Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Oil Spills

Beloved ones, I come to you now to ask you to see the world in a whole new way. As you look around, what you are seeing is humankind's imagining of what you might call "the last days." Because this consensual agreement has been building for so many years, there are earthquakes. There are floods. There are volcanoes and there are disasters, and will continue to be.

If you look upon this world which is the world of the two eyes of duality, you will find that your attention is pulled here, there, and then somewhere else…always another fire to put out, as you might say. Another disaster to contain, because this is the agreement of fear, that there will be difficulties, hard times and challenges, and that the shift of the Ages will take humanity to the very edge of its endurance before letting go and bringing forth a world of Love.

Yet, I say to you that right here where you stand, the heart sees the world of Love, already here, fully available to you, instantly bringing to you the experience of peace and joy. All that is required, beloved ones, is the shift to the heart, for the heart does not see the dream of the ego mind. It looks right through the duality play. It sees beneath the fabric of the consensual agreement and finds the truth of Love that never wavers…that exists in the perfection of God and opens before you your truth and the Real truth of humankind.

Thus shall you find your prayers answered in ways that will astound your mind, for the heart has the power to entrain the world, to create a leap in consciousness that is so profound that every scenario, each disaster, every potential for strife is raised up in its resonance to the truth of God I Am and becomes in an instant the truth of Love and the revelation of what the heart already knows.

Therefore, as you open your heart and call to Me and re-establish our communion and our Love, as you become the clear conduit for this life, this Love and as you regain your function as the heart of God I Am…then, the single eye of your open heart shall be the miracle that shifts the world in an instant to Love. In truth, there is no shift that is needed. It is simply choosing the vehicle by which you live. The heart or the mind…

When you hold your heart open and become the conduit for this rushing and glorious River of eternal Love, then Love can reach forth into the world through you, transforming in an instant every mis-perception of separation from this glory, this joy, this eternal peace, this unity of God and the wonder of a life of perfect harmony in which every life stream sings its part and the song rises into a crescendo of ecstasy held in this communion with Me.

When the heart becomes the vehicle through which you live, you become that which parts the waters of duality to reveal the truth of Love standing firm, ever and always available to you the moment that you make this turn. Because you understand that where your focus is, there too is your co-creative power, the shift to the heart removes your energy from constantly creating more of strife and of the scenarios of the ego's last days. It brings to you the focus of the heart of God which is the truth of who you are. This makes it possible to pull through your focus the world of Love instantly into existence for everyone…if your heart is transparent and pure.

There is only one life here, beloved ones. Your heart is a part of the hologram and therefore you are the energy of Creation making its choice to allow the flow of Love or to cut it off and to choose again a world of two powers.

Right now your prayers are rising to Me, waves and waves of requests for help, and for assistance with the great oil spill that is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, every time, beloved ones, that you focus there as the heart of God standing in the world, you give your creative fiat to creating more of what you pray about, for you are that which multiplies and extends the Will of God.

As you stand before this picture of duality and you feel yourself wrenched by the sight of the birds and your heart cries out for the wildlife and for humanity and all the extrapolations of distrust that come from this, stop. Take a moment and come to Me. Open up your heart and choose. Choose the heart's vision of the world, beloved ones, and then see what is before you.

You will find that the heart will ever bring to you the visions of the eternity of Love, of that which is beyond the transient forms that show themselves as bodies in the world. It will bring to you the communion of the Spirit, heart-to-heart, Light-to-Light, in which your heart will soar in joy at the endless freedom of the living Spirit as it dances before you, completely unattached to the ego's play, the movie theatre of what is happening in the world.

By this, you bring forth the resonance of Love, looking right through duality, aligning with the center that is open to Me and thus, becoming the entrainment of the world, lifting it into the truth of God.

I have said to you many times that "you cannot get there from here." You cannot create the world of Love by looking at the ego play. Every time you do, you lend the power of God to creating more of these scenarios of duality, of good and not-good, of more and less, of better and worse, and so on. The truth of Love can enfold it all in an instant and lift it up until you see the truth: there is nothing here but the particles of God Light dancing to the directive of your consciousness, powered by your heart.

Does this mean that you take no action; that you simply watch as things are happening to your brothers and unfolding in your spirit sisters' lives? It does not. What it means is that as you extend your hand in service, you are walking between the pendulum of duality, between the ego's swings of "good" and "not good," walking through the doorway of the heart. In the moment, whatever the ego may show you, your heart accords the truth, recognizing that all Creation comes forth again in this holy instant.

Thus, as you hold to the truth of Love and the flash of Creation power comes through your heart, it can create the world of only Love and shift the vision of life on Earth in the most important and dramatic ways.

Each of you lives your vibrational reality. This you know as the Law of Resonance. You also know that the power of the heart is magnetic. What you open to now is the one moment that releases the world from "time" and brings you Home to Me. You can stand, each one of you, experiencing this in the very moment that you extend your hand to help. The hand that you extend can transform the life before you in an instant, bringing that one to the resonance of God and opening the heart's doorway to a world of Love, just that fast.

You can stand before the scenario of disaster and allow the heart to look through to the truth, knowing that what the heart sees is the Reality into which you are born in Me in each Now Moment. Every moment that you allow the truth of Love to live in you and to be expressed through your open heart…in that moment everything is changed and the consensual dream of the "last days" is set free.

By the power of Love every conscious molecule that has gone into creating this dream can once again return to its perception of its Home in Me as Love, and thus, allow the full expression of the truth of Love to be born into this moment as the world. This can be the world in which you live.

At first it may seem to be only your world, your experience of being in this joy, of walking through the battlefields of the ego's world, not only unscathed but experiencing the glory of the abundance I Am living as you and through you in the symbols of your life.

But as you gain your ability to be transparent, to be only the perfect and open heart of God, then the power of the Love I Am that is held in My heart --My heart, dear ones, which is you -- comes rushing through with strength to shift it all, to take each imagined dream and make it Love. Thus, you bring the world into the days of transformation, of heart entrainment and effortless release from the ego's play.

So I ask you to make your heart the instrument through which you live and through which you see the world, that as you step forth, beloved ones, in service, you are serving Love and not the dream of suffering. Stand as the heart of God transparent, holding the vibration of the highest Light. Your very presence becomes the magnet drawing other hearts back Home to Love, that Love might be the vehicle of their birth into the conscious expression of unity.

There is so much beauty waiting for you, right behind the experience of the day-to-day, woven into the expression of every scenario of the occurrences of the "last days" consensus. You may stand before the ocean that your heart knows and recognize the points of Light appearing through the mind as that which is suffering, perhaps Nature…perhaps your fellow humans… but when you lift them up by holding them in this Love, you shall see the transformation and be astounded as you watch the layers of duality, of the ego dream, fall away as the heart reclaims every electron and molecule.

Suddenly the world is shining. Every atom is a radiant sun of joy. Your heart is full to overflowing with wonder, available as the vehicle by which you see. All around you are the dancing forms of Angels, the rushing whisper of the conscious winds, the interweaving of all the streams of life that are a miracle of the creation through Love of this beautiful world in which every expression is conscious and every one aligned with Me.

It is only when the little mind creates a veil and raises up that veil before everything that what you see is the mind's dream and what you believe to be your experience of life. But it is truly a miasma, a mirage that has you fooled and has you reacting until the moment that you shift to your heart. When you do, you are the servant of Love. You are the open heart clear and perfect. You are the conduit for life that never ends and therefore, shows forth the truth of the dream of death. You are the acknowledgement of the heart that Love is -- everything -- even as the ego dreams of pain.

Choose the heart and you will see the dream for what it is. You will be able to move beyond the dream and live in the world that Love creates. It is already here, beloved ones. Thus I ask you to place your heart in service to the truth. Rather than using your power to multiply the dream of disasters and possibilities of difficult change, see the truth of Love for what it is. It is the only valid experience of the life of God which is you, beloved ones. Is you.

Imagine this scenario and let your heart concur. You are standing before the waters covered with oil that your mind sees as a great unfolding disaster that it extrapolates incessantly through time, creating for you pictures of a terrible future and lamenting what has happened to create the scene…

Now you open your heart and make the shift, and you find the veil parting. You are filled with the most indescribable joy, for all around you, all you see is shining and every life sings the praise of God. Each one is held in this tender communion. None is more deeply held than you. The heart of Love I Am swells within you and opens before you Love's view, showing to you a luminous world of magic filled with conscious beings who speak of Love directly into your heart in instant remembering.

That which your eyes have shown you…perhaps of a dying bird as the struggle between life and death, the struggle of change…the heart accords as the sweet and eternal truth of luminous beauty and unending life, so powerful in its Reality within you that every dream of death must fade away.

And so you reach out your hand that is made of Light and you cup in your hand that bird, and as you hold that one, you feel the raising up, and the vibrational truth of God is unveiled. Unveiled, it is a shining being, filled with life that says to you, "I came to honor you in what you have chosen to see and to believe. But I am the truth of Love ever intact, and forever free."

As you reach out your heart and hand to all before you, your heart gives your assurance again and again that the truth of Love has never changed and never will. Everything else is the ego's dream and you are choosing to be the open heart of God I Am. The world of Love becomes your Home and that which you choose to hold for all humanity, until very precious human heart can see what is Really here.

Thus shall you experience life in the world so differently…as the open heart of God moving unhindered to bless and to lift for the Law of Resonance every life that comes into your energy field or is touched by your heart. As more and more hearts open and remember, then the veil of illusion quickly falls away. The world of Love is stabilized and brought forth to become the experience of humankind and thus to be claimed as the truth that it is, effortlessly and in joy.



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