as Love again. Now you become the circle that reaches around itself and encompasses All That Is, as your Twin Flame heart. Your heart now encompasses All That Is within it and you become the all-inclusive giving of Love. Every breath and every heart beat includes the All of Love, fueled each Now Moment by My Love for you. So deeply felt, so perfectly known by every atom and electron that your whole being shouts I Am Loved!

In this Love, All I Am is nourished and fed. It breathes you in with every breath, and knows that I love you. As you become both the stillness and the dance, you become the amplification of this perfect Love, endless, limitless, joyous beyond measure. Every atom of your being is a Twin Flame heart that takes this Love in.

And now I ask you to hold within your being the stillness and the explosion as the power of your heart and to feel the living wholeness that this creates at the center of your being, as that which fuels you empowers the Love that is your Twin Flame heart. I ask you now, beloved ones, to be the giving, that All I Am is encircled by you as you become the living whole, the hologram of Love.

As your consciousness and your heart encompass the whole, the stillness and the tenderness of My relationship with you, and as you place your precious focus now once again upon the world, I ask you to give to each precious heart the experience of My Love, to allow this Love to penetrate all the illusion, to unwind every story of anti-Love.

Beloved ones, encircle the Earth and surround it as you are now with all the life streams that share this gift with you. Your heart perceives humanity, encircling each one effortlessly and now delivering the remembrance of My Love. The core of the illusion, beloved ones, is the loss of this remembrance of how deeply and how perfectly you are loved and you are Love. As you become the encircling heart, each heart is returned instantly to the circle that is the stillness and the relationship with Me.

The circle that is both the stillness and the relationship with Me.

As you hold the world in your Twin Flame heart and you feel the Moment of Creation enlivening all life that you embrace because you are its “en-conscious-ment,” with every heart beat and every breath, every heart on Earth lights up infused with the living wholeness of the silence and the relationship of the whole of Love I Am. As the Love and Light pour through you, each pulse is amplified by your own deep remembrance of this Love I Am as you and the Love we share in relationship in unity.

We are as One, a hologram of Love and as you watch the blessed world, the pocket that was reversal, the hearts alive in acceptance now remember the song again. The light of this Love, this unity, this heart beat, this breath dissolve all false identities in the living Now. Before the perception of your heart, the world is transformed and every heart on Earth is a living star that lights at the center of the stillness both Love and consciousness.

Can you see the world, beloved ones, with all those points of light as a living glorious star field of hearts alive in Love, each one now pulsing perfectly with the heart beat of God I Am, in attunement with the stillness and with the joy of relationship and giving.

The star field of the Earth is becoming a cosmos in itself. All the stars that are hearts are coalescing in a pattern of Love, in a great circular dance as the world becomes a harmony alive in the living communion with All I Am. With each breath that you breathe, remember the stillness and the joy of accepting this Love I give you in every Now.



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