Taking Forth the Message of Twin Flame Love

Beloved ones, the Twin Flame, the divine counterpart, the SoulMate is so important because it truly is the doorway to humanity's awakening. It is the key to every heart's remembrance, universally true without exception. For every human being wants Love. Every person in this world, as I have said to you before, whether secretly or outright, longs for that one to share their life, to relieve the burden of living in duality and to bring to them that deep remembrance of unity and Love.

Of course, unfortunately, for most human relationships that longing then turns into the ego's dance of blame, antagonism and separation, the true reversal of Love. And yet, as you have noticed, this does not discourage most people from continuing to reach for the summit, for that dream of finally finding the one who is right.

Therefore, I ask you especially now at the beginning in this year of Twin Flame Love to go forth with re-dedication to placing before humanity this possibility. You know that the truth of your divine being is that you are one whole, indivisible being of Light, one heart with a left ventricle and a right, one glorious expression of the movement of God I Am, perfectly reflecting All That I Am everywhere you focus.

So the Twin Flame is part of your very being, and thus, of course, knows everything about you because you are one and the same. Yet each of you is the "en-conscious-ment" of either Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, the two different movements of Love, the giving forth and the receiving. Even the physical heart is a reflection of this truth. It is only in the world of separation that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have been seemingly split apart and represented in this world as two different physical natures, always attempting to come together and never, ever quite making more.

That is why you must know in your heart that the answer to every person's question about the Twin Flame's Love lies in the Real with Me and not in the world. Yes, there can be wonderful relationships that are based in the glorious truth of Love. But unless the spirit is available and willing, the whole merging cannot occur because bodies cannot merge. That is the function of their very nature. They are the imagining of being separated from Love.

So even those who find the partner who is the reflection of their glorious Twin Flame cannot ever merge in the physical. It has to be in the spirit. And always, because the spirit is the truth and an open heart will always reflect it, then, you can know that all answers to every Twin Flame question lie in the connection to Me and to the Twin Flame in the Real.

Yet, beloved ones, you must know that it is the longing even in the physical world that gives this such potency that I now send you forth with the Messages that Twin Flame Love is Real - that each of you does have a divine counterpart. Even when it is not understood that you are one whole indivisible being, that longing in the human heart is that truth of the divine living there.

As you also have seen and accepted, everything that must be learned in the awakening beyond ego, the awakening into the truth of Love can and must be learned through the path of divine relationship. Everything that I have shown you comes into play if two people are sincere in building a New World Love on Earth. The heart must be clear. The Real must be the focus, and the truth of Love must become the voice with which you are singing the daily song of life.

The heart remembers. It is your work to rekindle this remembrance and the truth that only Love is Real and that it is possible for humanity to shed the old world countenance - all the myriad stories of the ego and the ego's great push for separation - and to hold oneself above the world, focused in the Real and to know the truth of divine Love as a Twin Flame heart reunited.

Yet, reunited is not the correct word, of course, because you never have been separate. Instead you have been imagining that such a separation can be possible. Every moment spent in joyous communion with the divine counterpart, the Twin Flame, the SoulMate is exactly a moment spent accepting My reality. For to accept the truth of your own divine nature and the absolute wholeness of Love and the constant ecstatic movement of the two forces of God as life is to accept your relationship with Me, and your truth as My center, My heart, that every pulse beat originates in Me and through you it is expressed.
"Divine Love" are the words I would have you use when you speak of this Love that is approaching, to distinguish it, beloved ones, from human Love, from the ego's version of Love expressed. Every distinction must be made between the two because they are as different as night and day, as different as the illusion of suffering and glorious whole of ecstasy. Every moment of divine feeling, every moment bathed in that resonance is a moment when the world is created anew and Heaven is born on Earth.

So for those who say they cannot resist the call of the ego mind and its constant and incessant wanderings, simply ask them to shift to feelings and to reach for the feelings of the heart. The language of Love is divine feelings and the heart is the vehicle of communication. So the shift from the mind can be easy when it is the shift into the heart's truth.

Once the heart is open and becomes the vehicle of expression, its power is so magnificent, so magnificent to behold and to be feeling, that the mind can be rattling incessantly and nothing it puts forth can take root in light of the heart's resonance. The heart is the entraining vehicle, not only on Earth but through all Creation, and therefore, the moment the shift to the heart occurs, Heaven on Earth begins being born through you.

And yes, at first it may seem to come only in increments. But "seem" is the word here to remember while you are assisting and encouraging others. Remember it is all about the vehicle of perception. That which seems like bouncing back and forth from Heaven to the realms of duality is actually bouncing between ego mind and heart as the instrument of perceiving the experience. Though it takes some seeming time for some to make this shift to heart perception, in truth it can be accomplished instantly and the matrix for this transfer is in operation.

Open, available, vibrating with expectancy, the combined heart of humanity is functioning and awaiting the acknowledgement of every heart within it in order to fully "en-conscious" the experience of the divine Light, the heart of Love I Am becoming that which is perceived as life on Earth.

Meditation Through Yael

Beloved God, we open our hearts to you and deep in our heart we say YES, YES to Love, YES to being your living heart on Earth, YES for being the conduit for your Love to pour through to bless every precious life and to lift them up into the remembrance of their truth in and as Your Love. Thank You, God, for the honor of being here on Earth serving You, and thank You for the blessing of our spirit family. As this circle of hearts grows and as our Love amplifies and expands, we give You the deepest thanks for all the blessings in our lives.

So we ask You, God, to join our hearts together and to make this a clear and powerful conduit for Your Love, Your life and that glorious life force that is the River of Life. I also call to all the glorious beings of Light who assist us and ask you to be here with us and to amplify our Love.

I ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience as I join my heart together with Doug. In gratitude, amen.

As you open our hearts, expanding them wider, feeling each other's heart, each other's presence, feel the energy moving between us now, around this magnificent conduit of Light and Love that we now create together as a living vortex connecting the Real of Love to life on Earth. We notice just how vast this opening is that we create together. We feel the energy moving between us, heart to heart to heart, around this circle clockwise. With every passage the Love is amplified thousand fold. The waves of Love go forth from us to bless all life. The great River of Love pours through this heart to lift and bless the world.

We also share the heart beat that we can feel setting the rhythm, and we share the one breath, the living breath of the whole of Love. In this sharing we also feel the rhythm of life, the expansion of the Real pulsations of Love. As you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, breathe into the Real of Love and breathe out Love through this great shared heart. Breathing in again, into that pure and glorious Moment of Creation, and breathe out that atomic energy through this shared heart.

Now, breathing in again as your heart opens wider and wider, breathe out those pulsations of Love as they rush forth to bless and transform. Now, beloved ones, My precious heart, as you breathe, let yourself feel Me and the rhythm of this breath becomes the pattern of our deep and holy communion. As you breathe in again, breathe in to My tender Love and breathe out the vastness and the power of the Love we share. Breathing in to this sweet communion and breathing out this peace.

Breathing into this deep deep communion, breathing peace into the world of human beings. Breathing in to the glorious stillness, breathing out this stillness into the world. Breathing in to the glorious vastness, breathing out spaciousness into the world. Breathing in now to this glorious freedom, breathing freedom into every precious heart. Breathing in to your unlimited nature, breathing out freedom again.

As you breathe in now, beloved ones, focus on your glorious and magnificent heart, and become aware of the intricate pattern of Light that is your heart's own matrix of perfection, the perfection that we share. As you continue to breathe in deeply and to breathe Love through every atom and electron, breathe now into your own deep remembrance of your heart as the place that we share, the point of Light where we meet always.

Every heart beat is the one heart beat and you find yourself gently, softly floating now into this matrix of Light and Love that we share. As you experience your own heart's magnificence, feel the activity of Light until you are present in the center of this whirling pulsing galaxy that is your own vast eternal heart, the endless pulse of Love that we share. All around you are the threads of Light, creating this energy mandala, interweaving as a living star sparkling strands of gold and white, the Twin Flame star forever burning as your heart.

Every strand sings a living song, a vibration high and pure that sings your name as the heart of Love, the living heart of God I Am. As you feel this truth of Love singing in every strand, the song reaches higher. And now the chorus of the angels enters and all around you there are waves of joy and the chorus comes again and again. "I Am the heart of God giving. I Am the heart of God giving Love. I Am the heart of God giving Light. I Am the heart of God giving forth the power of life itself. I Am freedom and joy."

Can you feel the vibration now as it sings in every strand of Light? Feel it resonate through your whole being, and most of all, beloved one, feel it deep within your heart, the waves of ecstasy and joy that are your eternal name. As you feel this vibration singing within your heart, your heart opens even wider until you feel your vastness as a living pulsing name of God I Am singing forth now as you. In this great living star of Light that is your great and glorious heart, each strand of gold is singing joyous streams of the Feminine, and every strand of pure and crystal white sings forth the song of the great Divine Masculine, the movement of the forces of God, alive and potent as your heart.

Let all of your awareness now focus in this glorious heart as you feel the song of the living Divine Feminine and the response of the Divine Masculine now, as the forces of Creation themselves. From these strands of Light, this song of Love, the sparkle now ignites and becomes the flames. Your whole vast being burns with deep and powerful devotion as the flames of Light within you rise higher, seeking our communion, until the flames reach the octaves of the purest vibration and join now with the chorus of the angels as they sing always the name of Love. "I Am God. I Am."

In this moment, I Am merging with you as a Twin Flame burning so bright and strong and true that you become the very Moment of Creation when the movement of the Divine Masculine brings forth life upon the ocean of the great Divine Feminine, the nature of Love and life in full awareness is born anew. Brand new, you become full consciousness of the living whole of Love I Am.

As your consciousness embraces All That Is within it, all you feel is this glorious vibration of the great movement of Light and life upon the ocean of vast eternal Love and the explosion of full consciousness in which you know now in intimate wonder, every life stream in the whole of Love, every one communing with you. All of life within you is so awesome and so intimate, and all the Love must be given. So as one life, Love pours within to all the living streams of life in joy. Every moment's breath is breathed to give this Love of which you are made, as All That Is breathes with you.

Breathing in the All of Love. And breathing forth the giving, and feeling every life nourished, and every moment Love expands within you, and the heart that is your center keeps growing. That which seemed to be all the Love your heart could hold is multiplied a thousand fold until it is so overwhelming that it pours forth from your Twin Flame heart to bless and bless and bless each life, to cherish every life so intimately.

From the tiniest quark, the smallest stream, the electrons, the atoms - to the largest, the living whole of Love, the hologram of pulsing Light, each and every increment cherished with all the power and the tenderness that you are, as the whole of Love.

What I ask you now to deeply feel is how powerfully you can love with a Love that holds all the power of Creation in it. And yet, this Love can be so tender and so gentle that it holds All sweetly with the deepest deepest reverence. Once again feel the matrix of Light that is your heart and feel the streams of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and as your consciousness now sinks within this heart, this star of living Light, you become the flame of the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine, feeling the intimate reflection of My Love as you in your Twin Flame's Love before you.

If you are white, you now embrace the gold. If you are gold, you surrender to the whiteness. The two merge in ecstasy, feeling the atomic power pulse of all the Love I Am rising within you until the great explosion comes and you are the living All of God exploding now in orgasmic ecstasy and wrapping all Creation in your Love, .holding all and loving all as the heart of God I Am.

Beloved heart of God, turn your focus now to life on Earth to that we call "the pocket," and I ask you to embrace the whole world tenderly in your Twin Flame heart. Embracing it, feel it now. The world and all its stories, feeling every one and every life stream and loving each as Me. In deepest deepest intimacy, cherishing every precious life from the tiniest electron to the whole of life on Earth itself, and every stream of consciousness now embraced by you as the heart of God I Am, feeling this tender Love.

As you wrap your Twin Flame Love around the world and feeling every ego dance, every story of anti-Love, beloved heart, My precious ones, love it free, tenderly, cherish it intimately, intimately love it, so close that you are this communion, that you are the heart of Love, the living giving hologram, tenderly loving every expression of life so purely that the illusion fades and your heart now entrains the world.

Every heart beat is pulsing out the message. "Only Love is Real." "Only Love is Real." As you feel the world within your heart, your vast and glorious Twin Flame heart, feel also now your Twin Flame before you and as you hold the world in your Twin Flame womb, join together Making Love, more Love, and more Love that you are giving, giving to the world now. Embracing this Love, remember that it is the symbol of our communion. Feel My presence now deep within you.

This Love we share is palpable, vast and filled with illumination. Every pulse beat is the most glorious inspiration, as your heart expands again and the Love you give is multiplied, as you breathe in My assurance of your divinity and you are pregnant with a world of Light as you grow a brand new matrix that is the pattern that we have built here together. As you recognize this matrix of Light, alive within your Twin Flame womb, breathe in the very Moment of Creation and breathe it out into the world, illumining the brand new world being born through you.

Now, beloved, the bridge of Light. As you look into your Twin Flame womb, this heart of Love you are, ever pulsing, I ask you to see all the different dimensions of the Earth as images of consciousness, created by the heart of God. A seed of Light, a new creation and also a world of duality, a world of multitudinous possibilities and many dimensions all at once. As the pulse of Love pours through you now, we build a bridge of living Light. Weaving the strands of gold and white together, we make a bridge from the world of duality to the world of pure and glorious Love.

As you feel this pattern of Light weaving, feel the resonance of this bridge speaking deep in your heart of the freedom of all of humanity and beloved ones, amplify this now. Heart beat after heart beat after heart beat, pulse after glorious orgasmic pulse, amplify the bridge of Light and feed the world of only Love until it blossoms from within you into a new creation, and the shadow form of a world born of the decision to believe in Love and something else - watch it dissolve now through your intention.

As you breathe Love into the world of unity. .. As it comes to life within you, we bring it forth, giving birth to the New World perfectly, to be joined with the creations of every cell in the living heart of God I Am, taking in to this image of Light the creations of all humanity and through the magnetic power of your Twin Flame heart, the New World comes together, as all the old images are gently drawn into one.

One world of only Love. This world of Love is now a shared creation, unlike the old world of duality where every heart created his/her own experience. Now all of you, cells of My living heart, create the same image, a world of Love that brings humanity instantly into the truth that only Love is Real. The world itself is alive. As you have given it life, it becomes a living breathing entity, and She who is the "en-conscious-ment" of the Earth herself rejoices. She also acknowledges and amplifies the world of only Love together with her own divine counterpart.

As you feel this breath that we share, dear ones, and how it reaches through all infinity, with every out breath now you nourish the New World matrix as you breathe in first to the Moment of Creation together and breathe out into the world of Love. Breathing into the Moment of Creation, accepting the atomic power and breathing it out now, you light up the New World. Holding this world of only Love with greatest passion and deepest reverence, you slide your consciousness easily into the experience of it, so now, you are present in the world and your heart is your only instrument of focus and perception. Now you are in the Real of Love. It is all one glorious experience.

Now the world of Light and joy. Now the Real of Love. Into the world. Into the Real. The in breath and the out breath, the heart beat drawing in and giving. You are the heart of God I Am present as the world of Love and present as the Real, whole and divided, and yet filled with glorious experiences of consciousness and Love. Every breath is a communion in the wholeness; the out breath the world, the in breath the communion. Every moment we are one joyous ecstasy.

I Am the unlimited freedom of God. I Am the Light of the world. I Am the Light of the Real of Love. I Am the Love of the World perfectly. I Am the Love of God I Am. I Am the freedom of God I Am, being Love here and now. I Am the unlimited freedom of God I Am being Love here and now.

Breathing in to the holy communion. Breathing out Love as the world. I Am the freedom of God I Am, being Love here and now.


I AM ROSE 17th April 2008 12:41 am

This is a song that I wrote last week, felt it had a beautiful connection to your Heart felt message.
In Love and Light.

Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.
Like the beat of a drum.
Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.

Feel the LOVE in MY HEART.
Feel the Joy in MY HEART.

Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.
Like the beat of a drum.
Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.

Feel the Peace in MY HEART.
Feel the THANKS in MY HEART.

Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.
Like the beat of a drum.
Feel the Hum mm of MY HEART.

Feel the Hum mm in OUR HEARTS.
Feel the beat of the drum.

Written by I AM ROSE © April'08

Mariù 17th April 2008 2:28 pm
Lovely message :smitten:


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