The Surrender to Love

Beyond Where the Mind Can Take You

Beloved ones, this is the blooming time when hearts magnificently open and when the power of Love calls to its own. You are, at last, Home in the Real of Love. Your minds, dear ones, the idea of the personality can only take you as far as mind can go, and even the highest ideal, the most inspired of visions, when seen through the perspective of the instrument of duality, cannot lift you into freedom.

Therefore, it is a time of surrender to the heart – surrender to the great Love of All, surrender of all the things that define human boundaries that you might, at last, experience the Reality of God, a Reality that is calling you now. The magnetic power of Love is now so strong that it is lifting everything. Nothing, dear ones, is immune.

And so it is, that as you release the world your mind has kept in place, you shall be effortlessly lifted up to Me and to the experience of your true divinity, the wholeness of God I Am expressed as you. It is a time for making leaps of greatest faith, leaving behind the dream of the personality and all of its expressions, leaving behind the focus on the bodies, on the physical world – that you might arrive in the grand perspective, the holographic immersion into the true “I Am” that is your only teacher and Master from this point on.

There are, of course, those who inspire these leaps of faith. There are keys and songs in the resonance of Love. But there comes a point when you must realize that only the surrender of the ego’s reality can free you to experience what you truly are – the glorious heart of God. And so it is that as hearts blossom, words and ideas and inspiring thoughts proliferate in great abundance that everyone may drink from the fount of Love that is pulling you Home.

Yet, each of you, beloved ones, must come to the doorway of faith alone, must surrender to the truth of your heart and allow the ego mind to fall away, that you might become a different being in God – truly the expression of the hologram of life – that you might be the movement of Love as a stream of life in which everything is crystal clear and comes forth from the Moment of Creation as you, to express this Love.

It is time for the ego to bend its knee to the heart and for all ideas of hierarchical energies to fall away. Every distinction of layers and levels is created by the mind for its own understanding and this, of course, is necessary. It is inspiring and it moves you on to a point when everything becomes clear. That clarity is the majesty of your own heart as the expression of God and as your only true teacher -- that I Am alive deep within, bringing to you the miracle of life that you might be truly alive, unfettered and free in the Reality of Love, the Reality, beloved ones, of such joy that every expression is pure and perfect and every expression is the resonance of unity and the communion of the whole of Love.

Right now, Love is lifting you. It is calling you. The magnificence of your heart is showing itself. It is only your old ideas of what life is and what you are that keep you experiencing this world of limitation. As soon, dearest ones, as you release this ballast, as you release the pull of the ego mind and its belief in physicality, you will instantly rise up into the experience of perfect Love and the expression of the whole of God, shining forth as all of you. Each is interwoven in a communion of Love so profound, so joyous and so magnificent that the little mind cannot touch it.

When you surrender to this pull of Love, you are moving into the resonance of harmony and perfection, and the expressions of your lives in every moment become what we are calling the New World, the experience of the Reality of Love.

Many of you seek to create the world of harmony through the mind and through the perceptions of the personality, working to draw to yourself the experiences of the whole of Love. But, dearest ones, you can only create from the level of duality those things that the mind can comprehend or can picture.

Thus, the surrender to your Real heart brings to you life that has no boundaries and gives to you continually the gifts of God, the cornucopia of Real abundance, the experience of limitlessness and the all-pervasive, indescribable song of joy that lifts you up and makes of you the mouthpiece of Creation.

Your every breath now becomes a conduit for the pure Light of the Divine Masculine, and your every heartbeat, beloved ones, is the pulse of Love, the expression of the Divine as Feminine. Through your heart and in your consciousness, you can rise to the pinnacle, welcome the true explosion of life and of Love’s purpose, and allow this to become the living hologram that sings within you and brings to you communion with absolutely All That Is. Pulsing forth as the heart of Love and shining as Love’s endless power, All That I Am can be expressed perfectly in the world as you.

Can you feel that point where you must move beyond the mind’s perceptions, where that which you can think of is “not enough,” beloved ones? Not enough at all to even begin to encompass the glory of God that lives within you. When you hold the experience of your heart’s call urging you Home and you allow yourself to take the leap beyond the mind’s jurisdiction, suddenly you are the very explosion of the perception of life and your heart will continually guide you in expressing who you are.

I Am the Reality of your Love that burns within your heart and illuminates your consciousness. It takes you far beyond the world of the little mind into the expression of wholeness. The moment that you release all limitation and acknowledge that the mind can only see up to a certain point, then you are available to experience the wonder, to allow your life to be lifted up into the resonance of perfect Love and thus, for your life to be expressed through your heart in the symbols of joy, abundance and unity.

I Am here with you and within you. The miracle of our relationship is the frame that guides you. The voice of all eternity whispers in your heart, “Release the dream that the mind creates and let your heart become your guide and the expression of the Love you are.”

As you come to this doorway of perfect Love, you must leave the personality behind. You must shift to the heart, dear ones, as your instrument of perception, that you might see, at last, with the vision of eternity and recognize that the miracle of Love is expressing you now. You have emerged from the chrysalis as the winged cosmic being, the Twin Flame heart of God -- two wings of inspiration to carry you endlessly as the center holds this perfect communion with Me, that I Am born again as you, moment-to-moment-to-moment.

There are many ways, beloved ones, to view what is happening, and I Am using them all to rock you free of the limited world of the ego, to attune you to your heart and to the recognition that only unity and the joy and purpose of God can be your identity now. The mind cannot ever fully comprehend it. You must be ready to feel the magnet of Love make its connection and lift you up now, that the world of Love may be born through your heart, through the outreach of Love that is your gift and your completion. The circle of inclusiveness makes All That Is your family, the communion of your heart and the reality of your own being, and all of this is experienced all at once for you are truly unlimited.

What I want you to feel and to hear, beloved ones, is that the magnet of Love will do the work for you. It is lifting you right now into the resonance of God, that the world of Love might be expressed through your heart in giving. It is only as you hold the world in place with the little mind by thinking the same thoughts daily, by perceiving with the instrument that is creative of duality. Only thus can the world remain the same.

You are made for freedom, and the call to freedom sings within you now and simply says, “Surrender to the glory of your heart.”



Crystal38 23rd June 2011 11:49 pm

Thank you, Yael and Doug!! Beautiful message :smitten: 24th June 2011 6:16 am

This was outstanding.

Peter fox 17th October 2013 4:29 am

Yes,outstanding. Thank you!


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