Resonance and Focus

Beloved ones, it is now time to bring the world of Love into full fruition, to bring the truth of God that is seemingly hidden behind the illusion that the mind creates, to bring it to the forefront and through your attention, through your choice, your purpose and the power of your heart, to allow what has always been true to be clear, to be manifest, to be experienced in every moment, beloveds.

Your choice is the way that you focus, but beloved ones, the power is in your heart. for you are the word of the Spirit. You are the forces of Creation, and the heart speaks the language of resonance and creates through the power of Love. It illuminates the truth behind illusion by unveiling the Reality of joy that is the truth for everyone the moment it is allowed.

So, beloved ones, My request of you is that you recognize that you are the Word. You are the vibration of the language of God which is the resonance of Love and it is all powerful. It speaks as you through feelings divine, and through the movement of vibration on the firmament of the hologram through your choice to love, through your choice to choose Love and to allow Love to live as you, casting your vote for the world of Love that we create now.

Dearest ones, you already speak the language of Love. Every time you feel your heart and feel it singing with ecstatic joy… Every time you sit in silence and experience this endless freedom that is the consciousness of God in which you live… Every moment that you allow Me to fill you with My presence and open your heart to this communion of Love…

Every second of alignment with the Moment of Creation is more powerful than you can imagine until you truly feel it. Then you know it with your whole being, that it is this soaring joy. It is this expanded vision. It is this intimate and holy communion that is your natural state and is everything that you truly are and all that you are here to bring to the world.

And so it is, beloved ones, that we begin to consciously bring in this word, this feeling state, this resonance of perfect Love that it might make known that which truly is the essence of all things, even the illusions of the world.

When you look upon the world that the little mind creates, the world of duality and fear and confusion and in that moment you open your heart until you feel this resonance of Love…in that moment when you feel it, the old world is transformed and the Word of God is spoken as and through your heart. That which is all power brings forth the truth of Love to dance its dance as miracles through the mind and through the world. But, known within the heart as the effortless truth of Love…

So every moment that you can feel blessed, every breath that you breathe Me in, every second spent in meditation is the most valuable way you can contribute to the perfection or the perfecting of this world. Only the heart can bring in the power and use your focus to bring forth the Love, to change the screen, to create the symbols through the feeling power of out-flowing Love, that the essence of God, the truth I Am, can be felt as the reality of life, dear ones, and become that in which you live.

This ocean of joy is yours to drink from and with one breath you can be with Me. It truly is that easy. With every heartbeat you are in alignment, synchronous to the pulse of all Creation, alive to the freedom of your essential nature and ready to be the Real heart of Love in the world.

It is vibration that is the language of Creation – this you already know. But it is time, beloved ones, to practice, to practice this feeling state, to allow the Will of Love to focus your attention and then, to feel the truth of your heart in relation to that area of life, to feel the resonance of Love, to be the Word spoken and lived, to feel the divine rushing through your heart, to feel the expansion of ecstasy lifting things up and opening the limited vision of the little mind to reveal the truth of the heart.

The reality of Love is the essence of everything. It is woven into everything you see and do. It is the substance from which all things are made. The moment that you hold this vibration of truth, the truth in what is before you must respond and comes to resonate with your heart. As you know, the vibration of Love is so powerful that it brings all into alignment with it. So what you feel is what you create, moment to moment.

Therefore, feel Me. Feel your heart and let it show you the whole breadth of Creation, every possibility of Love in an instant of communion with Me, because the heart is not linear, and all of Love is alive within it for you to experience, for you to be immersed, for you to fly free into the glory of this ecstasy and to realize with the whole of your being that you are the vehicle through which the Word is spoken.

But it is spoken in the language of the heart. It is spoken through resonance, through vibration. It is experienced through feeling, beloved ones, through feeling that is cosmic and ever expanding…through feeling your limitless nature, through feeling the glory of your heart, through feeling all potential made manifest through Love and directed by your focus, beloved ones.

Before the focus comes the feeling that you are in alignment with Real Love that you feel this endless vibration and recognize the power of your heart, that it might lead you to experience the truth of all things, especially that which comes into your mind, whether it is the perception of the world or whether it is in the form of memory.

In the instant that you find you have arrived at a focal point that needs reclaiming, then, dearest ones, take that moment to feel your heart, to breathe Me in and to feel the power of Love. In that instant, through the Law of Resonance, the truth of Love is honored and reclaimed. That which stands forever ready to be made manifest, the substance of all Creation says “Yes” – responds instantly to the vibration of Real Love spoken by your heart.

So what is before you is to make the choice daily, moment to moment, with ever more commitment, to shift to the heart and to feel the reality and the power of this Love, to feel it as the truth behind illusion, for it is the substance of all Creation…and to allow the vibration that lives within you to entrain every aspect of the world simply by returning to the feeling of the pure high resonance of Love, that you might be the Word spoken and acknowledged by everything around you. Love always responds to Love.

So we are speaking often of true creation, of how it is you shift this world to Love, of what it means to be the creative heart of God, what it is to be the power of Creation itself. I assure you it is the language of feeling that is the key to bringing forth the Love that is already present, already singing within everything.

When Love acknowledges Love, then the truth, the vibration of the whole of life is engaged and the resonance of your heart, your feelings is the magnet which brings forth the truth of Love within you and thus, reflects all around you as the world. It is important to love the little mind and to recognize that your focus is so powerful … but it is powerful, beloved ones, because you are the heart of God I Am here and now and where you place your focus directs the Love and acknowledges what is Real -- where you cast your vote as the pulse of Creation comes rushing forth through you.

It is this vibration of Love through which you live. It is the essence of your being. It is what feeds you. It is the glorious abundance of All That Is. So every moment that you resonate with Real Love, you are the true magnetic power of the heart of God.

I Am asking you to raise your vibration, to open to your limitless heart of Love, and most of all, to recognize that resonance is what you feel when you are in your heart. As you feel it, you are the Moment of Creation. You are the DNA, the Will of Love. You are the heart of All That Is that is ever beating with the forces of power and Love.

When you feel this resonance within you, now you are the resonance of Love. What you speak, what you focus on, you multiply. You reach right through illusion to the truth and bring forth the one song of God that is sung with a billion, trillion notes beyond the little mind’s ability to contain, but perfectly expressed through the heart and experienced, beloved ones, through feeling.

So, yes, be aware of your thoughts and what you choose to allow into your mind but most of all, listen to your feelings and see what resonance they are, for vibration is experienced through the heart as feeling. This you already know. It is clear to you when you are feeling down, feeling distant or cut off, and it is clear to you when you are feeling inspiration, upliftment, possibilities and joy.

It is easy to allow the Word of Love, not only to take root, but to fully live in and as your heart, and through the power of the language or the Word of Love, to focus this joy into the world and to experience the response in your heart. Let it lift you to an even higher resonance, that the circle of Love will continue to elevate, to open and to allow the Moment of Creation to be present in the world as everything.

It is easier than you can yet believe to take a breath, to feel your heart, to turn to Me to open to this communion, and to speak the language of your heart, divine feelings. Remember that vibration is a language. It is that mysterious word of God. It is the essence of the movement of Creation and it is registered in your heart through feelings.

So, come, beloved ones, and be present that you might feel this wash of Love and be uplifted, and that Love meeting Love through you will be recognized and thus revealed as the truth that lives in everything and that is waiting to be acknowledged by your heart, made manifest through the mind rather than the world that the mind has created.

Even the mind, the little mind, experiences the Law of Resonance. What is revealed when the heart speaks, when the vibration of Love is held, the whole of Creation says “Yes” and every veil, all illusions, are parted, that every moment experienced is Love, is the feeling of ecstasy.

This is the world in which you want to live and it is yours. It is breathing with you. It is waiting, beloved ones, for you to feel it, and once felt, to be aligned with your heart, that your heart can be that instrument through which you live.

Every moment, beloved ones, acknowledge the divine within you that fills your heart with such joy that all that you experience is lifted up, expanded and affirmed as the beautiful manifestation of God. Moment-to-moment, breath by breath, choose Love and then examine what you are feeling until your heart is alive in this ecstasy and the world you see, even with two eyes, is the world of beauty and Love.

I Am with you. I Am in you and I Am speaking the language of Love, here and now in your hearts.


Peter fox 2nd January 2014 3:00 pm

Yes,Yas,Yes,God!! How utterly amazing to be able to feel this SO much
more strongly than ever before. Wow! Thank you so much!


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