The Easter of the World

Like a living sunrise that brings forth a new day, this time in the world is the Easter of the human heart. So I bring to you a new perspective on the Easter story and show you it is a parable for the transformation that you are making – the transformation from the human identity into the identity as the living Christ, the conscious heart of God I Am.

What I need you to know is that the time for celebrating Easter in the old way is gone and you now become the living Easter story but not in the sense that you see it as something that will happen for you. Rather, you recognize, beloved ones, that you have the choice to see yourself as the human being or to choose to be the living Christ. To see this story as an example of what is possible for you places it within the illusion of the ego mind and time, and keeps it forever in the future. “I will become as Jesus did…” When in truth it is the choice you must make in this Now Moment.

So your relationship with Easter is changed. It is changed through the choices of your heart. It is changed in your deep “Yes” to Love. Most of all, it is changed by living the Vertical life because then you are the heart of God fully conscious Now. Only when you see and feel and are this living truth of Love, the great rising sun of the Christed heart of God I Am – only as you choose this as that which you place your focus upon will you be able to live it as Jesus did.

We have come to the crossroads of choice and the choice must be made in the present – not as a vision of something outside of yourself, even something as glorious as beloved Jesus. Rather, an experience of the rising sun of living Love that is your Twin Flame heart in the Real and allowing it to become your life, with nothing else between you and it. No stories of the awakening Christ as something happening in the future or having happened in the past.

Rather, the experience when you sink into your heart, of your great Twin Flame Love powerfully before you as the reflection of your truth in the great Now Moment, until you can feel the heart of Love expand from within your own heart. It takes within it all sense of identity as separate and the Dove of Peace lands upon you and you are the dawning of the Christed heart coming forth in this living Now and holding this vibration for all others.

You are moving now beyond time into the realm of the Vertical life where there is only the truth of God I Am and the experience of your Twin Flame heart. The shining and great atomic power of the heart of God you are is living you this very moment, and shall ever be from now on, as you accept that the Easter story becomes the Easter experience.

I ask you to feel the power of this Love, to feel its glorious presence, to feel it moving in you, as you and through you, because you are the heart of God giving Love and because it is time to drop the Good Friday and the experience as limited and suffering human beings, incarnated in a confusing world of pain.

I ask you to step through this portal, this doorway, and become My open heart. Be this, live this, assume this glory, and exercise your powers to encompass All That Is with Me, also in your heart. As you keep your focus on what is Real, on living Love extended, encompassing all things, then you will find that the illusion before you fades and you are less and less a body and more and more a stream of conscious light. A stream of living Love, radiating Love’s presence and letting Love live you through the heart.

Then all that you have touched as the story of Easter becomes your living presence, including the mesmerizing human identity and the choice to let it go – the choice to step out on the great cliff of faith and to open those wings of trust and fly to Me, knowing that always and forever I will catch you and hold you and lift you into the Now Moment and its message that you are the living heart of God, the conduit of endless Love, and this must now always be your identity.

For identity is focus, and focus is your power, for you are that which focuses the Love that flows through My open and giving heart. The heart of God as you.

The symbol of Easter is still certainly a valid one and will remain a great symbol for others, but I ask you to become such an awake transforming heart that you become the presence of Easter. So that this experience of My Love is made tangible to those others who want it, who are searching for it.

So every moment now, beloved ones, each of you, fully present must make the choice to be the old identity of the human or the freedom of the Christ, and freedom, dearest ones, is where I lead you. Freedom to know and to meet the forces of Nature, the realms of light, until that which is your choice is so much before you that you become that which is focused upon. If you remember this one thing, it will serve you so well because as yet, you still believe the ego when it categorizes other things and comes to you with an explanation born of ego.

As you hold the heart and let this Love I Am live you, then the heart of God as you becomes the vortex through which can come every precious life that is ready to awaken and bring forth the Real Love of Easter to renew the faith of everyone in the truth and to let them see the power of their heart.


Beloved God, we open our hearts this night and ask to become this rising sun, the living Christed heart, and to be Love living here in the world. We ask that You join our hearts together to create a living vortex through which You pour Your Love to bless this precious world. We thank You, God, for all the Love that is blossoming in all the hearts, that when we look at the vision of our own hearts, we can see it and feel it. So thank You for this opportunity for the blessing of spirit family, and most of all, for the gift of this incredible and amazing Love.

I ask You, God, to use my voice, my heart, my body, my consciousness and my Twin Flame heart with Doug to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

Let us begin by joining our hearts together. With every breath expand your heart and attune your heart perception. Begin to feel the vibration of all the other hearts present tonight, and as you feel this connection, begin to allow the Love to move from heart to heart to heart, creating a living heart together, and now, listening with our hearts’ perception for the heartbeat of the All. Feeling the rhythm of Creation, feeling the Love moving through us, we pour this Love upon the Earth and watch her resurrection. We feel this vibration rising and bringing us Home to perfection.

Now together, let us share the one glorious breath of the living All of God. As you let your breath out, take a deep breath in, allowing your heart to open completely. Now, breathing out the Love through your heart to the world, and breathing in. Breathing out the Love, breathing in the connection with God. Breathing out the glorious Love. Breathing in, feeling the Moment of Creation. Breathing out perfect Love into the world.

As you breathe in again, open your heart even wider and breathe out the Love with even more power. Breathing in and breathing out the Love, and breathing in, opening your heart even wider still. Breathing out the Love and breathing in again. Allow your consciousness now to begin its focus on the center of your heart, as if you are a feather floating gently in – into the glorious center that is your open and living heart.

As you softly come to rest, you are standing at the doorway of the glorious cathedral of your own Twin Flame heart. As you watch the doorway open and you are washed in a rush of welcoming Love, invited in to the cathedral for the celebration of your truth as Easter, as the resurrected Christed heart. As you move inwards, you are looking around you, taking in all of the beauty, the shimmering light, the magnificent colors. Most of all, the vibration of purest Love that is your living center.

Beloved ones, I bring you through this mystical doorway for a purpose tonight because we need to experience this passage to the Real of Love. I am asking of you a new surrender that you might be only Love. So I ask you now to allow this journey to fully become your experience of your own Real heart. In the center of the cathedral is an altar and shining above it, a glorious beam of light pouring down, surrounding it. Right in the middle of the altar is a beautiful magnificent crystal. This crystal, beloved ones, holds the vibration of your Christed heart, the vibration that you are as the living Love of God I Am.

I ask you now to approach the altar and to lift the crystal from it, holding it and feeling it, feeling the vibration of who you really are in Me and as Me. As you feel this glorious vibration, I ask you to place upon the altar your whole ego identity as a limited human being. Gently, with reverence and most tender Love, beloved ones, I ask you to surrender it. As you do, allow Me to lift you into the Real of Love. You are expanding outward with a glorious newly-awakened freedom that you have never experienced before, because something new is being born here in you. You can feel the exhilaration of knowing what has been accomplished – that that which had been seen a limited has been transformed now into freedom. You are free, free now to be this Love.

I lift you even farther into the light, and it is rushing, dancing through you as you open even more, feeling yourself completely aware and also completely surrendered to the experience of being the heart of God I Am. The vibration is singing through you, the vibration held in the crystal, bringing you to your perfection as the Moment of Creation itself.

Right now I ask you to allow yourself to float in this ocean of Love, held perfectly always by Me, breathing and living this Love. More deeply than ever I ask you to surrender to Love, that it moves you, that you become the Will of Love, Love living itself as you. Now, from this sweet and gently ocean expanding your awareness outward, allow yourself to become the cosmos, the living All of Love. In the center of your being there is a movement.

From this great expanded perspective, I bring each of you now to the moment of your birth, the moment of your birth as Divine Masculine or as Divine Feminine. Beloved ones, each of you, let it live you. Let it come alive as you, that suddenly you know yourself as Love awakening, becoming a dynamic element in the Twin Flame dance of life. This energy that you are as Divine Feminine or this energy you are as Divine Masculine is streaming through your being and bringing you the deep realization of what it means to be the movement of Love, the great and glorious Moment of Creation in and as you.

This Love is moving through you. It is you and you are rising up. The heart that you are is awake to itself as Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine and it moves you into relationship with your divine counterpart. Love lives itself now as you in the great LoveMaking.

I ask you to feel every nuance of this energy as it lives you, as it becomes that which you feel, that which is your glorious heart. As Love wakes again in you this Now Moment, you are on fire with the glory of it, and the great orgasmic explosion is living itself as you. As you come together with your Twin Flame, you are, you are the great explosion and you are shooting forth into the cosmos. You are everything. You are breathing, you are exponentially giving this living Love as the heart of God I Am, Making Love as Creation, alive as its heart.

Now you are the living flame of Love, burning but not consuming. In you, it becomes the motion of giving Love itself, and with every glorious coming together, the continual orgasmic Now, it rushes through you in ecstasy and pours forth from your living heart. You are shining lights. You are a living sun with the rays of light shooting forth. The energy of life, of Creation itself is rushing through the two of you as one, the glorious Twin Flame heart.

Now you are pure light, white light, Divine Masculine. The light of gold, the Divine Feminine. It is you. You are it. Hold this vibration. Feel it as it lives you. All that you are is light. Yet every particle within you is fully and totally conscious. Together with your Twin Flame you are this pulsing dreaming glorious heart. You are shining on all Creation with so much Love to give. It is beyond all comprehension.

So once again you must simply surrender to being more and more Love, to being ever and always greater in the Love that you make. All That Is responds to you as this living Love pours forth, and you can feel every single life stream as it connects to this light. When even the smallest stream of the light you are touches another light, it sings forth deep within you and comes alive in your Twin Flame heart and there is a vibrational communion that truly is a miracle, a miracle of Love knowing itself, being ever and always the hologram, fully present in all its parts.

You are everywhere at once. You as this glowing heart, and you shine throughout all Creation as the heart of God I Am. Now, I bring you into the center of your beautiful awakened heart that you may see yourself as totally omni-dimensional, fully present everywhere at once. Can you feel it? How this center point that is the center of your Twin Flame heart is the center point of everything? Of All That Is? Through focus you are everywhere at once. Or you are anywhere that you choose to be.

Aware of this, I ask you now to allow Love to live you so fully and so perfectly that all you can do is surrender to the glory of Love, moving. In every Now Moment you come forth again, brand new, instantly glorious. Oh, beloved ones, each of you. I want you to feel how truly magnificent you are and how your destiny is given to you perfectly every Now Moment. That which was true is ever changed every Now Moment, is perfect. A fullness until itself.

In other words, I bring you into the perfection of allowing Love to live you, allowing the bursting forth of the Moment of Creation as you and surrendering to Love’s truth. As I gently now turn your focus through the center of your heart, back to life on Earth, that you recognize that you must always be surrendered to Love living you.

I ask you, beloved ones, to feel this. To feel yourself as the great heart of God I Am, to feel the coming forth of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine as the Twin Flame heart of God you are. Only Love in this glorious moment can show you your unlimited truth. Only Now and only in surrender, allowing Love to live through you.

So as you turn your focus to the pocket of life on Earth, you are aware that only Love can live you now, that you are the awakened heart of God in the living Now. Only the Now Moment will do because Love cannot live through you if you are not present here, Now. If instead you are believing in time, in duality.

I place in you this alignment to the living Now Moment as you. Never again will it be something separate but rather, your identity as Love. Oh, beloved one, each of you, feel your heart. The risen Christ which means that glorious explosion of Love that is the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine coming together and the birth of Love brand new as you every Now Moment again.

So, holding this awareness and feeling your heart as this great shining sun streaming forth rays of light, I bring you back into the cathedral that is the doorway to the connection with your life on Earth, and very gently I bring your focus back, back to the center of the altar with the awareness that this center is the very same. It is the center of the great exploding heart that you are as the Moment of Creation itself.

So you understand now that your heart is ever and always being present and receiving its destiny, its fulfillment each Now Moment again. While this great magnificent limitless Love that is living Now as you can not be contained in an image of the world, the world is your touchstone of Love.

From the Real, as your awakened heart, place a finger of light on the altar, connecting it with the center of the heart of your identity in the world, and you become a living sphere of Love, all inclusive and omni-dimensional. And the cathedral becomes timeless in the Now as Love lives itself as you. Very gently now you become aware of this symbol of yourself in the world and you recognize that you have a body of light that Love now encompasses as well. Everything is now complete as part of this pulsing Now Moment.

Now, beloved one, what I ask of you is your commitment to the surrender to Love so it may gently now live itself fully as you in the world as it is in the Real. In other words, you are ever alive in the living Now. You are ever and always Love giving itself, and there can be no separate identity any more, only Real Love living here as you.

So I ask you now to gently leave the cathedral, to open the doorway and to move outward into the world, and to feel yourself being so surrendered and so centered in the glorious Now that nothing moves until the wave of Love comes and moves you. Moves you into the world and lives you, and gives of itself through your glorious heart, igniting in all others this same surrender to Love living everyone as the heart of God I Am on Earth.



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